Fan account: JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu’s vacation in Sydney

Posted: January 6, 2010 in Kim Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, TVXQ random posts, Xiah Junsu
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This is another fan account but this time it is of JaeChunSu’s arrival in Sydney.

JaeSuChun’s Sydney Vacation

Airport Encounter~

I wasn’t able to sleep the whole night out of excitement, departed at 630am, and waited from 7am to 10am. Luckily that there weren’t a lot of fans there, around 50 of them were there (from Korea, China, Thailand, etc.).

Everyone got their cameras ready, and suddenly all the Korean Cassies started screaming for a second and everyone rushed over to where the screams were coming from. JaeJoong must have thought that there wouldn’t be anyone waiting and walked out from the arrival hall, but ran back in after he heard the screams. Everyone was excited! The manager first walked out and had a conversation with the tourists and checked the transport arrangements and stuff before going back to where JaeSuChun were. Korean Cassies ran over to their manager and he said no picture taking~ All the fans then kept their cameras~

When JaeJoong, JunSu and YooChun walked out from the arrival hall, they were all happy and high, YooChun even took out his DV and recorded down the surroundings and everyone. A Korean Cassies managed to pass a flower and letter to JunSu! JaeJoong walked through the pathway to where their car was! YooChun even waved to us and said GOODBYE~

Hotel Encounter~

We were a big group (Chinese Cassies), and we had no idea where the Korean Cassies had gone to, maybe they had returned home or…

We made numerous phonecalls, changed countless taxis, and went to one after another hotel to check. Finally they are at — Hotel!! Therefore we rushed over there straight. Together with 3 other friends, we reached there first, and were thinking to find a café and rest~ I was really tired and was even thinking of sitting down at the hotel atrium sofa! Who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At that moment! JaeJoong and friends were right in front of me, our distance was as close as what you normally have when having a conversation with your close friend!! My mind was blank!! (I’m not experienced in this!)

I took a deep breath, JaeJoong looked at me for about 5 seconds and quickly walked away with his friends to the lift lobby~ I was still staring at him while they were waiting for the lift.

After that, we were just resting at the café and just when we were prepared to leave, YooChun and Ricky together with the staff walked over.

Fish said, “Why don’t we try to talk to their manager, that we won’t make any noise, neither will we take any pictures, and just let us stay at the side and watch our idol?” And they allowed!! Therefore we were able to stay at the side, YooChun was busy taking pictures, and had a chat with the hotel porter!!! They were all waiting for JaeJoong and JunSu to come down from their room~

All these~~ just so real… I’m beyond speechless!!

The moment JaeJoong appeared; he rushed straight to the car and we were not able to catch him! While YooChun was still playing around outside their car, not long after, JunSu appeared! Everyone were dressed in smart casual and then, they set off. We were all tired and decided to go home after this, therefore I bid goodbye to my friends and walk passed the front of their car. Maybe they thought that I was up to something, and everyone in the car turned their head and looked at me!! JaeJoong is the only one that I can see clearly of!! So I waved to them happily and said, “Annyoung~~ Byebye~~~” and took a taxi home.

Source: TVXQCN + MrPark
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Waaaahhhh!!! I’m so jealous! If JaeJoong was THAT close to me and looked at even for just FIVE SECONDS, I would have fainted spot on. LOL. :D

JaeJoong’s reaction when he first saw the fans at the airport was funny. Maybe he was surprised to see fans waiting for them that’s why he ran back inside. But seriously Jae, would you really think no one will be waiting for you guys at the airport? Come on, DBSK is not just popular in Asia but around the world, too!  Maybe fans from other countries are not as large in number as the Asian fans but the guys should expect fans to welcome them wherever they go.

Yoochun is so friendly! Seems like he’s in a good mood. LOL. This is definitely a vacation for them and I’m happy that they finally decided to have one. :D

And lastly, I find it amusing that Korean Cassies even follow them in places like Australia. It’s amusing enough that they follow the boys when they travel to Asian countries but I was even more surprised to know that they’re in Australia, too. Korean Cassies are just unbelievable. :)

  1. maya says:

    seems like everyone (the boys) is in good mood.changmin even.for some reason,the silly side of me is thinking that they might be up to something.perhaps they’re planning to have secret meeting/vacation or something.since yunho is highly likely to be in australia too.maybe they’ll sneak out and have a secret meet-up.who knows?oh my.somehow i want to believe in that.*bangs head* it’s such a relief knowing the boys could smile now.^^

    and those fans sure are lucky.had a close-up with the boys when they’re in such a good mood sure is luck^^

  2. Sheba says:

    Could you pleeeease tell me which hotel they are staying at?!!??!
    I swear to god I will give you anything please!!!!!!
    message me back at

  3. Anonymous says:

    ahh so envy!!!!!!!!
    now Yoochun (only) in Thailand (Phuket)
    but i dnt even have any chance to see him

  4. Stephanie ^_^ says:

    *Sigh*…I wonder how the cassies here in Australia found out about the boys visiting? 0-0..I certainly had no idea!
    And when the girl who gave the account talked about the Korean cassies – the girls would have been Korean – but would live in Australia – even if you are a Korean cassy living in Korea – coming all the way to Australia for a glimpse is something only millionares could do!! It’s expensive for us Australians to fly overseas – we are so far away! ^_^ I suppose it makes it extra special that the boys came here!! Yatta ~~ ^_^

  5. WOAH!! so lucky! I live in Sydney and i had NO IDEA… ):
    Jaejoong is my bias >< so lucky to be so close to him!!
    They had better come again~ They normally stay at Sheraton Hotel …right? O_O
    LOL well I flew to GwangJu to watch JYJ's concert just recently and we had NO idea that we were staying in the same hotel as they were until we saw their backup dancers before the concert and they told us.. :3 One of them looked like GD :DDDD lol well, we never got to see them at the hotel.. (sadly) cuz they checked out at 2am and i went to sleep at 1am.. ):

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