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It’s really hard to make assumptions and predict the future with the way things are going at present. It’s too complicated and the information that comes out of from the media are so “vague” that expectators like us won’t be able to fully comprehend unless the boys themselves explain it to us. I think all we can do now is wait, continue believing in the five of them, show them our UNCONDITIONAL love ans support and hope for the best.

Tohoshinki Strictly Guarded – Entered The Hall After “Interview Period”

「The 60th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen Rehearsal」 (29th、NHK Hall)

Korea’s popular group Tohoshinki, who is attending Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the second consecutive time in two years, also attended the rehearsals held on the 29th. In the midst of disbanding rumours, their rehearsal was not revealed to the press. The 5 members were unable to respond to interviews, and the mood was one of high alert.

On the Internet, fans have been expressing their worries – “This might be the last Kouhaku Uta Gassen where you can see all 5 of them together.” In the midst of that, the 5 members of Tohoshinki participated in the rehearsal held at NHK Hall, at 7pm, which was after the “interview period”.

Press coverage at the venue ended at 6pm. During the rehearsal, at the time when the press was shut out of the venue, an official from AVEX warded the queries of the media and only explained that “it was due to their schedules”. In the end, their stage was not revealed, the members could not meet the press, and there was a tense mood all around.

Tohoshinki will be attending the TBS 「Japan Record Awards」 on the 30th and TBS 「Countdown TV」 on the 31st. There has been no announcement for any schedule that will take place from 1 January onwards. The members arrived in Japan a few days ago, but AVEX declined to disclose whether they came together, as well as other similar queries.

Rumours of disbanding emerged in July when the 3 members, Jejung, Junsu and Yuchun, came into conflict with their management company over their exclusive contracts. They attracted a lot of overseas attention when the 5 of them did not perform together in Korea even once, after the outbreak of the conflict, but continued to appear on Japanese television. However, in the middle of this month, an event that was planned to be held in Japan in January (10 performaces) was suddenly cancelled, and the fan’s worries about their disbandment grew even more.

It has not been decided yet, as to whether or not they will be having promotions for the remaining contract they still have with 「Oronamin C Drink」, their new single 「BREAK OUT!」 which will be released on 27 January, and their ‘Best Album’ which will be released on 17 February.

The fans’ wish for the New Year is “peaceful settlement”. They’ll be keeping a close watch on whether or not the year-end performances will be their last.

T/N: The report may be true, but please keep in mind that this news source has a tendency to be rather sensationalistic.

Source: [daily sports online]
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This is a news about Changmin getting so skinny nowadays. Poor Min, I guess he’s been in a lot of stress lately because of the whole lawsuit issue and his drama Paradise Meadow that’s why he’s getting thinner by the day. I hope that even though how much stressed they are of the situation at present, they wouldn’t forget to take care of their health. Seeing them like this breaks the heart of a lot of fans and worries us so much.

To Changmin and the rest of the boys, do not neglect your health no matter what happens. We hate already hate seeing you suffer emotionally, seeing you suffer physically doubles our worry for you guys. Stay healthy and be strong. You’ll get through this for sure.

TVXQ Changmin Becomes Skinnier Recently, Fans “It’s a pity”

TVXQ members Changmin brought sadness among fans for his weak and thin appearance.

Changmin’s recent appearance that was captured, showing the lean figure of him, has been matter of concern among his fans.

This picture which is assumed to be taken by fans has been spread through fansites showed the spirit-less Changmin, steadily skinnier, with no smile, and his expression was also dark.

After the picture was spread rapidly through internet portal sites, fans showed their concern towards this situation by leaving comments such as “You should eat food more.” “He’s too thin” “His small face looks even much smaller”

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Oops! Korean Cassies did it again! :)

“Always Keep The Faith” Appeared On SBS Gayo 2009, Amazing Cassies XD

Cassies never fail in making us surprise XD

Let’s see what they can do !

On the Special Year End show of SBS : SBS Gayo Daejun 2009, even DBSK didn’t attend (Hix I miss last year performance of them in SBS Gayo ~ the strip off , piano, dance battle ;__;) but “Always Keep The Faith” still there !

The banner with the meaningful Sologan of All Cassies around the world appeared on the screen of SBS Gayo Daejun attracted a lot of people

Hope that our boys can see this ~ No matter what Cassiopeia will ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH !

You can see the clip here

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Way to go Cassies! You guys never fail to impress me! :)

Taegoon had his first concert in Japan and during the concert, a compilation of video messages from different artists was shown. The clip below is the cut of JaeJoong and Junsu’s messages. Is it only me or does JaeJoong’s Japanese sound weird? LOL. And I love Junsu’s “Raise your voice louder, louder” shirt. :)

[Credit: dirah9307]

By the way, JaeJoong’s “Please support me!” at the end was pretty random. Did he forget that he’s leaving a message for Taegoon and not promoting some single? Hahaha! He’s such a dork! :D

Time for Junsu’s answers!

