Changmin becoming “skinny” worries fans

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Max Changmin
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This is a news about Changmin getting so skinny nowadays. Poor Min, I guess he’s been in a lot of stress lately because of the whole lawsuit issue and his drama Paradise Meadow that’s why he’s getting thinner by the day. I hope that even though how much stressed they are of the situation at present, they wouldn’t forget to take care of their health. Seeing them like this breaks the heart of a lot of fans and worries us so much.

To Changmin and the rest of the boys, do not neglect your health no matter what happens. We hate already hate seeing you suffer emotionally, seeing you suffer physically doubles our worry for you guys. Stay healthy and be strong. You’ll get through this for sure.

TVXQ Changmin Becomes Skinnier Recently, Fans “It’s a pity”

TVXQ members Changmin brought sadness among fans for his weak and thin appearance.

Changmin’s recent appearance that was captured, showing the lean figure of him, has been matter of concern among his fans.

This picture which is assumed to be taken by fans has been spread through fansites showed the spirit-less Changmin, steadily skinnier, with no smile, and his expression was also dark.

After the picture was spread rapidly through internet portal sites, fans showed their concern towards this situation by leaving comments such as “You should eat food more.” “He’s too thin” “His small face looks even much smaller”

credit: tvdaily

  1. i likey says:

    aww man, how’s this possible? changmin never forgets to eat! jk

    he looks so distracted and not as happy nowadays.. :'(

    come on changmin! u dont want ur appearance to look fragile when u debut in acting. and rmr to put a smile on ur face ^^

    dbsk hwaiting!

  2. DbskAlwaysFIVE! says:

    TT aw,oppa..
    Eat a lot,araso!

    *shoved a kimbap in his mouth*

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