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Below is part 5. I’m guessing this is the continuation of part 3?

Anyway, the boys talk more about themselves as a person and as a lover. Check it out. It’s a really good interview! =)

Vivi magazine April Issue part 5

-With the songs I think everyone grew too. If you can tell us “as a man” how you guys think of yourselves. If you can start with your good point and bad point.

Jaejong: My good thing? Good thing… umm how I don’t think that I’m the most important. I’m not those type. I’m constantly thinking about someone else. That’s why I can’t reject people. I don’t want to hurt the other person so I tend to accept anything. The blood type O people seem to be like that. This is a secret but I get really stressed. I hold it in and hold it in and then I explode! saying “I was holding it in the whole time!” *laughs* that’s why people say I’m scary when I get mad.

Yoochun: My good thing is that I have a warm heart *laughs*. My bad thing is that lately I don’t want to get out of my house. I kind of got bored of going out.

Junsu: I don’t have a good thing. *laughs* Well I don’t notice it myself. What people say about me is that I’m decisive and I’m usually a positive person. My bad thing is …. I don’t have any *laughs* that’s a lie. I have a lot. The most is that I hate to lose even if it’s something small. I’ll never accept that I lost. But lately I grew up and I don’t get as mad but as a guy it’s not a bad thing not to want to lose right!?

Yunho: Once I get into something I really concentrate on that and I’ll never give up until I achieve it. I think I’m a passionate person. I tend to not be able to see anything but that though. Even if everyone’s calling me, most of the time i can’t hear it. Overall i guess i have a manly personality and… I don’t know. So I don’t understand how girl are feeling a lot *embarrassed* . I think I’m romantic in my very own way but girls are hard..

Changmin: I don’t know if i should say it myself but including the bad parts about myself I like myself. I’m a complete blood type B and is short tempered but because I have this side in me I think that it brings out my good side. I’m usually quiet and shy person but once we become really close I talk a lot and can have a lot of fun. I think my type is that with a small group pf people I get to know them deeply taking time. Overall it means that everything except my bad part s all good. Although of course that’s a joke *laughs*

– Okay now what kind of guys are you when it comes to love?

Yunho: I’m the type who completely gets into it and cant see anything around me! … but I haven’t had a lot of relationships so I don’t really know.

Yoochun: I used to be like that too. Someone who falls completely into them. Once I like someone I always thought “it’s her for sure!” but now I can listen to what people around me tell me since falling completely into them didn’t work out.

Junsu: I’m both. I have experienced both falling deeply into her and being really calm. My surroundings really effect how I can have a relationship so I really don’t know how its going to change. But if I can want to not think about it too much and be natural.

Changmin: For me the only time I couldn’t see anything around me was only my first love. After that I’m calm. At least not so into her to the point it effects my work. Only my first love was um… I was crazed about falling in love *laughs bitterly*

Jaejoong: I think I’m different depending on that person. If that person is aggressive maybe I’ll be become aggressive too. But if not I think I’ll become more simple. But any type of girl I’ll protect her no matter what. That’s why I work out to become strong *laughs* In Japan right now grazing boys (non-aggressive boys) are popular but I think guys should be able to protect the girl so i want to be a carnivorous boy (aggressive boys).

– What about everyone else? How would you protect a girl?

Changmin: If it’s during our date and we got attacked if that was the situation then I’ll put my girlfriend in a taxi first and let her go. Then even if I run away desperately she won’t see me *laughs*

Junsu: I would carry my girlfriend and run!! I’m fast at running so I have the confidence to be able to run away!!

Yoochun: If I had to think really realistic I would have my girlfriend call my manager and while she’s calling I’ll fight and try to make time. I used to do Taekwondo so I think I can stop it for a little while.

Yunho: I used to do Aikido so I”d fight too. Oh but maybe its not good to fight as an artist huh. Well it’s bodyguard! yeah bodyguard. The most important thing is my girlfriend’s feelings and safety!

– You guys are all so reliable! At last what kind of guy do you want to be?

