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Waaaahhhh~!!! I’m so happy!!! Finally, DBSK’s “Best Selection 2010” album reaches the 300,000 sales mark in just THREE (3) DAYS! Yaaaaayyyyy!!! I can’t contain my happiness right now! It’s a CERTIFIED PLATINUM ALBUM for DBSK! Wohooo!!! I’m so proud of the boys!!! We finally did it!!! :D

*Sorry for using too much exclamation marks.I’m just really happy!*


*1 32,630 東方神起
*3 *4,341 木村カエラ
*4 AAA
*5 倖田來未
*6 茅原実里
*7 The Birthday
*8 テイラー・スウィフト
*9 藍坊主
10 May J.

17th 228,542
18th 69,063
19th 32,630

Total : 330,235

credit : DNBN
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*The figures in blue towards the end are the sales number from day one up to today and the total is 330, 235 units! *

I can smell DBSK’s very first Oricon Weekly number one for the album charts! :D


Guys! I’m promoting Jae’l Break here. It’s an online game presented by Shades of Jae’d: International Kim JaeJoong Fanclub. This game is in cooperation with different DBSK online communities. I hope you would join the hunt for Kim JaeJoong. Let’s all find Jae, together! :D

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Jae’l Break: The Pursuit for Kim JaeJoong

So, they’re even on French news? Woah, DBSK sure is conquering the world! LOL.

Apart from that, this news article also reveals the upcoming releases of DBSK. I’m pretty excited with the Best Video Clips. I wonder what clips will be included there? :)

“TVXQ at The Top!” French News “Ongaku Dojyo”

While their single “Break out” started the New Year 2010 with honorific sales; the Korean group Tohoshinki,
the top artist of Avex, started this week with the release of their first Best of album.

With more than 200.000 sold copies on the first day, “Break Out” became the top-selling album of the year 2010.
But Tohoshinki don’t stop here, them already announcing the release of another new single, and album and a DVD.

Their new single is called “Toki wo Tomete” and it will be released on March 24th, 2010.
This song is already included in their best of album. “Tokiwo Tomete” accompanies the new product line
from the cosmetic company Menard.

The album will actually be a remix compilation of 20 songs, similar to their “TVXQ Nonstop remix” released in 2007.
Some of their Korean songs may also be included in this album. It will be released on March 24th, 2010.

Kind of like Arashi’s DVD released in 2009, Tohoshinki will release a DVD including a compilation of their video clips,
which is called “Best video clips”. This new DVD’s release date will be March 17th.

*They are on sale for international fans now.…html?key=336642

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I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy this! This is really hilarious and I can’t stop laughing when I saw this! :D :D :D

Good Example Vs Bad Example – TVXQ Version

Recently, Korean emcee Yoo Jae Suk has been doing a segment named “Good example VS bad example” and part of it includes the good and bad facial expressions of stars.

The following is the TVXQ version.

1. Good VS Bad example of seaweed hair

2. Good VS Bad example of selca

3. Good VS Bad example of an endorsement

4. Good VS Bad example of passionate performance

5. Good VS Bad example of a thigh

6. Good VS Bad example of an expression on stage

7. Good VS Weird example of group formation

8. Good VS Bad example of being mischievous

9. Good VS Bad example of a pretty boy

10. Good VS Bad example of a front profile

11. Without style VS with style

12. Good VS Bad example of teamspirit

13. Good VS Bad example of making a heart

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I’m actually not familiar with this music station but just the thought of the boys’ song gracing the airwaves in other parts of the world apart from Asia is really exciting so I just felt the NEED to post it. =)

TVXQ on New York’s Hit Music Station, Z100!

The ever-popular Z100 (100.3 FM), which is based in New York City and the nation’s largest radio station, has a special segment on their morning show (Elvis Duran & the Morning Zoo) in which they play short segments of top songs from around the world. Guess who was featured from Japan? None other than TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki and their latest hit, Break Out!

