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Finally we can watch JaeJoong’s drama/movie “Heaven’s Postman”! Thank you so much to DBSKnights for subbing this! :)

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I just thought you guys might be interested with this news (especially Super Junior fans). Looks like SM’s most feared consequence of the whole JaeChunSu lawsuit against them is finally coming to reality. Another SM artist – Hankyung,  the only Chinese member of Super Junior – filed for termination of his contract with SM. More or less, this is similar to what JaeChunSu want to happen.

Exclusive: Hangeng Files For Termination Of Contract With SM

T/N: Translating this because it might turn out to be relevant to the TVXQ case in the long run.

According to Korean news sources, Sina reports that Hangeng from Super Junior, one of Asia’s top idol groups, have applied with the Seoul Central District Court for the termination of his ‘exclusive contract’ with SM Entertainment. This is another bomb that dropped on SM Entertainment since the 3 members of TVXQ, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu filed to terminate their contracts in July this year.

In 2001, Hangeng was chosen out of 3000 participants for the “H.O.T China” auditions held by SM Entertainment based on his looks and talent in dancing. After years of training in singing, dancing, acting, instruments and languages, Hangeng debuted as the only Chinese member of Super Junior in 2005, and became the first Chinese to officially debut in South Korea. In April 2008, he was appointed the leader of sub-group SJ-M and began activities in China. Due to his outstanding work, he played an important role in aiding SM in breaking into the China market.

Amongst the youth and media, Hangeng has very high EQ and speaking abilities, and his ‘sunshine’ and hardworking image left a deep impression. Before this, there were many speculations, and even expectations, that he might go solo. His lawyer has expressed that the full details of the case cannot be revealed yet. However, according to the informant, it might be because there are interference to his solo work progress, and thus resulted in his unhappiness with SM Entertainment.

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Up until now, no definite statement of what reasons of why Hankyung wants his contract to be terminated is released yet. But I guess for someone as shy, reserved and patient as Hankyung to go this far, maybe has valid reasons. Maybe SM was doing something that he “swallow” anymore, just like what happened to JaeChunSu. But that’s only my guess. Let’s wait for Hankyung’s official statement. Meanwhile, SM has released a statement saying that they will try to talk to Hankyung and “solve” this whole issue. All I can say is: WHATEVER.

I know I sound cruel by saying this but why am I actually HAPPY to hear this news? I guess it’s because I’m glad that little by little, the “oppressed” (SM artists)  are beginning to have the courage to stand for themselves. JaeChunSu’s courage to be the first to take a stand against SM sure did give the other artists the “push” they need to fight for their rights. Now, all I’m waiting is for the other SM artists especially Yunho and Changmin to do the same. I hope that will happen very soon.

Anyway, I just hope E.L.Fs and the other Super Junior members would support Hankyung (although seems like Kyuhyun has a different opinion). This will be very tiring and pressuring for Hankyung especially since he’s doing this alone. JaeChunSu are fighting as three and yet they still look so stressed so I can only imagine how hard this will be for him should this continue on to a lawsuit. Even if the other members do not join him in this, I hope at least they give him the moral support he needs. And the E.L.Fs, support and protect Hankyung because we all know that should this end up in court, SM would do anything to ruin him. More than anything, Hankyung needs the support of the fans. Don’t let him down.

I’m posting this so that we could somehow have an idea of what our beloved and supportive Avex CEO has gone through and how he became successful. His story is definitely inspiring especially to all the young ones who has the same dream as him.

If you have access to the said TV channels, you may want to watch the whole documentary about his life so you could know more about him. :)

The Future’s Engine An Enthusiastic Creator – The Miracles of Matsuura Masato

T/N: 2010+ The Future’s Engine is a series of documentaries of real stories about individuals who have made their dreams come true. There are 5 stories being told in this program, with categories ranging from baseball to movie and music. One of those 5 stories is about the creator and current CEO of Avex, Matsuura Masato.

Broadcast Time:

2010/1/1 (Fri) 21:00-23:00 on BS-TBS
2010/1/9 (Thu) 13:00-15:00 on BSAsahi
2010/1/17 (Mon)21:00-23:00 on BSJapan
Participants in this Documentary:
Matsuura Masato, Kenjou Tooru [Gentosha Publisher’s CEO], HIRO (EXILE), TRF, Every Little Thing, Hamasaki Ayumi, Koda Kumi, misono, Otsuka Ai, Tohoshinki, Goto Maki, GIRL NEXT DOOR, and more.

Avex’s president Matsuura Masato. His “passion” for music has built up a new era in the music industry.

His first step into the entertainment business industry was his part-time job at a rental CD shop. Speaking of himself at that time, Matsuura said, “Anyhow, at that time, I was inside my dream.” During his college years, he encountered dance music. He said it himself, “It was a shocking music experience for me.” From that moment, Matsuura’s life has made a turn, and he immersed his life into the music industry. Starting off with a small record company, in the 90s, Matsuura’s passion has created a whole new era. With dance music as the main genre, he swept away the music industry. Moreover, during that time, Hamasaki Ayumi was born. What has Matsuura been thinking during those big times?

The program will start off with the unseen scenes of A-nation09 and a close look at Matsuura’s daily life. Beside Matsuura Masato, we will also look back at the interviews with artists whom he has raised and the numerous hit songs that he has produced. And by watching that and following the miracles that he has created, we will able to have a look into a man who has created a revolution in the music industry.

We also conducted a special talk with Gentosha Pubisher’s president and looked for other sources that we could on Matsuura Masato, to make sure that we will be able to draw the complete picture of a legend who has become the frontier of the entertainment industry that has captured the hearts of young people.

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The boys appeared on the Christmas episode of NHK Music Japan, which was aired yesterday. As usual, the boys look mighty fine with their white outfits. Love their greeting at the start of the clip. The way they said “Merry Christmas” was a bit funny but adorable to me. Don’t even ask me why. I just felt like it. LOL.

They sang “Stand by U” again and they’re just getting better with every performance. Its so obvious that JaeJoong, Junsu and (especially) Yoochun missed singing so much. The way they sang… that’s what I call emotions! And of course, Yunho and Changmin were also good. They also gave so much emotion to the song but in a more “subtle” way. I even think Yunho was on the verge of tears towards the end or maybe, I’m just imagining things because his expression is just too sad. Anyway, watch their beautiful performance below:

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