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The article I previously posted is just a summary of the ‘Tohoshinki Awareness Survey’  that HMV Japan has conducted. Here’s the full translation of the survey itself plus the messages the fans have left for DBSK. :)

HMV’s Tohoshinki Awareness Survey (Part 2) – Full Survey Q&A + Fans’ Messages

Tohoshinki Awareness Survey

Survey period: 2010.01.19 (Tues) – 2010.01.20 (Wed)
Survey Respondents: HMV Users, both male & female. 3,846 respondents (HMV ONLINE, HMV MOBILE)

Q1: How long have you been a fan of Tohoshinki?

•From their Korean debut onwards: 7%

•From their Japan debut onwards: 12%

•For about 3 years: 21%

•For about 2 years: 29%

•Less than a year: 31%

Q2: In your opinion, what is Tohoshinki’s most charming factor?

•Looks: 1%

•Vocal capabilities: 34%

•Dance performance: 8%

•Team work: 37%

•Members’ character: 16%

•Good music: 4%

Q3: How did you get to know about Tohoshinki?

•TV: 60%

•Magazines: 2%

•Internet: 6%

•On the streets: 1%

•CD & goods shops: 4%

•Friends: 19%

•Other reasons: 8%

Q4: Where do you get news about Tohoshinki?

•TV: 15%

•Magazines: 14%

•Internet: 39%

•On the streets: 1%

•CD & goods shops: 9%

•Friends: 17%

•Other reasons: 5%

Q5: How much time do you spend on Tohoshinki in a day?

•Less than an hour: 26%

•2-3 hours: 49%

•4-6 hours: 17%

•7-9 hours: 3%

•10 hours and more: 5%

Q6: After you became a fan of Tohoshinki, did you go to Korea?

•No: 73%

•1-3 times: 22%

•4-5 times: 3%

•6-10 times: 2%

•More than 10 times: 1%

Q7: Aside from Tohoshinki, do you listen to other KPOP music?

•Yes: 76%

•No: 24%

Q8: Similar to Tohoshinki, something that is essential to your life?

•Music: 24%

•Korean culture: 11.7%

•Family: 7.3%

•Gourmet: 3.5%

•Friends: 3.2%

•On the left in blue – Tohoshinki items sales ranking

•On the right in pink – Tohoshinki goods sales ranking

We want to tell this to Tohoshinki now; fans’ messages

•It’s fine no matter where you are. Please continue to sing. (39 years old, female)

•I listen to Tohoshinki’s songs everyday and gain strength. No matter what happens from now on, I’ll always be your fan, so please continue to do your best. (30 years old, female)

•I believe that there’s a bright future for all 5 of you, I’ll always support you! (22 years old, female)

•It’s impossible right now, but I wish that the 5 of you can sing together again some day. But no matter what happens, I’ll continue to support you. (46 years old, female)

•I listen to Tohoshinki’s songs everyday. I love you and because I’ll continue to support you, I’ll keep waiting until I can see the smiles on all 5 of your faces. (25 years old, female)

•I’ll keep waiting! Until the day that sincere smiles return to your faces! 35 years old, female)

•You’re cool and able to sing and dance well! I feel like you guys are my brothers and that’s a first for me. No matter what happens, I love Tohoshinki. (25 years old, female)

•I love you. I believe in you. Don’t worry because I’ll always, always support you! Tohoshinki is my everything. (17 years old, female)

•I’ll wait for your wonderful harmony and everyone’s smiles. (29 years old, female)

•Thank you for all the power you’ve given me. I’ll continue to support you. (27 years old, female)

•Tohoshinki’s voice is a treasure. (48 years old, female)

•I’ll look forward to wonderful “5-member” songs. (18 years old, female)

•Always keep the faith. Besmile and happy. (21 years old, female)

•I’ll keep waiting!!! (19 years old, female)

•Up until now we’ve never been so attracted to anything before but you’ve become a central point of my mother’s and my life! We love all the 5 members. (24 years old, female)

•Please eat and rest well. I’ve always kept on waiting, so it’s alright! (45 years old, female)