Yunho: I say this a lot but who I look up to the most is my father. Like my father I want to be able to give many people courage. That’s why I’m doing volunteer work right now. But out of all my dreams this is the most important.

Changmin: I want to be a guy who can make a warm family. In order to achieve that I need more that love. To be realistic I need to be strong and have money.

Jaejoong: I want to be a young dad. *shy* I want to drop/pick my child from school. But the world is full with danger so I’m scared to to be a girls dad, so I want a boy.

Yoochun: I want to be a man with confidence. It seems like someone with confidence knows what they need to do at that time.

Junsu: Same with me. I want to have confidence towards everything. And hopefully if I can be able to continue singing.

Vivi magazine (April)
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

Awww! Aren’t these boys oozing with sweetness? I love their answers and – I’ve said this a million times but I’ll say it again – the girls that they’ll end up with are the five luckiest girls in the world! If only I could be one of them… *wishful thinking*

Here’s part 4. =)

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Vivi magazine April Issue part 4

*T/N please refer to part 2 before reading this. Part 2 we translated the right side. Now the left side and the bottom of the below page

I Like These Kind of HairStyle!

Changmin: While saying “I’m not good” he finished right away. “I want the length to be somewhat longer than her shoulders. A little wavy and the color is somewhat brown *laughs*” The word “somewhat” seemed to be his boom.

Yunho: “I’m bad at drawing” he said as he smiled wryly. “I like longer hair length and I made the hair color black but I don’t have any special feelings for it. And I like wavy hair that looks natural.” As he looked at his finished drawing he started to laugh saying “ahaha it’s a ghost!”.

Jaejoong: After finish thinking for a while, with a soft touch he started to draw carefully. “I like girls when their hair comes to about their chest and I like the color brown more. Also after shampooing and drying her hair I like the natural curl that faces outside.”

Yoochun: “I’m bad at drawing” he repeated over and over while drawing. “I like girls with no bangs. I prefer black but whatever that matches is fine. Unless it’s like blonde. I don’t like girls who act cute. I like natural girls.”

Junsu: He was choosing pens and carefully drawing. “These days I like girls who can look cute, feminine, and sexy. It’s a little Japanese people-ish. *laughs*”

The image of ViVi? Imagining a date with a girl? With the pose you like, say cheese!!

Yunho who was in the picture with the Rika-chan doll, thinking and said “the camera should be here”. After thinking and trying different poses he chose to let her bend one leg back! While Changmin was picking a pose quietly he had so much power that the dolls shoes fell off. As he was saying “ah… it’s so hard” he chose the “model pose”. Jaejoong who let the doll pose naturally said he seemed to be sure that he did well saying “it looks good”. Yoochun who right away let the doll look like shes was turning around said “this was the pose that came to my head first”. Even the staffs were saying “how cute”. On the other hand funny Junsu made the doll do the splits. Everyone there started to crack up. He tried to take the picture so that it’ll come out nice and took pictures over and over.

source: Vivi magazine (April)
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

Looking at them holding dolls reminds me of their appearance on “School of Rock” where they were asked to dress up the dolls according to the look they want when it comes to girls. I can still remember how hard I was laughing because Junsu was so excited with his doll named “Julieang”. And now as if he really finds dolls interesting, he “tortured” his doll again by taking a picture of it with a doing a split. Hahaha! He really never fails to crack me up! ROFL! :D

Part 3 of their Vivi magazine interview. They actually talked about the Best Album here in this part as well as the songs from the album that they like.

I like this interview because it seems to me that they actually had this together. I mean from what I can sense in the tone of the interview, it seems that the boys were actually seated TOGETHER and are talking to the interviewer. This thought really excites me!

Vivi magazine April Issue part 3

The Best 5000 Word Interview!!
From the best album to love stories.

– It’s been 5 years since their debut in Japan. Everyone was still an innocent teenager and now their all grownups! Now their releasing their complete first best album but out of the best we had them to pick their “best of the best”.

