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Avex’ CEO Max Matsuura has updated his blog and posted an entry about DBSK’s Best Selection 2010 album.

100217 Max Matsuura’s Blog Update
Tohoshinki’s Best Album in Perfect Form

Tohohoshinki’s first Best Album “BEST SELECTION 2010” went on sale today.

As soon as the album went on sale, it created a breakthrough with a total of 650,000 copies shipped out.

Starting from yesterday, CD shops in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and other places all around Japan have been on a Tohoshinki craze, and the stores have had long lines in front of them since the time they opened.

Additionally, 23 shops throughout Japan are having a extended SPECIAL DAY counter,
and the special goods also went on sale.

Moreover, one thing that really caught my attention is that a lot of female fans were lining up in front of CD shops at noon, but it changed drastically at night, as a lot of male customers were having trial listening of Tohoshinki’s best album.

Their music has touched the audience regardless of gender.

I have a feeling that this will become a bigger and bigger break.

The history of Tohoshinki who started everything from scratch in Japan and walked their way up steadily,
their diligence and unceasing efforts, their passion for music, their “feelings” of towards each and everyone of their fans; all of them are included in the album.

This is a best album with a very deep meaning,
so please support “BEST SELECTION 2010”!


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Woah, 650,ooo copies were shipped to record stores and online stores! That’s double the shipped copies of “Break Out!”. Wow. That means there really is a chance for the Best Selection 2010 album to sell 500,000 copies! ;)

LOL at the fanboys suddenly “coming out” at night! Hahaha. It’s a good thing that DBSK’s male fanbase is getting larger. I’m sure the members will be so happy to know this. :)

And to Mr. Matsuura, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’re talking good care of the boys and we really appreciate it. :D


I don’t know when this interview was (if it’s recent or not) but I knew that DBSK met the Backstreet Boys in one event/show in Japan a few years back. They’ve mentioned it in one of their interviews before. I think it’s really cool that such a “legendary” and popular boy band like Backstreet Boys would remember our boys even if they only met for a short time. And not only did they remember the DBSK, they even saw themselves in them. It’s really nice to know that our boys have managed to leave a strong impression on the world’s most popular boy band. It really is a great thing to be praised and remembered by them, especially since the DBSK members also look up to the Backstreet Boys. :)

Backstreet Boys “TVXQ, It’s Like Looking In A Mirror”

The Backstreet Boys know Korean group TVXQ.

The Backstreet Boys said, “We met a Korean group called TVXQ in Japan some time ago,” and “They looked and dressed differently, but other than the fact that they color coordinate their clothes and are of a different race, it was like looking in the mirror for us.” They continued to say, “I remember thinking that TVXQ reminds us of our former selves.”

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OMG!!! And the good news just continues to come to DBSK! With their Best Selection 2010 album selling more than 228K units on it’s first day and thus grabbing the top spot on the Oricon Daily Album Charts, the boys managed to make another Oricon chart history.

Below are the top 8 albums (or does this include singles, too? not sure) in Japan who had the highest number of units sold on it’s first day of release. Our boys managed to rank 6th with their sales today for the Best Selection 2010 album and are the ONLY non-Japanese artist to make it on the list. Something more to be proud of is that the other artists on the top list are some (if not the most) respected and highest selling artists in Japan – EXILE, Mr. Children and 嵐 (Arashi).

1st Day Single Ranking From 2007

1. Artist :EXILE
Released : Dec 2007
1st Day : 314,128
Total (still counting): 1,805,269

2. Artist :嵐
Title : 5×10 ALL THE BEST!
Released : Sept 2009
1st Day : 261,076
Total (still counting): 1,604,089

3. Artist : Mr.Children
Released : Dec 2008
1st Day : 260,301
Total (still counting): 1,261,358

4. Artist : Mr.Children
Title : HOME
Released : March 2007
1st Day : 234,923
Total (still counting): 1,207,417

5. Artist : EXILE
Title : 愛すべき未来
Released : Dec 2009
1st Day : 229,052
Total (still counting): 1,239,817

6.Artist : THSK
Released : Feb 2010
1st Day : 228.542
Total (still counting): NEW

7. Artist : EXILE
Released : Dec 2007
1st Day : 211,025
Total (still counting): 1,478,330

8.Artist : EXILE
Released : Mar 2008
1st Day : 209,892
Total (still counting): 1,287,955

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Yay!!! Today is really a great day for DBSK and all of us fans! Despite the “lack of presence” of the boys the past few months, there’s still so much to be thankful for because of the continued success they’re having in Japan. This only goes to show how great DBSK is and that we love and support them even if we can’t see them perform everyday. I’m really in tears right now. I’m just so happy and proud of the boys’ achievements. Hopefully this will continue in the future. :D


Waaaaahhhhh~! I’m so ecstatic right now! I’m so proud of the boys! Woohoo! Congratulations to our dear DBSK boys and also to all of us fans for making this happen! I’m so happy! :D :D :D

I think this is their highest FIRST DAY sales for any of their singles AND album. 228, 542 units on the first day? Awesome!!!! It’s only the first day so I’m sure we’re good to reach 300K at the end of the week. Yay!!!