•Although all I can do is to watch silently, I’ve always prayed for the happiness of all 5 members! Fighting! (32 years old, female)

•It was great that I could meet Tohoshinki. From now on, please continue to show your charms. I’m waiting for the day when I can see your smiles and listen to your wonderful harmony. (59 years old, female)

•I talk about Tohoshinki everyday in school (^▼^)ノ I’ll always support you, so please continue to do your best!! (19 years old, female)

•My light! My life changed after I met Tohoshinki^^ I really love you!!! (19 years old, female)

Source: [HMV Japan + DNBN]
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Awww… those messages from the fans are really sweet. I hope the boys could read them. These messages actually reflect what each and every DBSK fan around the world would want the boys to know: “We will wait for you no matter what. Always keep the faith!”

Also, it makes me so happy to know that the DBSK fandom is composed of fans in different generations – a fandom with a very wide range. They even have a 59 year-old fan! This only goes to show that DBSK has successfully crossed the gaps between generations with their music. They certainly are not “idols” anymore who can only attract young teens but they are certified ” artists” – legends, even – who have achieved heights of success that is unexpected for singers in their age.

Anyway, I’ve already answered my own interpretation of this survey on my previous post (you can also answer those questions HERE if you want to, just for fun. ;p ) but I’ll answer this official survey from HMV.

Q1: How long have you been a fan of Tohoshinki?

For about 2 years (since 2008).

Q2: In your opinion, what is Tohoshinki’s most charming factor?

A mix of their vocal capabilities, member’s character and teamwork.

Q3: How did you get to know about Tohoshinki?

Through a friend.

Q4: Where do you get news about Tohoshinki?


Q5: How much time do you spend on Tohoshinki in a day?

10 hours and more. =)

Q6: After you became a fan of Tohoshinki, did you go to Korea?

No (but I want to).

Q7: Aside from Tohoshinki, do you listen to other KPOP music?


Q8: Similar to Tohoshinki, something that is essential to your life?


Go and answer it, too! :)


Just sharing for the information of all those readers in Japan who wants to go to Shibuya to see the exhibit. :D

Tohoshinki Big Exhibition at TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA!


Posted:2010/02/08 21:19
Edited: 2010/02/09 21:46

東方神起/BEST SELECTION 2010 will be released soon!


we will hold a big Tohoshinki Exhibition in the lounge corner of the first floor,
celebrating the release of Tohoshinki/BEST SELECTION 2010!

Date: February 16 (Tues)~ final date not fixed yet (details also not fixed yet)

We will update the information in this blog by the release date, February 16 (Tues),
so please again come here to check.
Please do not check in the shop front or phone for the information of the exhibion, we cannot reply to you. We thank you for your kind understanding.
Please look forward to the Exhibition!!!!

T/N: Shibuya is now a holy place for Tohoshinki fans this February! First, the large poster (of BEST SELECTION 2010) on the Shibuya 109 cylinder, and now, an exhibition at Shibuya TOWER RECORDS! WOW~~~~~~

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Is DBSK’s (celebrity) fanbase growing in Japan? :)

And oh, she’s a JaeJoong fan like me! I have to share Jae to her, too. T_T *kidding!* LOL.

Another Model Fan of TVXQ – Keiko Nishida


2010-01-22 15:53:16
“JJ’s cover page was TVXQ!
Very nice looking!
That is it!”

2010-02-06 19:22:59
“Jaejoong, Keiko’s favorite person was featured in the magazine.”

T/N: She became their fan last year.

2009-09-22 22:48:14

“I am hooked on them.
Really love them recently.
Their ballad song got me! LOL
To drive with Yura, we borrowed TVXQ’s album
And we both got hooked on them.”

*Keiko Nishida is a “Hime (Princess) Style” Monthly Magazine model in Japan.
Hime Style Magazine is Kansai (Osaka area) based Princess Style Monthly fashion magazine

Source Credit: Keiko Nishida+Hime Style Monthly Magazine
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Just because we can’t get enough of Xiahzart, here’s some more news on his musical. :)

Musical Shows Mozart’s Human Side

‘The simplicity of the story highlights the lonely life of the boy genius.’