Yunho: Umm… there’s so many…it’s hard to pick but I’d have to pick “Summer Dream”. The reason is because this song was the first song Tohoshinki got number one for the Oricon daily chart. When we heard the news we were shooting the cover for the next song “Shine” but I was so happy that during the photo shoot I couldn’t stop smiling. And “Shine”’s CD cover was supposed to be cool looking so it was so hard to hold it in *laughs*. That time all the works we did in Japan came back to me like a Para-Noma.

Changmin: I pick “Share The World”. This was the theme song for the Anime “One Piece” for awhile and in Japan its a really famous anime so it didn’t seem clear to me but its true that we sang the theme song. It really felt nice to have that mysterious feeling.

JaeJoong: I pick “Share the World” too. Because its a really fun song! Also the anime “One Piece” is really funny! By the way my favorite character from “One Piece” is Luffy but for the girl its Nami-chan. She acts like a bad person but shes actually a really good girl you know. So… oh sorry the theme shifted. *laughs*

Junsu: I choose “Mirotic”. We’ve challenged a lot of different genres but this song feels like Tohoshinki the most. How its powerful, and cool…in many ways I think “Mirtoic” is the most Tohoshinki-ish!

Yoochun: I pick “begin”!! The reason is because its the last song in the CD. Isn’t it kid of sad that its the last song in the CD but the title is “begin”. It ignores the CD’s flow. *laughs* …. I’m just kidding about that but I honestly like this song. The image I get from this music and lyrics seems to right for the end.

– What is the song that you would want the person you like to listen to?

Yoochun: Again but I pick “begin”. I want to play the piano quietly and let her listen to it. Last year at the Tokyo Dome Concert I played it on the piano but… *shy* But sadly there’s no one to play it for in my private life.. I want to have that new fun feeling. sigh…

Jaejoong: I pick “begin” too. Because the lyrics is beautiful. I want to try saying “今君と僕はbegin” ( right now you and I begin) it at least once!

Yunho: I like “begin” too but “Stand by U” is good too but just by the title “why did I fall in love with you” is also good too. But there all sad songs. Tohoshinki has a lot of songs that means “go forward with your precious one” so out of that i think i pick “明日は来るから” (Tomorrow will come). I like how it has the meaning “even though there hard times tomorrow will come”.

Junsu: I also pick “明日は来るから”. We sing a lot of different types of love songs but this song is the most straight forwarded song with the meaning “I want to protect you”. I think it’d be nice if you let the person you like listen to it. When it comes to love I’m the type that wants to protect that person so. But when it comes to other than love there’s times when I want to be protected *laughs*

Changmin: I choose “beautiful you”. I have a lot of memories for that song so I picked it as the members choice.

-We had you pick one song but what kind of feeling do you have towards the best album overall? It must feel different from releasing a normal album.

Yunho: As of right now it really makes me feel like “wow, we really did work hard” And mostly it feels like it shows how much the fans loves us. It means that this best album is made by out efforts and by the fans and everyone’s love.

Junsu: Yeah, to release an best it means that you released a lot of good songs and a lot of people had to listen to it and have to want to listen to it. that makes me happy.

Changmin: from our debut song to our newest song every new song we release you can see our growth. The best album is something you can really feel that. There are songs that has been in our previous albums but it feels like a different song… I don’t know how to say it but it’s really filled with memories. Bests are nice.

Yoochun: At first I thought “do we even have enough songs to make a best!?” and I went through all of our single CD’s and I was so surprised to have so much songs! So i was really happy.

Jaejoong: It’s not enough with the songs that are in the best! I want to add like 10 more songs! ahaha but it wont be a best album then huh!

source: Vivi magazine (April)
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

LOL @ Yoochun’s answers to the first two questions! It really is pretty ironic that “Begin” is the last track on the 1st CD of the Best Selection 2010 album.  Hahaha! And I told ‘ya guys! They NEED girlfriends NOW. All of them (maybe Changmin doesn’t urgently need one)! ROFL! :D

Below is a cute fan account of a Japanese fan who had the chance to meet and talk to JaeJoong’s 6th sister.

