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Some more screen caps from Dating on Earth. JaeJoong is so freakin’ hot but at the same time he looks so mysterious and angelic especially on the pic where he’s holding a puppy. And OMG, do I see a “bed scene” here? Hahaha. But looks like the girl is wearing some clothes on so it isn’t that heartbreaking for Yoochun fans – I hope. :D

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The boys attended the 51st Japan Record Awards last night and there they performed “Stand by U” and also won the Excellent Work Award. Congrats to DBSK for winning such an award! I’m so proud of you guys! ;)

“Stand by U” performance + Talk

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Is Changmin doing some kind of “silent protest”? I mean, if the rumor about them being forbidden to talk to each other is true, I would definitely consider Changmin’s recent behavior on shows as a sign of protest. I’ve noticed that  from the past shows they have attended in Japan, Changmin is being AWFULLY quiet. I know that he really doesn’t talk much in interviews since that’s JaeJoong and Yunho’s job but even during the greetings, he just bows and doesn’t even use his mic to do the greetings. It’s like he’s saying that “If we’re not allowed to talk to each other, might as well not talk at all”. Hahaha. His mic is just a decoration. LOL. But well, that’s only my own imagination. Don’t take it too seriously. :D

Here’s the Tohomobile staff blog with pictures taken yesterday.

Tohomobile Staff Blog

Thank you very much!

We received the Excellent Work Award!

Today Changmin’s style makes him look more mature than usual! Changmin got a little embarrassed when the staffs praised him!!



He’s resting right now….

Poor him, we didn’t wake him up so today, instead of Charisma Junsu, please look forward to Resting Junsu (>_<)


Just right before their performance…

We caught Yunho!!

“Thanks to everyone’s support, we are able to receive the Excellent Work Award again this year! Thank you very much~☆ by Yunho”



After their stage ended, Jaejoong gave out a sigh of relief!

“Thanks everyone~~♪ by Jaejoong”


How is it?

Yoochun has a question for everyone.

“How does this Yoochun look??! by Yoochun”


Charisma ver.

For the sake of our nation-wide fans of Charisma Junsu, we also got a hold of the usual Junsu who always explodes with charisma!

In the end Junsu has to be like this right♪


T/N: Just to clarify, since many people seem to be confused. Tohoshinki did not get nominated for today’s awards, but instead they won the Excellent Work Award along with other 10 artists at 51st Japan Record Awards. What they did not win today was the Grand Prix Award, which in the end went to EXILE.

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Junsu’s sleeping pic is so cute but he looks tired. Maybe he’s tired from his Mozart rehearsals.

And finally, here are some pics from the 51st Japan Record Awards.

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Here are some screen caps from the drama “Dating on Earth”. Junsu looks so cute wearing school uniform while JaeJoong is looking so sexy and bad boy-ish even if he has blood on his lips. LOL.

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This is a news similar to the one I posted yesterday but is from a different source. I just hope that this news isn’t true but I also do not disregard any possibility of it being true since considering how cruel SM is and how complicated the current situation is, this could really be happening in reality between the boys. Besides, there won’t be any smoke if there’s no fire, right? I just really hope and pray that the relationship of the boys will not be ruined because of this. No matter what the result may be, I hope they remain friends because their friendship is one of the best I’ve seen. It would be such a waste if they’ll let it be broken because of these things.

Tohoshinki at the Kouhaku Rehearsal

Kouhaku: Tohoshinki appeared as 5, they held rehearsals shutting out the media

The Korean dance and vocal group Tohoshinki appeared as 5 in December 30, for the rehearsal for the year end NHK “Kouhaku”. It was a very tight security, all the media was shut out. We media were able to see the rehearsal from the monitor screen. The 5 members hardly looked at each other while singing “Stand by U”.

Tohoshinki’s activities in Korea has stopped since Jaejoong (23), Yoochun (23), and Junsu (22) had filed against their Korean management company SM Entertainment regarding their exclusive contract in late July. The five performed together after 3 months’ susupension in “Best Hits Music Festival 2009” at “Kobe World Hall” in November. On this occasion, the 3 members who have filed the suit and Yunho (23) & Changmin (21) traveled on different planes.

Other than the Kouhaku, the five will perform in “Japan Record Award” (TBS) on Dec 30, and also scheduled to have a live performance in the “CDTV SPECIAL! New Year’s Eve Live 2009 → 2010”. Though they have cancelled the fan club meeting scheduled to be held in Janauary, they will release a new single “BREAK OUT!” on January 27. They will also release their first best album on February 17. Their activities afterwards in Japan are not fixed yet.

T/N: There were similar information posted in other sites (from different sources), but since this is from the credible source Mainichi Shimbun (one of the largest daily newspapers in Japan) website, I’ve translated the article again.

T/N2: Everyone, please calm down. I should have added the following statement when I posted the news. Well, it seems that at last the news of the 5 members in some trouble is leaking out from the Japanese media. Though I personally think that most of them are fake (as with the woman’s tabloids the other day), they keep placing such articles, since when you put the name of “Tohoshinki” in the articles, everyone is eager to read them, however fake or true. I am sad to say, but Tohoshinki are money makers in Japan, and since their news are of hot topics, naturally, many media (including credible sources) jump on them.