February 10, 2010
JongAng Daily News

If you’re expecting an epic tale filled with brilliant breakthroughs, tragic love and thrilling rivalries, you won’t find it in the Korean production of the musical “Mozart!” What you will see, however, is a more intimate portrait of the composer and the struggles that he goes through with his family and friends.

“Korean viewers like and may expect to see the rivalry between Antonio Salieri and Mozart, as shown in the movie ‘Amadeus’ – and so did I at first,” says Yoo Hee-sung, the director of the musical who is also the arts director for the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

“But as I worked with the story, I began to see that the simplicity of the story highlights the lonely life of the boy genius.”

The musical begins with scenes of Mozart as a young boy as his father pushes him to use his musical gifts to amuse the wealthy. His father’s ambitions continue to constrain him through his young adult years.

The musical uses a couple of innovative devices to help the audience identify with the character.

To portray the inner struggle Mozart was going through during this time, a young child actor appears alongside the adult actor playing Mozart every time the character goes through a difficult time or has a musical breakthrough.

“We see Mozart as a boy and as a young man. By showing the two sides, we see him as human – how much he yearns for his father’s approval and his isolation from the rest of the world,” says the director.

To highlight Mozart’s characteristics as a vibrant and ambitious young man, the adult Mozart is costumed in a tie-dyed shirt and torn jeans, while the rest of the cast is clothed in traditional costumes.

The director also emphasized that it was important to find an actor who could express the powerful energy the character possesses while also showing Mozart’s vulnerability.

“I was looking for witty and unpredictable actors that could also show the sadness Mozart felt within,” Yoo said.

“We have four actors playing the adult Mozart right now and they all bring elements of their own personalities to the character.”

One of the actors signed to play Mozart brought to the production not only his personality but also his star power.

When it was announced that Xiah Jun-su, a member of the popular K-pop boy band, TVXQ, would play the musical’s title character, the show sold out all 45,000 seats of its 15-performance run in just three hours.

“I knew that casting a star like Xiah would have enormous ticket power,” Yoo admitted. “But that’s not the only reason. Idol stars have a way with the public; they know how to melt into the setting that is given to them and they know how to please their fans. Also, casting a young idol as Mozart, an idol from days gone by, creates an interesting clash of old and new.”

The other actors playing the role of Mozart are musical theater actors Im Tae-Kyung, Park Geon-hyeong and Park Eun-tae.

Park Geon-hyeong, who is known for his appearances on television and film, talked about the difficulty of playing the renowned composer.

“I felt the pressure of playing such a famous person, and even though many considered Mozart to be almost godlike because of his talent, I did my best to express his regular side. I tried to express Mozart’s music through my acting.”

The Korean production is one of only five licensed productions of the musical outside of Austria and the first Austrian musical ever shown in Korea, Yoo said. The musical has also been staged in Germany, Sweden, Japan and Hungary.

“The VBW [Vereinigte Buhnen Wien, or United Stages Vienna, which holds the production rights] only allows theaters with the highest quality to produce the work and it is very fussy about the conditions in which the musical can be presented,” he added.

“Mozart!” will run until Feb. 21 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, near Gwanghwamun Station, line No. 5, exit 1 or 8. Tickets range from 20,000 won ($17) to 130,000 won. For more information, visit

Always Keep The Faith!

News Credit: JongAng Daily News
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And since I know I haven’t posted any fancam or picture of Junsu from any of his “Mozart!”  performances (sorry!),  here’s a treat to all Junsu fans out there who’s been longing to see Junsu play his role in his very first musical.

To be honest, I don’t really know if this is a “treat”  or a “nightmare”  for you Junsu fangirls out there. I’m not really sure how you would feel after seeing this. But well, I’m pretty sure you still wanna see it even though it might break your fragile hearts. What is this exactly? Well, nothing much. It’s just the KISSING SCENE of Mozart and Constanze in the musical. Oh, the setting of the scene by the way is ON THE BED. And trust me, when I say KISSING, it’s not simple cheek or forehead kissing. In fact, IT IS MORE THAN JUST A KISSING SCENE. It’s… oh, just see for yourselves. I don’t wanna be a spoiler. :D

I think the uploader of this video doesn’ t want it to be taken out and uploaded to any other streaming sites so I’ll just post the link and just click it so you can watch the fancam.


