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Yunho and Ara are nominated for the 46th Annual PaeSang Arts Awards for their acting in the drama “Heading to the Ground”. Even though the drama wasn’t able to get high ratings, at least they get nominations like this.

Congratulations to Yunho and Ara! :)

Yunho and Go Ara are nominated for The 46th Annual PaeSang Arts Award

‘Heading to the ground‘definitely helped Yunho to reveal his acting talents to the korean viewers. Indeed, DBSK leader is nominated for popularity award at the 46th Paeksang Arts Awards. His partner on screen, Ara, is also nominated. The ceremony will to be aired on KBS 2TV the 26th of March. Because of his busy schedule (“This Is It” concerts), there is no confirmation that Yunho will be attending. However, fans would love to see him in a tux on the red carpet and in company of famous Korean actors.

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Junsu surely impressed a lot of people with him playing the role of Mozart. I’m so proud of him because even if this is his very first participation in a musical, he was able to capture the hearts and attention of many. I’m so happy whenever people praise him. :)

Xiah Shared Mozart Photo with Casts!
“Firmly Speaking, The Most Genius of 4 is Xiahzart!” Says Ming!

Chosun Online News
2010/02/25 08:41:18

The photos of Junsu (Xiah) from TVXQ taken together with musical “Mozart!” performers are being publicized.

Ming Yongi who also took a part at Musical Mozart said,

“Kim Junsu is young, and it was his first performance in the musical, so, at first I was extremely anxious.

However, his passion which arises from his deep within (bottom of his heart and his whole self) and his talent is incredible/amazing/splendid!

It would be said firmly that if I choose the most genius type Mozart among all four casting actors of Mozart, it is Xiahzart (taken from the name Xiah) who whole heartedly sing and perform!”

Ming shared such generous praise about Xiah Junsu.

“Mozart!” took the first place in the ticketing site of “Inter-park” and rated a wonderful sold out record.

It closed the curtain of the Seoul performance on the 21st, but, in this April, it will to go into China.

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And at last, here’s the final part of the interview. =)

Vivi magazine April Issue part 7 (Final part)

Even the members themselves didn’t know!
“The hidden personalities discovered! With a psychologist analyzing their personality!”

By how you eat the “Pinky” we checked secretly.
Depending on how you eat it is said that it shows their true personality. During the interview we handed them the mint candy “Pinky” and had them eat it. Even though it’s the same “Pinky” everyone ate it differently and picked the different flavor.

First Yunho, he picked the peach flavor right away and took out 2. Then he chewed on it right away. Next was Changmin. “I like purple so I’m going to pick the grape flavor” and picked it right away and took out 5 and after he put it in his mouth his chewed on it right away. Jaejoong picked the lemon flavor and took 1 and until the end was licking it. Yoochun picked the peach flavor and ate it a little differently. He took 1 and put it in his mouth and licked it for a while and then chewed on it. But he only took 1 because when he shook it only 1 came out. He said he would eat how many ever that comes out. Lastly Junsu, he picked the grape flavor and took 1 and chewed on it right away.

Who’s the hidden “I love myself”? Who’s good at reading the flow/atmosphere!?

Waiting for the psychologists answer ViVi decided to analyze too!

Eccentric Type. He’s an independent guy and who doesn’t open to the world by himself. He can think of ideas that no one thinks of but he likes himself and can be fickle.

Changmin: Wild Type. He has a strong feeling towards expressing himself. He wants to tell something passionate! Also he wants to live manly and wild.

Jaejoong: Calm Type: He has his own pace and is patient. It seems like he doesn’t feel so lonely even if he’s alone. Hes the type who is furthest away from the wild type.

Yoochun: Director Type. He can read the flow of the future and he can adjust his movement with that. A clever guy who has confidence that he can read the atmosphere.

Junsu: Average Type. Very manly and has common sense. With people he wants to be safe and wants to be solidarity.

This is what we did on our own, but what do you think?

We can tell just by how you cross your hands!
Passive? Active? Yoochun and Yunho is actually…

There’s a brain theory that when you cross your hands and your right thumb comes on top it said that you’re passive. And the other way around, if your left thumb comes on top you’re active(aggressive).

We had the members cross their hands and as a surprise Yunho and Yoochun had the opposite of what we expected!

We thought Yoochun who is quiet and doesn’t say much would have his right thumb on top but he had his left thumb on top and was active/aggressive. And the leader who leads the members had his right thumb on top making him passive!

Their comments were the following:

Yoochun: Hmm… I don’t know. Well I guess I am aggressive at some times. *smiles crookedly*
Yunho: That’s true, when it comes to love I’m passive. But when it’s friends or work I’m more active. When we’re alone I want to be lead and if something is wrong I want her to tell me I did something wrong

And the other 3 the only one whose right thumb came on top was Changmin. Jaejoong and Junsu both had their left on top.

Number One Member Who Is Cool Is Jaejoong

We gave the five 15 stickers. On the notebook has these words written: Kindness, Methodicalness, Brightness, Toughness of Heart, and Calmness. There were people who put one sticker on one category and there were people who put eight stickers on one…

You can tell by the picture but we asked them why they put the stickers where they put it.

