DBSK Attending TBS’ Year-End Program For The Third Year

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Tohoshinki in Japan
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Woah, DBSK is everywhere in Japan now. Every year-end festival/music show/awards show is attended/will be attended by our boys. Since they are invited to attend such shows, this only shows that hey really are big in Japan right now. They were able to break into the Japanese music industry and make themselves known not as mere Hallyu stars but asrespectable Japanese singers. I’m so proud of them! :D

TVXQ Attending TBS’ Year-End Program For The Third Year

TVXQ will attend Japan’s TBS CDTV Premiere Live for the third year.

Through a message on their official Japanese website, TVXQ has confirmed that it will attend the year-end program on the 31st from 11:45PM to 5AM. They spent their last moments of 2007 and 2008 here as well, so it’s essentially a tradition for the group.

Despite the issues that TVXQ has with SM Entertainment, their Japanese company Avex has a full schedule for them. The quintet will be attending the Japan Record Awards on the 30th and will also be attending NHK’s program on the 31st, which is before the TBS program.

credits: allkpop

  1. i likey says:

    congrats to dbsk rising with no limit in japan. im so proud of them <33

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