So, how was it? Innocent Junsu isn’t innocent anymore! LOL. And come to think of it, he has about 20 performances for this whole musical and in each and every performance day, he does this scene… *wink*

This is really a nice article and it was such a fun idea for HMV to do such a survey. I’m happy to know that people come to love and support DBSK not because of their looks but primarily because of their teamwork (or as I would like to termi it, “brotherhood”) and their vocal talent. This only proves to all their antis/detractors that contrary to what they (those who criticize DBSK) say  (that DBSK is only popular because of their looks) people actually love DBSK because of their personality, closeness and their amazing talents.

HMV TVXQ Awareness Survey

February 9th 3:50 pm WoW!Korea

TVXQ Awareness Survey was given to around 3800 HMV users.
TVXQ’s charm was divided between “Teamwork (36.9%)” and “Vocal talent (34.1%)”!
48% of fans spend 2~3 hours on TVXQ-related activities every day!
The most times one fan visited Korea was 40!

TVXQ will be releasing their first best album “BEST SELECTION 2010″ on February 17th. To commemorate the release, HMV Japan Corporation used HMV ONLINE ( and HMV MOBILE ( to ask approximately 3800 HMV users on their awareness of TVXQ with a “TVXQ Awareness Survey (

Super group TVXQ debuted in Japan in 2005 and became top artistes there. 98% of the survey takers were women, so the results were heavily biased towards females. However, the age of the survey takers ranged from those in their teens to those in their fifties, proving that TVXQ had a fandom that crossed over generations. It was voted that TVXQ’s biggest charms that sucked in fans was “Teamwork” (36.9%) and “Vocal talent” (34.1%). “Good looks” only made up 1.3% of all the answers.

The main method in which people found out about TVXQ was “TV” (60.0%); other answers included “Through their CM songs”, “Through their drama opening songs” and “Because Sekine Tsutomu recommended them”. Regarding time spent on TVXQ-related activities, the majority said they spent 2~3 hours every day on such activities (48.4%). However, 5.1% stated that they spent at least 10 hours on TVXQ related activities every day. A large portion of the survey takers replied that they found out about TVXQ “Online” (38.4%); other answers included “TV”, “Magazines” or “From a friend or someone I know” which showed that ‘word of mouth’ was quite effective for TVXQ.

Also, the majority of the fans were deeply interested in Korea with one fan visiting Korea 40 times. 76.3% of survey takers were interested in K-POP other than TVXQ. According to data from HMV Japan, many people who buy TVXQ related goods also buy goods by (in order of quantity) Shinhwa, Big Bang and Arashi. This was backed up in the survey when many said that they also liked Big Bang (15.5%), Super Junior, SS501, SHINee and other K-POP idol groups as well as Japanese artistes such as EXILE and Arashi.

For the question “What is something you cannot live without, almost as much as TVXQ?” in the free response section, many showed interest in music (24.0%) with answers like “iPod”, “K-POP”, “Live” while others showed their interest in Korean culture other than K-POP with replies such as “Korean” and “Korean food”. It may be because of the fact that the information exchange between family and friends has improved, but some fans were seen writing “Family” and “Friends” as well.

source: [HMV+DNBN]
translation credits:
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If I were to participate in this survey, these will be my answers:

1. What is DBSK’s charm for you?

The first time I watched DBSK on a variety show, the first thing that got me all curious about them was JaeJoong’s weird/amusing personality. But when I got to know more about them, I was very amazed with how nice their voices are especially when they’re doing some blending and harmonization and how great their performances are. It’s not everyday that you see a group as talented and dedicated as these guys.

2. How did you find out about DBSK?

I found out about DBSK through a friend. She is a Kpop fan, particularly of DBSK and Super Junior, and she introduced them to me. I saw them first when she asked me to watch Explorations of the Human Body (a show co-hosted by Super Junior) and the DBSK members were guests for episodes 9 and 10. Since then, I watched more of their videos (performances and variety show guesting) and well, the rest is history. Haha.

