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Below are JaeJoong’s answer to the 9 questions. The only member left is Junsu.

★ 9 Questions to Tohoshinki ★


Q. What is one thing that you want to say about 2009?
Jaejoong: 2009 was the year when our dream was granted.

Q. What was your best memory of 2009?
Jaejoong: To be able to hold a Dome Live.

Q. When did you feel the happiest in 2009?
Jaejoong: When everyone at Dome was singing together with me.

Q. You did say that you wanted to compose a lot of songs in 2009, were you able to do that?
Jaejoong: I was so busy… that I couldn’t compose a lot T_T

Q. What was one thing you wanted to achieve in 2009 but couldn’t?
Jaejoong: To travel together with the members.

Q. What did you do in your off time, please tell us!
Jaejoong: Moving/changing residence.

Q. What words did you use the most in 2009?
Jaejoong: Hanpane~! Sukoburu genki!! Sugge~~ arigatou!! [This is serious/no kidding~! Extremely energetic!! Thank you~~ very much!!]

Q. What was one thing that surprised you the most in 2009?
Jaejoong: Everyone’s scream at a-nation~

Q. Please tell us one thing that you want to challenge yourself in 2010!
Jaejoong: I want other artists to sing the songs that I composed.

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JaeJoong never fails to make me emotional every time I read his answers to interviews/questions like this one. He’s such a sweet guy and he loves the members so much.

DBSK’s special book in Japan entitled “Tohoshinki Memoirs” will be released January of next year. See the cover photo as well as some info regarding the book below.

Tohoshinki’s Special Book – ‘Tohoshinki Memoirs’ – Jacket Photo Revealed

The jacket photo for the ‘Tohoshinki Memoirs’ special edition book has been revealed. This special edition book on Korea’s popular vocal group Tohoshinki will be released on 7 January 2010, by the publisher Souryuu (蒼竜社 under Tatsumi Group).

Exceeding the Hallyu Wave and becoming the popular, No.1 artist group Tohoshinki; find out everything about them!

Also, Tohsohinki will be releasing their 「東方神起 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC」 DVD on 25 January, their new single 「BREAK OUT!」 on 27 January, and their first ‘Best Album’ on 17 February 2010.

Price (listed): ¥1,050

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Here’s the more specific information about the book and where you can purchase it:

Release Date:7th January 2010

Price: 1050 ¥

Paperback (Softcover): 203 Pages

Availiable at:


Rakuten Books (楽天ブックス)

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Guys, this is a Japanese not released by SM so I think this is not part of the boycott. Only the products released by SM (these consist of mostly the Korean merchandise) are the only ones being boycotted by DBSK fans. We encouraged to support and buy the Japanese products or any product released by Avex.

Changmin is currently shooting at Jeju island for his drama “Paradise Meadow” wherein he’s the lead actor and Lee YeonHee is the female lead. Here’s some info on this drama:

Paradise Meadow – Changmin, Joo Sang Wook & Lee Yeon Hee

Actor Joo Sang Wook, TVXQ’s Changmin (Max) and actress Lee Yeon Hee are preparing for their drama ‘Paradise Meadow’.

According to an official of the drama, the three of them started filming on the 23rd, at Jeju Island.

This drama depicts the love and work of two youths, with the natural beauty of Jeju Island as the background. Interest was raised beyond the industry when it was first announced that TVXQ’s Changmin, who enjoys huge popularity in Asia, and up-and-rising actress Lee Yeon Hee was casted in this drama.

For Lee Yeon Hee, Joo Sang Wook and Changmin will show their strategies on love. Joo Sang Wook’s character is the President of a resort, whose parents migrated to America when he was a child. While he’s on a business trip at Jeju Island to look into building a resort there, he has a fateful encounter with Lee Yeon Hee, where this gentleman falls in love with her.

There will be 16 episodes for ‘Paradise Meadow’. It is targeted to be broadcasted in March next year.

Journalist: Kim Soo Jeon

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