[FANACC] 100223 JaeJoong’s Sister: “Jae is not in Love”

T/N, this is a fan account by a Japanese fan who had visited Korea this February and had visited JaeJoong’s 6th sister’s cosmetic shop. This obasan (housewife) fan is really cute, no matter how old she is, she is still a girl in the heart ah~~

* * * * *

When I arrived at the shop, there were 4 to 5 people in there, however it was quiet.

Jae’s sister is really quiet; her food was squished and untouched, because it’s a little scary? I think.

Then, leave it to obasan ba~ (T/N, I think she mean herself here.)

“JaeJoong not coming?”

“He was here 10 minutes before opening, yesterday.”

Her Japanese is really good.

“Eh~~~ Is it? Where did he sit?”

“Right here.”

One of the customers already took that seat la~

“Ah, here.” Suddenly the shop becomes very lively.

“Sister, let’s take a photo?”

“No, I did not put on any make up today, too ugly.”

“It’s alright, I came here all the way from Osaka~”

The moment I mentioned Osaka, Jae’s sister became very attentive because 4th sister is currently at Osaka. We chat congenially and she took a photo with me in the end.

There are a few of her movements that are very similar to JaeJoong’s, felt like he was there as well, it’s very amazing.

“What did JaeJoong use?”

“Because we give it to him, that’s why he uses them. Shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, body lotion.”

I’ve no resistance towards things that ‘JaeJoong use’; therefore I bought all of them. Using them everyday now, felt like my hair and skin are shining, having good mood every single day!

Also, I don’t dare to ask, but… but… to my surprise my friend actually asked her the rumor about ‘Abiru Yu’.

She responded that when that piece of rumor was out, JaeJoong was there with her in the shop. He was shocked and even asked his sister, does he need to contact a lawyer. Therefore they did not date, so everyone, please do not worry!

How I wish to stay in the room where I can feel JaeJoong’s presence.

The gentle, attentive and considerable JaeJoong who is loved by everyone that we know today is all because he had grown up among all the wonderful and kind sisters of him.

Source: JapanFanBlog + Mr.TVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

The Japanese fan is so cute! Maybe if I were to visit the shop, I’d also but all the things that JaeJoong uses and sit on the place where he sat when he was there in the hopes of “feeling” JaeJoong. LOL.

It’s nice of JaeJoong’s sister to talk to fans. The members’ family members are really understanding and are so friendly with fans. This only gives us more reason to love the boys because their own families welcome us like friends. =)

I find it funny that JaeJoong even thought of calling a lawyer because of that issue with Abiru Yuu. I mean, it’s his right especially since that magazine even mentioned that they’re being “sweet” to each other and whatnot but I personally just find it a bit over-the-top to call a lawyer because of that kind rumor since here in my country, artists just simply deny or confirms such rumors and I’ve never heard anyone filing a case because of a “dating” rumor.  Maybe it just depends on what is considered a norm in one’s country. LOL. I wonder if JaeJoong always thinks of calling a lawyer in situations like that? Especially since he’s always rumored to be dating some celebrities. Hahaha. Oh goodness, Jae does not only have a dorky personality. His way of thinking is adorkable, too! :D

Anyway, I am happy that JaeJoong isn’t dating Abiru Yuu. Actually, I’m okay with him dating or having a girlfriend. Yes, get a bit jealous but I’ve come to realize that he needs to be happy, too. I can accept him being with another woman’s care as long as that woman is someone who deserves JaeJoong. I’m just throwing a fit sometimes when I hear rumors about him dating other girls because I personally think he deserves better than those “kind”. But I also know that at the end of the day, it’ll always be JaeJoong’s choice and happiness that is most important. I just hope he finds the right girl for him. =)

Looks like the members are the magazine editors’ favorites the past few months. JaeJoong (S Cawaii), Yoochun (RAY), Changmin (RAY and Spur) and Yunho (GQ Korea) have been featured on certain magazines for the March and April issues and now it’s Junsu’s turn. He was featured on SMART magazine’s April 2010 issue and he’s just oozing with charisma on his photoshoot for the magazine.

