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Here are the Christmas messages from our boys. :D

Tohomobile X’mas mobile message


Merry Christmas
This year you have to do your best to create a wonderful Christmas memories, alright ~
Must spend it happily ~!!!

P.S. please take me to your party ~



Merry X-mas –
This year let’s have a warm x-mass too, okay~
Thank you for everything ❤



Merry Christmas ~ ^ ^
This year’s Christmas, let’s spend together with our important person ~! ❤
Must spend a pleasant time ~ ^^



Everyone is well, right?
have you contacted your love ones~?
I’m sure a lonely person … TT TT
But I am not alone~!!
Because I still have you all~! Thank you so much! ❤
Merry Christmas



Merry X-mas ~ ❤
This year Christmas please try not to be alone, and spend it together with your important person.
It will be great if you receive a gift from Santa Claus~ ^.^


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Merry Christmas to the five boys, too! We love you! :D

I’d love to spend Christmas with them, too!

Artists Whom You Want to Watch Christmas Illumination With by BARKS’ Users

Christmas and New Year is the season when the streets everywhere are changing their colors the most. It is the time where you would want to go and watch beautifully decorated illuminations, and of course, there would be someone whom you want to be by your side at that time.

Therefore, BARKS has opened a survey for the question, “Which artist do you want to watch Christmas illuminations with?” Moreover, this time, from our 1785 voters, we also asked them another question, “What words do you want to whisper to the artist you want to go to watch illuminations with?”

The result came out that Tohoshinki got the most votes among male artists. They got a total 43% of the votes, and those votes didn’t come from the big number of Tohoshinki’s fans on BARKS alone, which is a pretty striking outcome. This time, there is a big number of voters who are in their teens and 20s, which means that Tohoshinki’s name is becoming more and more popular among young audience. Moreover, beside answering the question “What words do you want to whisper to the artist you want to go to watch illuminations with?”, a lot of voters also request to have the question “What song do you want to listen to in acapella?”

■ Words that You Want to Whisper to Tohoshinki”

“Five of you are eternal. No matter what happens, the five of you are connected by a strong bond. That’s why, please don’t cry anymore. Because for the next Christmas, and for the following Christmases, you five will always be together…” (Female, 30s, housewife)

“While the five you are in the midst of having fun watching illuminations, I want Jaejoong to come near my, cross his shoulders with mine, look at me and say, ‘This side is much more beautiful than the illuminations.'” (Female, 30s, housewife)

“When humming Christmas song, you would say “I’ll take care of the rest of the day too♪” ahhhh, now I’m embarrased.” (Female, 40s, other jobs)


■ Result for the survey “What words do you want to whisper to the artist you want to go to watch illuminations with?”

【Male Aritsts】
1. Tohoshinki
2. Arashi
5. Fujii Fumiya

【Female Aritsts】
1. Amuro Namie
2. BoA
3. Perfume
4. Hamasaki Ayumi
5. YUI

Source: BARKS
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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LOL @ the fans’ “words they want to whisper to Tohoshinki”. The first one is obviously more on the “serious” side but the rest are “amusing”. Haha. The second one is definitely my favorite. I’ll have the best Christmas if Jae will say that to me. :D

By the way, I just want to greet everyone…


Hope you’ll be able to enjoy this special day with your loved ones. Have a nice day and God bless!

Even after so many years, people still download DBSK’s version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. I guess with  a popular Christmas song + a popular and talented group, it is bound to be popular to a lot of fans, too. :)

Carol Sung by TVXQ 5 Years Ago is Most Downloaded Song This Winter

It has been found that a carol sung by TVXQ five years ago is the most downloaded song this winter amongst K-pop fans.

Music site Monkey3 accumulated the number of times carols and Christmas-related songs by domestic singers were downloaded from November 19th till December 15th in their ‘Agree’ corner and released the ‘K-pop Carol Song Best 10′ list on the 23rd.

According to their statistics, the song ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’, included in TVXQ’s album ‘Christmas Gift from TVXQ’ that was released in December of 2004, ranked as the most downloaded song. The song attracted fans as the members sang the famous carol a cappella.

In second place was ‘Merry-Chri’ by BoA which was released by BoA in 2005 in Japan before it was released domestically. This song is still being loved in Japan as a Christmas Season song.

Third place went to SG Wannabe’s ‘Christmas Story’ and fourth place went to TVXQ and Super Junior’s ‘Show Me Your Love’ and ‘I’m your man’.

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