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“Toki Wo Tomete (Please Stop Time)” is one of the four new songs in the “Best Selection 2010” album of DBSK. The other songs are “Break Out!” (which isn’t really new since it was released recently already), “Endlessly Sweet” (the theme song for Pinky CM) and “With All My Heart” (theme song for an upcoming movie).  “Toki Wo Tomete (Please Stop Time)” isn’t actually entirely new. If you remember, some previews of this were already released late last year since this was used as the background song for a Menard CM.

[Credit: iydp6oc0]

This is also a very nice and sad ballad just like “With All My Heart”. I like it, too but I’d have to say that I still prefer “With All My Heart” over this one. I guess the latter just really hit me hard when I listened to it and it really made me emotional that’s why I like it better.


[Credit: 331chai]

OMG, Changmin is so effin’ gorgeous! I mean all of them are awesome but maknae is so manly, mature and good-looking! He really resembles a model! Waaaah~!!!

But why isn’t there a shot of the five of them together? :'(