Yunho: My brightness is number one! Because I’m passionate so I’m not really methodical and calm….

Changmin: I think my personalities pretty balanced. I know that I’m not so bright. *laughs*

Jaejoong: I’ve become calm lately. I used to not be so calm…

Yoochun: I don’t know my own personality!

Junsu: My heart toughness is number one! Well that’s something everyone knows even if i don’t say it! Ahahaha!

Tohoshinki self analysis


1. kindness: 4
2. methodicalness: 1
3. brightness: 2
4. toughness of heart: 1
5. calmness: 7


1. kindness: 2
2. methodicalness: 1
3. brightness: 4
4. toughness of heart: 5
5. calmness: 3


1. kindness: 4
2. methodicalness: 1
3. brightness: 5
4. toughness of heart: 3
5. calmness: 2


1. kindness: 8
2. methodicalness: 1
3. brightness: 1
4. toughness of heart:1
5. calmness: 4


1. kindness: 3
2. methodicalness: 3
3. brightness: 2
4. toughness of heart: 3
5. calmness: 4

this page was what the fans commented
*T/N (translated some comments)

We got comments about Tohoshinki! what they love about Tohoshinki.

When they sing their so good and handsome!
When they talk their funny!
When they smile their cute!

How the members are all close!
When they smile i feel like i had a heartattack!

Their bond. It makes my heart warm.

Handsome!They work hard! Funny! Great singer! I love them!

The difference between on stage and off stage!
Their smile is like an angel!

source: Vivi magazine (April)
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

Just wondering, why didn’t the psychologist interpret their personalities based on their way of eating Pinky? The only interpretation there was from the ViVi staff. =(

Anyway, I tried the right or left thumb on top thing and my right thumb was on top. That means I’m passive just like Yunho and Changmin. LOL.

This is the second to the last part of their Vivi magazine interview.

Vivi magazine April Issue part 6


Faster than anywhere!
Lastest single “Toki wo tomete”

The song that you were only able to listen in a commercial and at the movie theater.

Last summer the song that was used for the commercial Menard was a song that Tohoshinki fans were wanting to know about. The song is “Toki wo tomete” Its a ballad song that compliments their singing ability. Junsu’s main chorus is a must hear! “時を止めて~、ずっと君のそばにいたい~♪”(I want to stop time and stay with you forever). Obviously everyone thought “Is this the new song!?” but at this point it wasn’t planned to go on sale. After the song was played for 3 minutes and 40 seconds at the “Tohoshinki The Live 2009″ made fans contact when the CD’s going to be released but they still had no plan to release it. It was a song that was about to become a legend song.

The Music Video that was taken at a planetarium.

The song that all the fans were waiting for is finally going to released this march as a single CD. ViVi got the offshot photos the fastest! Where the music video was shot is a Planetarium in Japan. In the dark room under the stars the members sang their parts. Their beautiful voices and the planetarium’s pretty atmosphere seems like 5 starts are going to connect. It is released on Mach 24th .

Which animal they like, discovering… This is where we want to be praised!
– Changmin obediently agrees –

The animal you like and what you like about it shows where you want to be praised about yourself. We asked the members what animal they liked and..!?

Yunho is meant to be a leader?

– What animal do you like?
I like leopards. It runs fast and it’s always trying hard so it’s cool.

– It seems that that’s what you want to be praised about.
Oh really? If someone said that about me I’d be so shy about it. It’s embarrassing…..

Changmin, agrees that hes a narcissist!!?

– What animal do you like?
Hmm… a deer. It has a long neck and the body line is really pretty.

– That seems to be what you want to be praised about
Puh!… yes that is true *laughs* I like my long neck.

Jajeoong is two-faced!? But he doesn’t agree.

– What animal do you like?
A cat. depending on the time, evening and night the eyes gets bigger, the body gets skinnier. It seems like it’s pure but it actually isn’t. I like that about it.

– It seems that that’s where you want to get praised.
Does that mean I’m two faced!? I don’t think that’s true…

Yoochun doesn’t talk a lot and has strong eye power!?

– What animal do you like?
A doggy. Even though it doesn’t talk, it shows its feelings with its eyes. I really like that about dogs.

-It seems that that’s what you want to get praised.
What, its not about the dog!? Its about me? ahhhh…*embarrassed*

Junsu “the real king is me!” is what he’s thinking?

– What animal do you like?
A tiger. The pattern is pretty and the lion is known as the king but I always thought the tiger is the real king.

-Told him the answer and…
I think thats’ right. People don’t tell me I’m manly so I think I want to be praised there.

source: Vivi magazine (April)
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

Changmin admits that he is a narcissist? Wow! He’s not even the “extreme” narcissist of the group but then admits it openly. JaeJoong, who is the real narcissist out of all of them, should stop denying being one and learn from Changmin and already admit that he EXTREMELY loves himself. LOL.

JaeJoong is two-faced? ROFL! He denies it again! :D But I think he isn’t two-faced in a bad way. Let’s just say that he is “two-faced” because he looks so cold and serious at first glance but deep inside he’s a very dorky guy. Let’s just leave it with that explanation. Hahaha.