Things get worse for SM Entertainment

Posted: December 22, 2009 in k-pop love
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I just thought you guys might be interested with this news (especially Super Junior fans). Looks like SM’s most feared consequence of the whole JaeChunSu lawsuit against them is finally coming to reality. Another SM artist – Hankyung,  the only Chinese member of Super Junior – filed for termination of his contract with SM. More or less, this is similar to what JaeChunSu want to happen.

Exclusive: Hangeng Files For Termination Of Contract With SM

T/N: Translating this because it might turn out to be relevant to the TVXQ case in the long run.

According to Korean news sources, Sina reports that Hangeng from Super Junior, one of Asia’s top idol groups, have applied with the Seoul Central District Court for the termination of his ‘exclusive contract’ with SM Entertainment. This is another bomb that dropped on SM Entertainment since the 3 members of TVXQ, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu filed to terminate their contracts in July this year.

In 2001, Hangeng was chosen out of 3000 participants for the “H.O.T China” auditions held by SM Entertainment based on his looks and talent in dancing. After years of training in singing, dancing, acting, instruments and languages, Hangeng debuted as the only Chinese member of Super Junior in 2005, and became the first Chinese to officially debut in South Korea. In April 2008, he was appointed the leader of sub-group SJ-M and began activities in China. Due to his outstanding work, he played an important role in aiding SM in breaking into the China market.

Amongst the youth and media, Hangeng has very high EQ and speaking abilities, and his ‘sunshine’ and hardworking image left a deep impression. Before this, there were many speculations, and even expectations, that he might go solo. His lawyer has expressed that the full details of the case cannot be revealed yet. However, according to the informant, it might be because there are interference to his solo work progress, and thus resulted in his unhappiness with SM Entertainment.

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Up until now, no definite statement of what reasons of why Hankyung wants his contract to be terminated is released yet. But I guess for someone as shy, reserved and patient as Hankyung to go this far, maybe has valid reasons. Maybe SM was doing something that he “swallow” anymore, just like what happened to JaeChunSu. But that’s only my guess. Let’s wait for Hankyung’s official statement. Meanwhile, SM has released a statement saying that they will try to talk to Hankyung and “solve” this whole issue. All I can say is: WHATEVER.

I know I sound cruel by saying this but why am I actually HAPPY to hear this news? I guess it’s because I’m glad that little by little, the “oppressed” (SM artists)  are beginning to have the courage to stand for themselves. JaeChunSu’s courage to be the first to take a stand against SM sure did give the other artists the “push” they need to fight for their rights. Now, all I’m waiting is for the other SM artists especially Yunho and Changmin to do the same. I hope that will happen very soon.

Anyway, I just hope E.L.Fs and the other Super Junior members would support Hankyung (although seems like Kyuhyun has a different opinion). This will be very tiring and pressuring for Hankyung especially since he’s doing this alone. JaeChunSu are fighting as three and yet they still look so stressed so I can only imagine how hard this will be for him should this continue on to a lawsuit. Even if the other members do not join him in this, I hope at least they give him the moral support he needs. And the E.L.Fs, support and protect Hankyung because we all know that should this end up in court, SM would do anything to ruin him. More than anything, Hankyung needs the support of the fans. Don’t let him down.

  1. i likey says:

    against sme, i think alot of us are happy
    towards suju fans, of course a lot of ppl are upset – esp hangeng fans

    it would of been better if it was homin.. if it does happen, probably after changmin’s done filming

    dbsk hwaiting

  2. azy says:

    Hey Hannie is so courageous!
    Wow Im quite impressed by this :D
    But I think it’s quite awkward for Han Kyung to separate himself from Super Junior….


  3. minhngoc says:

    ok Hankyung, keep going. but how can I support him, just talk? =(

  4. minhngoc says:

    oh I know who he is, I’ve surfing web. here is his sites I’ve found. it seem to be very popular with fans I gave him a encouraging cm. Hope him stay strong.

  5. maya says:

    i hope he would be able to go through this since he’s alone in this.and kyuhyun’s statement is pretty shocking but yeah,everyone has got its own stand and opinion.

    as everyone is hoping for HoMin to take the same action,i’m waiting for that,too.hopefully soon,so that Homin will be able to be together, laugh and play with their other brothers,too.I missed that scene.

  6. guesses says:

    i wish SME would just die. they’re obviously exploiting Super Junior and DBSK! the members of those two groups put all their effort, and SME just doesn’t seem to appreciate it! i’m a cassie and an E.L.F and i find it disturbing that such a well-known company would treat their artists in such a horrible way. DBSK and Super Junior must not break up! we have to stay strong and keep the faith for them to go through such moments like this. THEY DESERVE BETTER!

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