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Posted: February 19, 2010 in TVXQ random posts
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Two days ago, I posted about the Backstreet Boys mentioning DBSK on an email interview they had with the Korean media. Now, here’s an article where DBSK shares a conversation they had with the members of BSB.

TVXQ responds to the Backstreet Boys’ remarks

Yesterday, we got to hear the Backstreet Boys‘ take on TVXQ; today, TVXQ exchanged their side of their encounter with the “living legends” as well.

During a recent program recording at a Japanese broadcasting station, TVXQ recounted their meeting with the Backstreet Boys at an episode of Japanese Fuju TV’s Music Fair 21 last year. “[When they met us,] the Backstreet Boys asked, ‘How long have you guys been performing?’ and we answered, ‘Around six years,’Yoochun revealed.

He continued, “They then asked us, ‘Are you going to perform together for long?’ We replied, ‘We’d like to continue performing together forever. That’s part of the reason why we’re concentrating with our best efforts right now.”

Yunho then added, “The Boys then said, ‘This is interesting … you remind us of our past days,’” presumably referring to the height of the Backstreet Boys’ careers & popularity. The Boys reportedly proceeded to praise TVXQ for their excellent vocal talent.

After the report connecting these two groups was released yesterday, many fans jumped up to defend TVXQ in response to the comparison. However, we must remember that the Backstreet Boys arguably paved the way for the boy band trend worldwide, including groups before TVXQ’s time.

Source: Allkpop

This article is (I think) from a recent Korean news but I’m not sure of the part where DBSK met BSB and Yoochun and Yunho’s account of their conversation was recent as what the article sounds like.

First and foremost, the DBSK members aren’t in Japan right now. They are actually in Korea (at least that’s what I know since no fancams or airport pics came out the past few weeks) so it’s quite impossible for them to have a guesting on a broadcasting program in Japan and mention about their meeting with BSB (unless it’s a phone interview, which I doubt).

Second, it may be true that BSB went to Japan last year but I don’t think it was last year that they were on Music Fair 21 together with DBSK. Check out this video and also this one. Both are the same cuts from Music Fair where BSB and DBSK are both guests but even though the date of upload of the videos are in the year 2009, I believe this wasn’t in 2009. Why? Because from what I remember (you can search it on if you want), BSB visited Japan in the later half of 2009 (September or October) and I don’t remember the boys going on Music Fair during that time. JaeJoong and Yoochun were the only members who appeared on Music Fair for the promotions of their single back in early September and I’m pretty sure BSB wasn’t on that episode. I think DBSK met BSB back in 2007 when they were promoting “Last Angel” with Koda Kumi. So unlike what the article says, it’s definitely not last year that the two groups met.

Third, the “Japanese broadcast” mentioned in the article where Yoochun recounted the conversation they had with BSB was in a radio program called FM Yokohama back in 2007. Yoochun said in the interview that Nick Carter of BSB was the one who asked him about the group. His answer is similar to the one in the article above. I’m just not sure about the one with Yunho. I didn’t check Yunho’s interview from that radio program.

EDIT: Ok, I’m getting confused now. Some people say that this is actually a RECENT interview of the boys and that Yoochun’s answers weren’t from his FM Yokohama interview. It is said that they really made a recording for a Japanese broadcast just recently. I just don’t know what program it is, though. When did they leave for Japan? Why didn’t I see pictures of them in the airport? Hmmm… strange. Anyway, whether this interview of Yoochun and Yunho is really recent or not, we’re going to find that out once a video of them on a Japanese show comes out.

  1. lyrico jae says:

    yeah..reading this make me think and getting confused too..when you found out, please tell me..i’m curious too…

  2. ponpom says:

    Hi… I’m also comfused about this! I thought at first that this music fair 21 with DBSK and Backstreet Boys was the one that went out the 27th (I didn’t know it was a special of DBSK), now I know it isn’t, but no matter how hard I try to look for it I don’t seem to find the right date!

    Anyone found out??? Anyone have the video??? It’s not on youtube or anywhere…

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ ponpom: Hello there. :) Uhm, the Music Fair episode where DBSK and BSB met was back in 2007. THIS is the episode where they were both in the program but you would just see DBSK in a few seconds in the video. There’s no clip where they were really interacting.

