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Woah, DBSK is everywhere in Japan now. Every year-end festival/music show/awards show is attended/will be attended by our boys. Since they are invited to attend such shows, this only shows that hey really are big in Japan right now. They were able to break into the Japanese music industry and make themselves known not as mere Hallyu stars but asrespectable Japanese singers. I’m so proud of them! :D

TVXQ Attending TBS’ Year-End Program For The Third Year

TVXQ will attend Japan’s TBS CDTV Premiere Live for the third year.

Through a message on their official Japanese website, TVXQ has confirmed that it will attend the year-end program on the 31st from 11:45PM to 5AM. They spent their last moments of 2007 and 2008 here as well, so it’s essentially a tradition for the group.

Despite the issues that TVXQ has with SM Entertainment, their Japanese company Avex has a full schedule for them. The quintet will be attending the Japan Record Awards on the 30th and will also be attending NHK’s program on the 31st, which is before the TBS program.

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Yay! Congrats to DBSK! They’re really popular in Japan now. I’m so happy! :)

TVXQ Ranks 2nd As ‘Most Successfully Active Celebrities of 2009’ In Japan

5 member group TVXQ, who is currently active in Japan, has been picked as one of the most successfully active celebrities of this year.

TSUTAYA, Japan’s biggest CD-DVD chain store, conducted a survey from November 19th to December 1st asking people who they thought were the ‘Most successfully active celebrities of 2009’ and revealed the results.

According to the results, TVXQ ranked 2nd following Arashi and this proved that the group was extremely popular this year in Japan.

One woman in her 20s who participated in the survey said she picked TVXQ because, “They were extremely successful in their Tokyo Dome concerts and they were very active this year.”

Another woman in her 20s said, “They are participating in Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the 2nd consecutive year.”

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This ranking was more meaningful as it took into account singers, actors and comedians of 2009.


Fifth place was taken by EXILE who sold 1 million copies the day their new album was released and 7th place was taken by Michael Jackson who passed away in June.


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The boys are the 3oth artist in line to perform at this year’s Kouhaku.

60th Uta Gassen Order of Appearance Announced!

TVXQ is the 30th Performer.

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It’s Changmin’s turn to answer the 9 questions. :)

★ 9 Questions to Tohoshinki ★

Q. What is one thing that you want to say about 2009?
Changmin: I was able to grow.

Q. What was your best memory of 2009?
Changmin: Live in Tokyo Dome.

Q. When did you feel the happiest in 2009?
Changmin: After we were done with our live in Tokyo Dome, when everyone drank beer together.

Q. You did say that you wanted to learn how to swim, were you able to do that?
Changmin: I wasn’t, it’s no good…

Q. What was one thing you wanted to achieve in 2009 but couldn’t?
Changmin: Go watch a sport match (something like soccer or baseball).

Q. What did you do in your off time, please tell us!
Changmin: I stayed at home to watch the dramas and movies that I wanted to watch so badly.

Q. What words did you use the most in 2009?
Changmin: Arigatou gozaimasu [Thank you].

Q. What was one thing that surprised you the most in 2009?
Changmin: When I saw how well our live in Tokyo Dome went with full audience.

Q. Please tell us one thing that you want to challenge yourself in 2010!
Changmin: To climb Mount Fuji.

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