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The author of the book “The Secrets of Tohoshinki” is doing DBSK’s fans a little favor. He’s willing to include the fans’ messages written in English or Korean to Yunho and his dad when he gives his own. From the way I understand his instructions, the messages are not specifically only for Yunho. You can also address it as “To Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Ki/TVXQ” instead of just “To Yunho” when you make messages. I’m just not sure if you can address it to the  other members.

Anyway, just follow his instructions below and please remember that only messages of love and support will be sent to DBSK. To the antis out there who has nothing better to do than to hate the boys, just forget about sending your hate messages because it won’t reach them anyway.

Send your messages to Yunho and Yunho’s Father

Merry Christmas!

I am looking forward to Mr. Children’s live concert today.

There are only a few days left for this year.
This year was a new start for me, and I am happy that I was able to make many new friends through my blog.

And, I would like to pray for your and my health, so that we could greet the coming new year as a good one.

Well, this is just a personal acitivity, but I am the author of the book “The Secrets of Tohoshinki”.
And I am a Tohoshinki fan, especially of Yunho. (Yunho, from the man’s point of view, is a very cool guy.)

Currently, considering the lawsuit, we cannot see much of their smiles, and I think that it is a trying time for Tohoshinki fans. This is just my personal point of view, but I would like the 3 members to firmly claim their opinions to SM, and want them to solve the problem without leaving unpleasant feelings afterwards.
And, I would like to see the active and cheerful Tohoshinki as soon as possible.

However, concerning this problem, there seems to be a baseless bashing to the two remaining (Yunho and Changmin).

Especially, I think that the leader Yunho should be full of hardships, but he is doing his best and enduring such conditions.

So, with my new year’s message to Yunho’s father, I would like to send all of your messages, too.

I myself received assistance from Yunho’s father when I was writing “The Secrets of Tohoshinki Part 2”, and I am truly grateful. If it is possible, I would like to meet him in an early stage next year, and would like to directly convey my gratitude to him.

Since this is just a personal activity, I cannot do a big thing. But I would like to convey Yunho’s (and of course, all of the other members’) fans’ messages. I would like to convey the messages of the people who loves Tohoshinki. I am sorry that I could only inform the people who are checking my blog, so please introduce this to any persons who are willing to send out their messages.

Everyone who strongly wants to write a message, please leave your comments.
(Please remember to follow to rules.)

1. Please write your comments in Korean or English.
(Since this is my personal activity, I have no time to translate your Japanese comments.)
(few sentences omitted)
2. Please send them by January 3, 12:00 noontime. (T/N: Japan time)
3. Please do not abuse or slander them, the target is to send out warm messages.
4. Please keep your messages under 100 characters.
5. Please write your name (your nickname should be OK)
6. Since everyone could check on your comments, please do not write telephone numbers and mail addresses in your comments.
7. (omitted)

To all of you who have read my book, this sould be the only thing I can do for you.
Please give us your messages to Yunho and Yunho’s father, who should be worried so much.
(Many sentences omitted.)

T/N: This is an article from the blog of Yu Kigoshi, the author of “The Secrets of Tohoshinki” 1 & 2.

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Please click

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

You can see a small white box. Click “コメント記入欄を表示”

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Last week’s episode of Entertainment Weekly caused a lot of commotion from fans because of the error in its subtitle. when they reported about the three members of DBSK filing a lawsuit against SM. Instead of JaeJoong, they placed Changmin’s name on the subtitle which caused an outrage on the part of the fans. This week, the staff released an official apology through it’s website for the said error.

‘Entertainment Weekly’ Officially Apologizes For The TVXQ Subtitle Error

KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’, which was under fire for an error in the show’s subtitles, released an official apology through the show’s homepage.

The production crew of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ put said apology under the title ‘This is the production crew of Entertainment Weekly’ in the Viewers’ Thread on the show’s official homepage on the evening of the 28th.

In this apology, they showed their remorse for their mistake by saying, “There was an error regarding the names of the members of the group TVXQ in the ‘2009 Star Survey’ corner which was aired on the 26th. We will make sure an incident like this will never happen again.”

In this segment of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that was aired on the 26th, the production crew was under fire for putting out subtitles that read “Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin and Meecky Yoochun filed a lawsuit against their agency”. They made the mistake of putting Choikang Changmin’s name instead of YoungWoong Jaejoong when reporting this news.

After the airing of the show, many people, mostly TVXQ fans, demanded an apology from the program.

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This isn’t the first time that the Korean media made such mistakes. I think from now on, all the news program should be careful in the news that they release because it can cause a misunderstanding on the part of the audience. If we hadn’t known that it wasn’t Changmin who’s involved in the lawsuit, we might have believed a wrong information. These media are the the people’s sources of information so they should be extra careful with what they release.