Source: Allkpop

And here’s a screencap of it.

[Credit: afterglow@soompi]

Two days ago, I posted about the Backstreet Boys mentioning DBSK on an email interview they had with the Korean media. Now, here’s an article where DBSK shares a conversation they had with the members of BSB.

TVXQ responds to the Backstreet Boys’ remarks

Yesterday, we got to hear the Backstreet Boys‘ take on TVXQ; today, TVXQ exchanged their side of their encounter with the “living legends” as well.

During a recent program recording at a Japanese broadcasting station, TVXQ recounted their meeting with the Backstreet Boys at an episode of Japanese Fuju TV’s Music Fair 21 last year. “[When they met us,] the Backstreet Boys asked, ‘How long have you guys been performing?’ and we answered, ‘Around six years,’Yoochun revealed.

He continued, “They then asked us, ‘Are you going to perform together for long?’ We replied, ‘We’d like to continue performing together forever. That’s part of the reason why we’re concentrating with our best efforts right now.”

Yunho then added, “The Boys then said, ‘This is interesting … you remind us of our past days,’” presumably referring to the height of the Backstreet Boys’ careers & popularity. The Boys reportedly proceeded to praise TVXQ for their excellent vocal talent.

After the report connecting these two groups was released yesterday, many fans jumped up to defend TVXQ in response to the comparison. However, we must remember that the Backstreet Boys arguably paved the way for the boy band trend worldwide, including groups before TVXQ’s time.

Source: Allkpop

This article is (I think) from a recent Korean news but I’m not sure of the part where DBSK met BSB and Yoochun and Yunho’s account of their conversation was recent as what the article sounds like.

First and foremost, the DBSK members aren’t in Japan right now. They are actually in Korea (at least that’s what I know since no fancams or airport pics came out the past few weeks) so it’s quite impossible for them to have a guesting on a broadcasting program in Japan and mention about their meeting with BSB (unless it’s a phone interview, which I doubt).

Second, it may be true that BSB went to Japan last year but I don’t think it was last year that they were on Music Fair 21 together with DBSK. Check out this video and also this one. Both are the same cuts from Music Fair where BSB and DBSK are both guests but even though the date of upload of the videos are in the year 2009, I believe this wasn’t in 2009. Why? Because from what I remember (you can search it on if you want), BSB visited Japan in the later half of 2009 (September or October) and I don’t remember the boys going on Music Fair during that time. JaeJoong and Yoochun were the only members who appeared on Music Fair for the promotions of their single back in early September and I’m pretty sure BSB wasn’t on that episode. I think DBSK met BSB back in 2007 when they were promoting “Last Angel” with Koda Kumi. So unlike what the article says, it’s definitely not last year that the two groups met.

Third, the “Japanese broadcast” mentioned in the article where Yoochun recounted the conversation they had with BSB was in a radio program called FM Yokohama back in 2007. Yoochun said in the interview that Nick Carter of BSB was the one who asked him about the group. His answer is similar to the one in the article above. I’m just not sure about the one with Yunho. I didn’t check Yunho’s interview from that radio program.

EDIT: Ok, I’m getting confused now. Some people say that this is actually a RECENT interview of the boys and that Yoochun’s answers weren’t from his FM Yokohama interview. It is said that they really made a recording for a Japanese broadcast just recently. I just don’t know what program it is, though. When did they leave for Japan? Why didn’t I see pictures of them in the airport? Hmmm… strange. Anyway, whether this interview of Yoochun and Yunho is really recent or not, we’re going to find that out once a video of them on a Japanese show comes out.

Oricon Style conducted a survey of the five most favorite songs of the fans from the recently released “Best Selection 2010” album and here are the results:

Oricon: Tohoshinki Special Issue – Best 5 Songs!

Tohoshinki released their first best album, [BEST SELECTION 2010] on 17 February 2010. From this album, ORICON STYLE did a survey on the BEST 5 favourite songs. Also, photos that are full of memories will be revealed!

