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Here’s the plot of the movie “Kimiga Odoru Natsu” in which DBSK’s new song “With All My Heart” will be the theme song. Based from the story line, this movie will be a very sad one and so we can expect that the new song, as the movie’s theme, will also be a sad ballad (maybe somewhat like Bolero).

The story line of the movie “Kimiga Odoru Natsu”

Translation of the story line of the movie “Kimiga Odoru Natsu”,
(*Meaning,”Summer When You Dance/Dancing You”)
Mainichi News

Shinpei (actor Junpei Mizobata) was an usher who waves a fireman’s flag of a dancing team “Ichimujin” (meaning, “To work with the best effort and ability”) at Yosakoi festival. He made a promise with his girlfriend Kaori (actress Haruka Kinami) that her younger sister Sakura (actress Ayane Omori) can dance together at Yosakoi festival with them. However, despite their will, their dream breaks up. Shinpei and his best friend Tsukasa (actor Shunji Igarashi) kept distance without being reconciled from their misunderstandings. And Shinpei moved to Tokyo to fulfill his dream to be a professional photographer. But, Shinpei lost his confidence working in a difficult condition in Tokyo. So, when his mother was hospitalized, he returned to Kochi. When he met Sakura at the hospital, she was sentenced the remaining days with an intractable disease. Sakura said, “It may be the last summer for me but I want to dance!” Kaori asked Shinpei for re-organization of the dancing group to grant the final wish of her younger sister Sakura…..

That is the story line of the movie.

The costarring are DAIGO, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Masahiro Takashima, Reiko Takashima.
The first-run showing in the whole country is planned in September, 2010.


Toei production: It is the 60th anniversary special movie of Asahi Broadcasting foundation memory work.

Director of the Movie:
Hideyuki Katsuki Profile

Born in 1957. Became an assistant director at TOEI MOVIE STUDIOS at age of 33 and went freelance in 1996. He made his feature film debut as a director with Fuho Taizai. He is expanding his field of work, producing films in various genres from those featuring the underground community to the lives of youths, as well as comedy films including the Decoration Truck Shu series and the Puchi Bijin series. He is also highly praised as a scriptwriter, novelist and lyricist.

In 2007, with the movie, “Yoriko …” which Katuki wote an original story, he won the best original story Award (the original Prize) by Monaco International Film Festival.

Always Keep The Faith!

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Our leader is definitely a role model to the youth of today. I’m sure he’s proud and happy to know that the fans are also helping those in need. Having the knowledge that a lot of people followed his lead in doing charitable work and donations is probably the best gift Yunho received on his birthday. I’m 100% sure that this made his birthday a more meaningful one.

U-know Yunho Leading A New Hallyu Wave – Encouraging Fans To Donate Across The Border

U-know Yunho (real name Jung Yunho) is leading fans into a new Hally wave by encouraging them to donate across the borders.

Recently, one of U-know Yunho’s Japanese fanclubs “Be With Yunho” did their own fundraising and made a trip to personally donate KRW$10,000,000 to South Korea’s Social Welfare Organization. The local fans in Japan have also donated more than KRW$5,000,000 to the Haiti victims in Yunho’s name.

The donations from international fans not only include Japan, but also those from China, Thailand, and all of Asia, which shows that Yunho’s popularity can be felt throughout Asia.

Under Yunho’s name, the fans in China donated supplies for students within Korea who come from poor backgrounds, and there were also various donation and volunteering activities that took place in Thailand. The donations and volunteering activities of the Korean fans are also such.

This year, on Yunho’s birthday on the 6th, fans used his name to make various donations as a form of wishing him a happy birthday, and one of the fundraisers alone raised an amount of over KRW$40,000,000.

Jung Yunho’s exemplary behaviour as an idol star is ongoing and not just a one-off occassion. The fandom culture is evolving into one where the fans follow their idols closely, and they do all they can to continue the warm, charitable acts of their idols and help those in need.

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Yunho and all DBSK fans are the best! :D

LOL. This is certainly the reason why I love JaeJoong so much. He’s so unpredictable. He always does unexpected things and, sometimes, weird things even. I think it’ll really be interesting to meet and be close with someone like him. Life would be anything but normal. Hahaha!

Bigeast Report Vol 15 Part 3 – “Tell Me Jejung!”

Staff: Previously we went to buy stuff with Jejung, and this time it’s a surprise interview about shopping!

Jejung: It is really sudden (laugh). [It was conducted during the break while filming the PV!]

Staff: That’s right! Please be sure to answer us!

Jejung: Yes~ I understand!

Staff: The first question. Did you go shopping recently?

Jejung: Uhm, basically no. Our stylists showed me a lot of clothes and stuff and I bought a few of those…

Staff: I see… So tell us what else you bought besides clothes!

Jejung: Actually I’ve been interested in interior decoration recently and I’ve been looking at furniture!

Staff: Furniture!?

Jejung: I don’t really care about the design and focus more on the colours. I’ve been buying furniture.

Staff: What kind of colours? I always think that Jejung’s room must be very pretty (laugh)

Jejung: My room is all black! And the living room is all white!

Staff: It’s a little surprising that Jejung’s room is all black. You’ve also specially designed the lighting and stuff?

Jejung: The lighting is yellow… made to have a modern feel (gets shy…)

Staff: Not bad!

Jejung: That is why recently I’ve been looking for small white objects…! I feel very happy when I’m searching for new things. My room also has a mini Christmas tree and other such decorations… very happy!

Staff: That… Jejung. Please take a few pictures of your room!

Jejung: Okay! I also want to let Bigeast see my room (laugh).

Staff: Okay, we look forward to the photos! On to the next question. What’s the most expensive thing you bought recently?

Jejung: This, I think everyone will be shocked~ (laugh)

Staff: What is it?

Jejung: I think everyone will probably think it’s unbelievable (laughs to himself)

Staff: Be honest, tell us quickly! (laugh)

Jejung: … The most expensive thing I bought recenty is a couch. My older sister said that it’s better to buy expensive beds and couches, so I bought it!!

Staff: Since we’re on the topic, the price is…?

Jejung: Secret (laughs) hehehe…

Staff: Alright, the price is a secret (laugh). Now, the last question! The place you want to go to the most now?

Jejung: Uhm… (thinks for a while) I want to go and see the sea in winter.

Staff: …Eh?

Jejung: The sea during winter is beautiful, is it not?

Staff: …? That’s the place Jejung wants to go to?

Jejung: Yes

Staff: Jejung… No… I meant the place you want to go for shopping! (bursts out laughing)

Jejung: Ah! Is that it? So embarrassing!

Staff: Let’s do over. Please tell us where you would like to go to the most for shopping.

Jejung: A large furniture shop I guess~ To make the design of my home better, I want to go shopping!

Staff: I get it! Thanks Jejung!

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So far, JaeJoong has the following professions as a fallback once he decides to take a rest from being a singer: a cook, a model, a stylist, an actor, a funny show host (yes, many variety shows would love to get him as a host), a composer and now he can also pass as an interior designer. I wonder what’s next? Hmmm…