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Awww… the last episode of Bigeatstion was already aired. *cries* I’ll miss this radio program so much since it’s been a habit for me to listen to it every week. I’ll also miss the boys’ dorky self while hosting the radio program. I hope one day they could bring this back on air again. *hopeful*

Anyway, looking on the bright side, all the five members hosted the last episode of Bigeastation. Although they aren’t as loud as they used to be, it’s so nice to hear them laugh together again. JaeJoong and Yoochun sound the happiest since they were laughing uncontrollably. Hahaha. I know we all miss the boys so much and listening to this episode will surely make you happy even for just a little while. There are no English subtitles yet but I’ll post it once it’s out. For now, you could enjoy listening to the boys’ voices and melodious laughter first. :)

[Credit: dreammssxxJJ]

The boys performed last night at the Music Station Super Live 2009. For the nth time this year, they sang “Stand by U” and of course, it was another superb performance by these five gorgeous men in black. The reaction of the audience, especially the girl in front, caught my attention. They seem to be mesmerized by the five rising gods of the east and were so much into the song. Maybe, a person who watches them perform live will be really caught by their “magic”. I bet I’ll have the same reaction if I see them perform in the flesh. Hahaha. :D



“Stand by U” performance

[Credits: farahyuchun2 + mmaturi897 + YukoJK]

Here’s a blog from one of the Japanese staffs. I think this was after their performance at Music Station Super Live 2009. The pictures of the boys while holding that little Santa are so cute! And LOL @ Junsu for taking his own pic! Hahaha! :)

Staff Blog

Merry Christmas♪

“Everyone, did you spend your Christmas enjoyably?
Happy Merry Christmas☆ by Yoochun.”


It ended~!

We also had a Christmas shoot with Yunho!

He told us that he got a lot of powerwhen he heard your cheering voice!


I was very nervous (*_*)

It’s been a while since they sang in front of that many audiences, and Changmin got nervous.

After their performance ended, he got a bit relieved (^-^)


Your charisma is different

Today Junsu took the picture himself!!

He explained that he knew the best… about his coolest expression on stage (LOL).


Christmas present☆

We also had a Christmas shoot with Jaejoong♪

“Our Chrismas present for you was “Stand by U”, how was it?
Merry Christmas♪♪ by Jaejoong.”

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
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Playback special is a special year-ender by Tohomobile. Each member is asked 9 questions and first in line is Yoochun.

★ 9 Questions to Tohoshinki ★


Q. What is one thing that you want to say about 2009?
Yoochun: I was able to laugh a lot in 2009.

Q. What was your best memory of 2009?
Yoochun: Live in Tokyo Dome.

Q. When did you feel the most happy in 2009?
Yoochun: The moment when I finished playing piano at our live in Tokyo Dome.

Q. You did say that you wanted to travel together with your family, were you able to do that?
Yoochun: Not yet… I’ll try to do that in 2010 ^^

Q. What was one thing you wanted to achieve in 2009 but couldn’t?
Yoochun: Still, to travel with my family.

Q. What did you do in your off time, please tell us!
Yoochun: I did nothing and just relaxed at home.

Q. What words did you use the most in 2009?
Yoochun: Hayane hayaoki [Sleep early & wake up early].

Q. What was one thing that surprised you the most in 2009?
Yoochun: Junsu’s charisma.

Q. Please tell us one thing that you want to challenge yourself in 2010!
Yoochun: I want to become much happier.

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Today is is the 26th day of December and is one of the most special days to in the last month of the year apart from Christmas and my mom’s birthday. Why? Of course it’s because this was the day that Dong Bang Shin Ki was “born”! :)

Although these days are the hardest and most challenging days in the lives of the boys and their fans, we should still make it a point to celebrate and enjoy this very special day. I know and I believe that no matter how hard is the situation  of the boys is right now, they will get through this and hopefully be back as five again. We will be able to celebrate more anniversaries in the future and their careers will blossom more than it is now.

To JaeJoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin and Yunho:

No matter what happens, through good and bad times, we – your fans –  will always be here to love and support you all the way. Never doubt yourselves, your brotherhood and our love for you. The past  few months sure are hard for all of us but we’ll be able to surpass this obstacle as long as we all believe in each other. Thank you for the six years of love, friendship and music. Thank your for the making us feel important and for treating us not just as “fans” but as your family. Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you willingly did just to make us happy. There are no words enough to express how grateful we are for everything you did for us.

The bond of the five of you can never be matched by anyone and I strongly believe that this same bond is unbreakable. People may doubt your brotherhood nowadays because of what is happening and what they see on screen but we, your fans, know that your love for each other is stronger than ever. Other people will keep on doubting you but as your true fans, we will never be swayed by these doubts because we know you better than they do. Do not listen to them no matter what  they say. Do not  take their criticisms to heart. Believe us when we say that we’ll never doubt you. Only believe in the love of your Cassiopeia, Bigeast and International Fans in the same way that we only believe in the words of the five of you.

Just like what Junsu said, we hope that this storm will quickly pass. We cannot wait for the day that we will hear your melodious voices as five again and see your faces plastered with genuine smiles. Be back soon, our dear Dong Bang Shin Ki. Your Red Ocean will be patiently waiting for your return.

Always Keep The Faith! Forever Five!

Dong Bang Shin Ki, we love you! <333

And since it’s their 6th year anniversary, let me post my favorite fanvid of DBSK again as well as some pictures of the boys. :)

[Credit: luv4dbsk]

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