It is good to see them do solo pictorials once in a while but I hope they would be featured as a group again.

Credit: as tagged + dnbn

And here’s the translation of his Q&A:

Credit: as tagged

His answers are really interesting. I love his answers on 8Q and 20Q and his answers on 7Q, 11Q, 14Q and 16Q made me laugh somehow. Hahaha.=)

Here’s the second part of the translation from ViVi Magazine. Its about the things the members like to do when they’re alone. Can you guess who among the members answered the following?

*I intentionally chose white as the font color for the answers. Just highlight them if you want to know them. :)

Vivi magazine April Issue part 2

The [____] Thing I Like To Do Alone

1. I like [ traveling ] alone.
2. I like to [ go on a drive ] alone.
3. I like to [ clean ] alone
4. I like to [ stay ] alone.
5. I like to [ listen to music ] alone.

Guess who wrote it! Here’s the hint!

1. “I like to travel in general. This year I’m planning to go to Las Vegas with 3 of my friends (including himself). I’m excited to watch the musicals and concerts. If I’m going to travel alone I want to go to Greece.”

2. “When I want to be alone, or when i want to think alone, when I have some worries/problems about something I go on a drive. When you go on a drive you cant be missing music! Lately I’ve been listening to the ‘New Age’.”

3. “When I clean I feel refreshed. I clean in the morning too. I clean and then shower, that’s my rule! It feels good”

4. “When I’m alone at home I watch DVDs, go on the computer, compose songs, clean, cook, and just relax. Time goes by fast.”

5. “When I’m alone I listen to sad songs or ballads. I like to enjoy the sentimental feeling. I get so into it sometimes I cry” *laughs*


1. Yunho
2. Changmin
3. Yoochun
4. Jaejoong
5. Junsu

Source: Vivi magazine (April)
Trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

I tried it a while ago and I actually got all of them right. I had a hard time with Yoochun’s and Junsu’s answers but luckily I picked the right ones. Some words in their answers actually gave me the hint.

So, did you guys get all of them correctly? =)

Our dolphin boy (I miss calling him that) invited the volunteer workers from Adra Korea who went to Cambodia to help in rebuilding a village there. As we all know, Junsu’s fans have donated an amount to Adra Korea to be used for the rebuilding of the village and thus it was decided that the village will be called the “Xiah Junsu Village”. Junsu heard about this news and I think this is his way of thanking these volunteers for naming the village after him.

Junsu Invited Volunteer Workers To ‘Mozart!’

It was found that ‘Asia’s Star’ Xiah Junsu invited representatives from a global organization to musical on the 20th.

Xiah Junsu invited volunteer workers and representatives from Adra Korea such as Shin Sung Eun and Jin Hanna for that night’s performance.

These volunteer workers spent the last year in Cambodia helping children and creating a better environment for people to live in. During this time, the volunteer workers helped create a village which was later dubbed the ‘Xiah Junsu Village’ because the funds had come from Xiah Junsu’s fans.

The invitation occurred when Xiah Junsu heard of the volunteer workers’ return to Korea. Xiah Junsu invited them to his waiting room after the concert and conversed with them and showed his gratitude for their work.

The volunteer workers said, “Thanks to Xiah Junsu and his fans, the living conditions of areas in Cambodia were improved and many are now able to live in clean environments.” Xiah Junsu is said to have replied, “If I have spare time, I hope to visit the village.”

The ‘Xiah Junsu Village’ was created from donations made by Xiah Junsu and his fans and was used to better the living conditions that were damaged by natural disasters and to help children in the area. The work was done under Xiah Junsu and his fans’ names. The village was put in the spotlight when it was found that the village was named after Xiah Junsu.

Source: [ohmynews + DNBN]
Translation credits:
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