Happy Birthday to maknae Changmin! ;)

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Max Changmin
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Ok, so we have a DBSK member celebrating his birthday today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHANGMIN!

Oh mg god, I can’t believe DBSK’s maknae is 22 years old (23 in Korea) already! I can still remember how young he looks when I saw their HUG MV. He’s really grown so much and became manlier and more mature! He’s slowly catching up to his hyungs on the “mature looks” department. LOL.

Anyway, I just want to greet Min a happy, happy birthday! He may be the youngest among the five members of DBSK but he’s always been the one who thinks more like a man compared to his hyungs. Hahaha. I’ve always admired him for his deep and logical thinking and he seemed to be the most careful in making decisions and taking action among the members. But although he may appear to be more “mature-minded” than his hyungs and even though he’s feared by the other members most of the time for his physical and psychological abuse of them, he’s still the group’s fragile maknae whom we love and adore so much. I just wish him all the happiness and hopefully they can surpass this storm really soon because I know he’s really having a hard time with their situation right now. After all, isn’t he the member who said that he won’t continue to be part of DBSK if one member is replaced or taken out of the group? :)


And since it’s Min’s birthday, here’s a bonus – a cute picture of Changmin with Yeonhee for their upcoming drama “Paradise Meadow”. =)

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Shared by: maesor@soompi
  1. i likey says:


    OMFG THT LAST PIC IS LOVEE. i've been inactive and i haven't seen hinm smile for soo long.


  2. anyel says:

    love :D:D:D el mio es el 5 de setiembre :D sarangueOn

  3. Anonymous says:

    que lindoteeeeee………

  4. Anonymous says:

    muaaaaa love forever

  5. nguyen huyen huong says:

    i love changmin

  6. trankute410 says:

    I love maknae changmin!

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