3. How many hours do you spend in a day doing DBSK-related activities?

If we’re talking about “thinking about DBSK” , I spend about 17 hours a day. I only stop thinking about them when I’m sleep. LOL. But if we’re talking about “real”  activities, I’m part of the 5.1% who spends around 10 hours or more in doing DBSK-related activities. :)

4. How interested are you in Korea/Korean culture?

Ever since I became a DBSK fan, I’ve been very interested in Korean culture. I actually want to learn how to speak, read, understand and write Korean. I’ve also been interested with Korean food so much. I like to try different Korean dishes and delicacies every time I have a chance to do so. I also learned some Korean traditions and other Korean-related stuff while watching the members in different shows. In fact, most of my friends tend to ask me first whenever they have questions that has something to do with Korea. They already do that on instinct. LOL. And ever since I’ve been a DBSK fan, South Korea became one my dream travel destinations. I hope to take a tour in Korea in the near future.

5. Are you interested in Kpop other than DBSK?

Yes! Although I’m not really a fan or follower of any other Kpop artist, I still listen to many Kpop songs that suit my taste. I don’t listen to all their songs and seldom do I place their songs on repeat unlike with DBSK (heck, I can listen to their songs 24/7) but I must admit a lot of Kpop songs are ear candies. What’s good about Kpop is that the artists are really entertaining and the songs are catchy that they just grow on you over time. Also, Kpop celebrities, at least most of them, have unique and bubbly personalities that one will really enjoy watching.

6. What can you NOT live without apart from DBSK (and of course your family and friends)?

I definitely cannot live without MUSIC. I’m a music lover since young. Music is my love (although music doesn’t seem to love me. LOL) and listening to it is my favorite form of relaxation. So yeah, I can’t live without it. :)

There you go. Those are my answers. How about you guys? Go and answer the questions. Let’s share our answers just for fun! :D

Go HERE to see the actual survey questions.

Shinjiroh Inoue, the one who wrote the lyrics for “Stand By U” and “Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou”, is also the person responsible for the words, music and arrangement of DBSK’s newest song entitled “With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~”, which will also be the theme song of the upcoming Japanese movie “Kimiga Odoru Natsu”.

Shinjiroh Inoue recently updated his blog and stated that he hopes the song “With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~” will represent the feelings of fans’ in the issue DBSK is currently involved in. As a DBSK fan, I am very grateful to him for considering the situation and our feelings in writing and composing the song. It was really nice of him to do that. And because of this, I’m really excited to hear the song. I can’t wait ’till it’s official release. I’m sure this will be another hit. :)

Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

2010-02-08 19:24:40

With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~ (T/N: Kimiga Odoru, Natsu)

We can now open the information.

Tohoshinki’s new song “With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~“ which I’ve written the lyrics, composed, and arranged, will be the theme song for the movie “~君が踊る、夏~”to be released in September. This song is recorded in the BEST SELECTION 2010, which will be released on the 17th this month.

When I was requested of the song, I first thought of all the Tohoshinki fans loving my songs, which I came to know through pigg (T/N: you can create a virtual self in pigg and play in the amelbo world, which his blog belongs to), and all of the fans beyond them.

I would like to give hope to all the fans who are worrying about the contract issues.

The fans’ feelings should be the same as the theme of the movie. I have been thinking like this as I made the love song.

The movie side said “Oh, this is the right one!”, gave out their official go-ahead, and the song was decided as the theme song.

I would be delighted if this song will represent the fans’ feelings, and will also be delighted if the members are thinking the same.

And, moreover, I would be delighted if the movie released in September will create the opportunity for their activities to continue.

It is only a short period until the release of “BEST SELECTION 2010”!

I am also looking forward to the release.

T/N: Approximately 20 hours have passed since this article was posted, and there are over 200 comments, all thanking Inoue for his kind words. I myself was in tears reading and translating this article… thank you very much, Inoue-san!

source: Shinjiroh Inoue Official Blog
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