[Survey method] Survey was held from 19-25 January 2010 and respondents consist of male and female members of Oricon’s Monitor site who are in their 10s and 20s. 800 respondents participated in this internet survery. (t/n: below, “10+” refers to those who are between 10 -19 years of age and “20+” refers to those who are between 20-29 years old)

To view photos,click here:…photo.php#photo

BEST 5 Favourite Songs From Best Album

Songs you’ll fall in love with after listening to it once!

In the 『2009 Artist Total Sales Ranking』, Tohoshinki ranked as third and spent the whole of last year continuously flying forward. One of the recent hot topics is that they also became the first male models to grace to cover of female fashion magazine 『JJ』 and the momentum of their popularity is unstoppable. From this, ORICON STYLE did a survey of the BEST 5 favourite songs from their first best album, which was released on 17 February 2010.

In first place is the ballad song「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」 which portrays a heartbreaking love story. “It’s the first Tohoshinki song I heard and even until today, I can still remember the feeling I got when I heard their wonderful harmony.” (Osaka/20+/Female) “I like them because of the lovely harmony created by all 5 of them. This is the song that made me like Tohoshinki.” (Saga Prefecture/20+/Female) This song introduced Tohoshinki to many people and many felt that Tohoshinki’s best charm can be felt during their “chorus”. Furthermore, responses like “I was so moved after hearing it the first time that I cried” (Hyogo Prefecture/20+/Male) and “Because I could relate to the lyrics” (Ishikawa Prefecture/20+/Male) showed that it is a song that can even draw tears from men and it is very popular amongst men and women.

In second place is 「Share The World」, with comments like “I knew it through 『ONE PIECE』 and fell in love after one glance” (Kyoto/10+/Female) and “When I first heard it on 『ONE PIECE』 I thought it was very suitable” (Aichi Prefecture/10+/Female), showing that many knew of the song when it became the opening theme song for the anime 『ONE PIECE』. “They matched will with the anime’s image.” (Tokyo/10+/Female) Their song established a link to the anime world and received a lot of love from 『ONE PIECE』 fans.

In third place is 「Stand by U」, where fans expressed that their voices allow you to withdraw from your outlook on the world and captures the hearts of the listeners. “The sad lyrics and Tohoshinki’s voices matched perfectly and makes in impression to the heart” (Osaka/20+/Female) “I think it’s a song where you can feel that all 5 of their singing have become better” (Kanagawa Prefecture/20+/Male)

In fourth and fifth place are 「Purple Line」 and 「呪文-MIROTIC-」 respectively and both songs received high praise for their dance performances. “I was overwhelmed by how good their dance was” (Kanagawa Prefecture/20+/Female/「Purple Line」) “I think this is a song that best shows off Tohoshinki’s charm through the gelling of their visuals and image” (Nagasaki Prefecture/20+/Female/「呪文-MIROTIC-」)

Also, the first place song 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」 and third place 「Stand by U」 both received awards at the 『Shine! Japan Record Award』 in the lyrics category (both lyrics written by Shinjiro Inoue) and both songs received high praise. Of course, this best album also contains Tohoshinki’s chorus work, dance performance and characters, and it showcases all their various charms. This album will be widely enjoyed from new fans to hardcore fans.

Source: [oricon]
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I’d have to agree that if we’re talking about songs from the past two years, どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? is definitely one of their most popular and most loved songs. That song is just so beautiful that even non-fans would be so in love with it. The first time I heard of it, I instantly fell in love with it and I can’t seem to stop listening to it. It just has that certain effect on you. Add to that, it’s a really difficult song to sing and it just makes you admire DBSK for being able to sing it that beautifully.

I agree on some songs in the list but if I were to make my own, my top 5 (excluding those chosen by the members) will be:

1. Stand by U

2. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?

3. Begin

4. Purple Line

5. Mirotic

I would have chosen “With All My Heart” as number one but since it’s a new song, I didn’t count it. :)