100217 BEST SELECTION 2010 at the Oricon Charts (Day 1)

*1 228,542 東方神起
*2 *16,822 AAA

*4 茅原実里
*5 The Birthday
*6 木村カエラ
*7 倖田來未
*8 藍坊主
*9 May J.
10 清 竜人

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Today, AVEX announced that they’re going to release another single of DBSK this March. This is usually a good news to hear since that only means we’re going to hear a new song but this time around, I guess we won’t be expecting to hear a new song. I don’t know what the company is thinking but they will release ‘Toki Wo Tomete (Please Stop Time)” as a single coupled with Yunho’s “Checkmate” this coming March. Seriously, can’t they just release a NEW SONG for the single? Don’t get me wrong. “Toki Wo Tomete” is a good song but we’ve known this song since last year and it’s actually included in the Best Album that was released TODAY. Fans won’t be too eager to buy it anymore since it’s already part of the Best Album. Maybe the only thing fans would be excited for would be the other song in the single, “Checkmate”.

Anyway if  any of you is interested in the single info, just read the translation below.

“Tokiwo tomete” Single Release!

Hello, Bigeast.

The NEW single 時ヲ止メテ (T/N: Tokiwo tomete) will be released on March 24.
We will start taking orders for the <Bigeast Version> from today, February 17 (Wed), 16:00.

[Bigeast Version]

■Title: 「時ヲ止メテ」 (T/N: Tokiwo Tomete) <Bigeast Version>
■Schedule of Release:March 24(Wed), 2010
■Style:CD Single (Picture Label)
■Price:¥735(including tax)
■Recorded contents:
・時ヲ止メテ (T/N: Tokiwo tomete)
・時ヲ止メテ(LESS VOCAL)
Total 2songs, 4 versions are scheduled

【Bigeast Version CD Single Original Specs】
■Picture Label
※Picture Label: Tohoshinki members’ images are printed on the CD label.

【Bigeast Original Benefits】
☆Bigeast Limited “Members’ handwritten messages petit newsletter” (Jacket Size/8P)」
※This will be for Bigeast members only.
※”Members’ handwritten petit newsletter” means a jacket size/8 pages’ newsletter, including members’ printed handwritten comments.

【Benefits included】
■Jacket size card (1 for each product)
※6 versions, randomly included
※The jacket size card will be common with CD’s sold at the market.

[Sales Period]
February 17, 2010 (Wed) 16:00~March 31, 2010 (Wed) noontime

[Deliveryl Date]
For those who have made the reservations from Feb 17 (Wed), 2010 16:00 to March 2 (Tues), 2010, the product will be delivered on the day of the release.
For those who have made the reservations from Mar 2 (Tues), 2010 13:00 to Mar 23 (Tues), 2010 (until 23:59), the delivery will start from the day after the date of release.

(few sentences omitted)

>>>2010/02/17 From Bigeast Office

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DBSK’s “Best Selection 2010” album is officially released today and fans in Japan seem to be excited in owning a copy of this album. Music stores particularly in Shibuya are loaded with people lining up to buy the CDs and there are also some exhibits of the boys’ costumes in concerts  in most record stores. :)

Long Line for Tohoshinki’s First Best Album

On the 16th, the first best album of Korean popular dance group Tohoshinki, “BEST SELECTION 2010”, arrived at the stores of HMV Japan; and in front of HMV leading store in Shibuya, there was a long line of approximately 100 fans who were waiting for the album to be on sale.

According to the store, the majority of the queue was female with a wide range from students to housewives. The success of Shibuya store is said to be because it is the only store in the HMV chain that holds an exhibition of the members’ costumes.

Tohoshinki’s best album which comes in three different versions have taken the top 3 spots of HMV’s CD album sale ranking right after it went on sale online and in store at 4pm on 2/16.

Moreover, the other HMV stores in Japan are having a campaign called the “Supporting Tohoshinki Campaign”. The campaign includes various projects such as “Tohoshinki’s Lookalike Contest”, “HMV Tohoshinki’s Popular Song Voting Campaign”, HMV Limited Original Presents “HMVxTohoshinki Collaborated Notebook”, etc. aiming to encourage customers to purchase the album at the stores.


T/N: Seems like different stores in Shibuya are competing with each other for the best album. They are having exhibition of Tohoshinki’s different outfits at each respective store in Shibuya.

HMV Shibuya

(credit: Rikachon)

Tower Records Shibuya

(credit: Max Matsuura’s Twitter)

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With the amount of people purchasing this album, whether on record stores or online, it looks like we can expect another Oricon Album Chart number one from our dear boys. What do you think? :D