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Hmmm… I wonder what was their conversation about? LOL. Such a nosy person! Hahaha!

Comedian & Fan Heo Anna Has Phone Conversation With TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu

Comedian Heo Anna revealed that she was once in a situation where she somehow managed to have a phone conversation with TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu.

In an interview with, Heo Anna, who is garnering attention for her realistic drunk act in the ‘The World Makes Me Sad (Drunk)’ of KBS’ ‘Gag Concert’, said, “My concept is a drunkard who follows male celebrities around. I target TVXQ and 2PM usually and in real life, I’m actually a fan,” and “I was also able to grab the joyful opportunity of having a phone conversation with TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu.”

Fellow comedian Park Sung Gwang, who appears in the segment with her, was the one who connected her to Xiah Junsu.

But Heo Anna picked her ideal guy as a working man who is deeply understanding of others and gets off work on time rather than a celebrity.

On the other hand, Park Sung Gwang calls himself a ‘Girls’ Generation’ fan, and said that he downloaded the music video of ‘Oh!’ as soon as it was released and watched it three times before he fell asleep.

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Aww… Avex Group love! <3

Tohoshinki Sent Flowers to Koda Kumi for “IITOMO!”


My Heart Skipped a Beat♪ watching “IITOMO!”

Kumi Koda appeared in today’s “Waratte Iitomo!”
There was a flower stand from Tohoshinki~
Tamori-san (T/N: A very famous comedian. He has been the MC for this famous variety program for more than 25 years) took his time to say, “OH! TOHOSHINKI!”

My heart skipped a beat by just that, lol.

Tohoshinki appeared in this program 2 years ago…

(few sentences omitted)

I would like to see their cute moments once again.

Today’s “Iitomo” guest was Kumi Kouda

The guest for “Waratte Iitomo! Telephone Shocking” (broadcasted on Feb 5) was Kumi Kouda.
The flowers (T/N: celebrating her appearance) were sent from…

EXILE, hitomi, misono…BoA, Tohoshinki, Ayumi Hamasaki…

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Just sharing some scans of the 15th Volume of Bigeast Magazine. :)

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Yesterday, I posted the scans of the pages of JaeJoong’s interview with S Cawaii magazine. This time around, here’s the translation of the Q&A portion.

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LOL. I enjoyed reading JaeJoong’s answers! He’s really a weird and funny guy! Hahaha. I’d like to comment on some of his answers:

1. Singing and playing the piano for the girl on a date – How I wish I’m that girl. I think that’s really sweet and romantic! <333

2. He has 4 refrigerators in his room – I really would like to think he misunderstood  the question. Maybe he meant to say that he has four refrigerators at HOME. I mean come to think of it, I don’t think his room is spacious enough to accommodate four refrigerators (yes, even just the small one). With all the furniture he has in his room (and a A LOT OF CLOTHES), four won’t fit. What do you think? Nevertheless, Jae’s really an organize person. He needs four refrigerators for all his stuff! Hahaha.

3. About his love for cooking – Jae and I have something in common: we both love spicy food! :) My mom and aunt actually hates cooking curry or anything spicy because I always ask them to make it very spicy, which they can’t handle. LOL. I’m sure I’ll love Jae’s cooking so I hope he can cook for me someday. <3 As for me, I think I have to start practicing how to cook Jabchae (I don’t now what this is so I have to make a research now and buy the ingredients) so that I can impress Jae. Hahaha!

4. He likes girls who wears dresses – I actually seldom wear skirts or dresses because I feel like my movements are limited as compared when I’m wearing shorts or pants. But for the sake of impressing Jae, I shall start to get myself used to wearing a dress. :)

5. He couldn’t throw his musical instruments – Awww… I’m sure those instruments are really precious to him. <3

6. His ideal future room – A room/house with no partition… that would be nice but Jae dear, I think you have to have a wall for the bathroom. It’s not nice having an open bathroom you pervert! LOL. :D

7. His alarm clock – Uh, I think I need that alarm clock, too. Hahaha.

8. Jae’s least favorite days are Valentine’s Day and Christmas – Awww… poor Jae. They have work on these special days. :( He also mentioned about not receiving chocolates on V-day since his debut and not having a girlfriend… well, I am more than happy to VOLUNTEER MYSELF to be your girlfriend and I’ll give you any kind of chocolate you want. Hahaha. Since I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m very happy and pleased to give my love to you, Jae. Happy Valentine’s Day! Saranghae! <333

9. His style in his room during winter and summer – OMG! I think I want to pay him a visit and stay at his house during summer… Oh gawd, I can almost imagine… SEXY + HOT = JAEJOONG! *slaps self for pervy thoughts* LOL.

I was a little groggy when I woke up this morning and I had to do a lot of chores that’s why I almost forgot it’s Yunho’s birthday today. Good thing I remembered it once my mom mentioned that we’re going to attend a birthday party of a family friend later. Hahaha. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, I would just like to wish Yunho all the best things life has to offer. He has been a very good and helpful man the past years. Despite his success, he never failed to share his blessings to others and stay grounded and humble. I really admire Yunho for being selfless and being a good role model to us fans.

I know that he’s hurting from everything that is happening to the group at present. Being the leader, I know that he’s feeling a lot of burden being put on his shoulders to keep the group together and bring back the “old” DBSK. I hope he knows that he shouldn’t keep all the pain to himself. All of the fans are here to share all the members’ burdens brought by this whole ordeal. We will always be waiting for them and we’ll always be here to support them. Out of everything that’s been said and done since the start of this whole issue, Yunho’s words during the Mirotic in Shanghai concert will always be the words that I will believe no matter what happens. He is a man of his words and I’m sure he’ll strive hard to keep his promise to all of us. His words of “The five of us will never part” along with “Always keep the faith” will always be our source of hope and strength to overcome this obstacle.

I wish our dear DBSK leader more success and happiness this year and in the coming years.