★ 9 Questions to Tohoshinki ★


Q. What is one thing that you want to say about 2009?
Junsu: Hardships and adversities.

Q. What was your best memory of 2009?
Junsu: Of course, it has to be the stage of Tokyo Dome.

Q. When did you feel the happiest in 2009?
Junsu: When we were singing “Stand by U” at Dome.

Q. You did say that you wanted to spend 2009 happily, were you able to do that?
Junsu: I think I wasn’t able to do that. I’ll try to achieve that again next year

Q. What was one thing you wanted to achieve in 2009 but couldn’t?
Junsu: To climb to the top of Mount Fuji.

Q. What did you do in your off time, please tell us!
Junsu: Exercising.

Q. What words did you use the most in 2009?
Junsu: Who’s that!!

Q. What was one thing that surprised you the most in 2009?
Junsu: Sprain.

Q. Please tell us one thing that you want to challenge yourself in 2010!
Junsu: I want to sing a lot of good songs.

T/N: About Mount Fuji, Junsu was the first one who said that he wanted to climb Mount Fuji with other members. He even said that twice in Zoom In.
091107 Tohoshinki Zoom In Subete @ 3:24
090712 Tohoshinki Zoom In Super @ 7:13

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Some of Junsu’s answers made me sad only because I know what he’s talking about and why he said those things. I also wish for all of them to be able to have a happier 2010.

Looks like Keita of W-inds is slowly becoming closer to the DBSK boys. Maybe he’s tired of just going out with JaeJoong that’s why he asked him to bring Junsu and Yoochun with them. LOL. *Kidding!* But it’s good to know that the other members become good friends with Jae’s friends, too. Jae is really the most “social” among them, eh? Hahaha.

W-ind’s Tachibana Keita’s Blog

Long time no see.

Yesterday, the 4 of us were singing the whole time.

Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun and I.

We were laughing the whole time.

Their Japanese is too good.

They’ve been working very hard.

Tomorrow, we will all appear on 51st Japan Record Award.

Please look forward to it.

Source: Tachibana Keita’s Blog
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Another lawsuit against SM Entertainment is underway. I cannot even count anymore how many lawsuits were filed against SM. I guess bad karma really exists and that’s what is happening to SM now. I really wish that they will LOSE all these lawsuits so that they will suffer even more. They definitely deserve all the punishments there is because of their evil doings.

TVXQ’s Chinese Fanclub Takes Legal Action Against SM Ent.

It has been confirmed that Chinese fans are planning to take legal action against SM Entertainment and the Chinese sponsoring company for the cancellation of the Shenzhen ‘TVXQ Thrid Asia Tour-MIROTIC’ concert that was to be held on November 21st.

A representative of Chinese TVXQ fansite Baidu BAR said in an e-mail interview that, “We were severely hurt by this event,” and “We could have understood if the concert had been canceled for reasons beyond anyone’s control, but we cannot sit idly by and let these deceptive tricks go,” and stated that they are receiving legal counsel for this case.

The representative highlighted the forged note of confirmation from the members to state that they would participate in the concert and said, “This case includes fraud. This is the thing that we find hardest to accept,” and “We are beginning to take legal action against SM Entertainment and the Chinese sponsor company by asking for Perpetuation of Evidence and other actions.”

They stated, “The Shenzhen concert was set by SM and the Chinese sponsor company without consultation after the three members handed in their provisional disposition request so it was an unfair to the members of TVXQ.”

Regarding the forged signatures, the Chinese fans showed their disappointment by saying, “In the end, SM did not give us a proper answer.” They also directly criticized SM by saying, “They do no respect their singers, hurt their fans and use media play in their favor. Therefore, we will no longer cry to understand or trust such a company.”

They said, “We are fans who support TVXQ and we hope that this cancellation of the concert does not affect the members in a bad way,” and “We will not let the company put all the blame on the members of TVXQ.” They also showed their unwavering support by saying, “We are Chinese fans who grew with TVXQ for six years and we believe in them.” They also stressed that, “We hope that this concert does not put any more stress on the members who are already strained from the legal dispute.”

They also said, “We hope that people, like the media, do not get fooled by rumors and partial explanations that switches black and white and make the wrong assumptions. We hope that they judge this event thinking of what is the real problem of this whole situation.” They also said, “We hope that the public loves them and keeps a fair and understanding eye on them.”

The Chinese fans also said, “We are not strong, and we lack experience but we will unite and let the truth be revealed.”

Source: [ohmynews+DNBN]
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