  3. ponpom says:

    2 lovetohateme: thanks lots for the link! They said that they talked backstage so it’s up to us to believe the conversation or not! Is not that I don’t trust the boys, but I haven’t seen them saying it themselves so I don’t know if it is just a reporter’s imagination! After all, why did the comments come out almost 3 years afterwards??? I mistrust anything… but I guess because unlike other people I didn’t dislike that DBSK was compared to Backstreet Boys, as I used to be a fan!

    Thanks again! BTW, great blog! ^.^

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ ponpom: Like what I said in my post above, this news is recent but I believe its content is NOT recent. Yoochun really did mention in a radio interview that Nick Carter talked to him and asked him some questions about DBSK. THIS is the radio program called FM Yokohama Asian Groove and it was conducted back in December 2007. As what I have stated in my post, I really think that the reporter was talking about this radio interview but the s/he wrote that the interview was “recent” by saying this:

      “During a recent program recording at a Japanese broadcasting station, TVXQ recounted their meeting with the Backstreet Boys at an episode of Japanese Fuju TV’s Music Fair 21 last year.”

      The thing is, DBSK and BSB did not meet in Music Fair last year. There wasn’t an episode of MF last year where the two groups both appeared as guests. It was only during 2007 that they met. If you listen to Yoochun’s interview from FM Yokohama, he said almost the same thing as those stated in the article. The slight differences, I’d like to believe, are caused by the misunderstanding of the writer.

      In the radio interview, Yoochun said that Nick asked him how long they have been together since before they debuted. He answered 6 years. The writer in the article wrote the question as “How long have you guys been performing?” and the answer of Yoochun (according to the article) is also 6 years. Another possible error in the article is when Nick asked them how long they plan to be together. In the article, it says that Yoochun was the one who said “We’d like to continue performing together forever. That’s part of the reason why we’re concentrating with our best efforts right now.” Yes, Yoochun said that they hope to continue forever in the radio interview but I think the “That’s part of the reason why we’re concentrating with our best efforts right now.” part in the article was actually said by Nick since it has the same context as “We’re working towards that, too”, which was his answer to Yoochun (as narrated by YC in the radio interview).

      That is why I really believe that the writer was only making it sound recent but in reality, s/he only got those information from the FM Yokohama interview. I don’t know if it’s pure misunderstanding on her/his part or did s/he really write it that way to make the news sound more recent. The only thing I can’t figure out is where Yunho’s answers in the article came from. I have yet to watch a clip or read an interview where he mentioned their meeting with BSB.

      But of course, this is only my opinion. I actually believed this conclusion the first time I saw the article but when I went to one forum, a member there told me that my conclusion is wrong and that DBSK recently filmed a program mentioning their BSB encounter. She told me to wait for a week for it to air. She even demanded me to read the news carefully that’s why I got confused. But now I’d like to believe that my conclusion is somewhat right about this article being NOT recent because the show that she was mentioning NEVER aired. It’s almost a month now but still, no recent guesting by DBSK. Ugh, why did I even believe that girl?! *Oops! Sorry for blabbering. I’m just really quite annoyed with that girl and the annoyance keeps on coming back every time I remember how demanding her reply was when I was just stating my opinion (it was a forum after all). Just don’t mind me and my senseless talk. =)*

      As for your question on why did the comments come out almost 3 years after their meeting, well you know now that Yoochun really did talk about it 3 years ago but the media did not mind it so much that time. But since BSB mentioned meeting DBSK in their recent interview in Korea, the media suddenly gained interest in their meeting which took place 3 years ago.

  4. ponpom says:

    Ha ha ha! Such a long answer! Thanks for the details! I also wonder where that girl got the info from and why she was so insistent on making you wait for “some” programme to air! Well, it must all come down to the fear that everyone has of DBSK disbanding, so if Yoochun had said recently that “We’d like to continue performing together forever” that would mean a lot! But well, I also believe that they must have met during that Music fair 21, talked backstage and then everything comes from the radio interview, it makes sense!

    I hope that they don’t disband… but there really seems to be some distance between the members in the lawsuit and the ones that have sided with SM… But well, let’s keep hoping!

  5. Cara says:

    They did meet it was on the Music Fair episode that played on 2007.11.03 you can find clips of it online. The interviews took place later, but they are true regardless.

  6. Lyne says:

    Let me just add something here that just bothers me:
    Backstreet Boys paved NOTHING to anyone.If anything,New Kids on the Block started the whole boyband thing,Backstreet boys just followed the mold that New Kids on the Block left.

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