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Ok, just to give you a gist o what’s happening here and why Max Matsuura gave this kind of comment, well apparently when fans came to know that “Xiahtic” will be the coupling song for their 29th Japanese single “Break Out!”, some fans had negative comments about it. They said that they were disappointed because the coupling song isn’t a “new song” sang by “the five members”.

Regarding Junsu’s Solo Song to Become the Coupling Song of the New Single

I heard from the staffs that they have been receiving different opinions regarding the fact that Junsu’s solo is going to become the coupling song of the new single.

This is something that has been decided in the beginning of the year, as a part of Tohoshinki’s solo project.

In Japan, Jaejoong and Yoochun released their own single; and in Korea, Jaejoong and Yunho both took part in their own dramas.

And now, Changmin is also going to act in his own drama. These are all parts of the solo project.

At first, avex and SM were thinking of having solo projects that are suitable to each member’s own special ability.

Of course, we are also under consideration to release Yunho’s solo song, so please do not worry about that.

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My opinion on this issue? Well, I believe all of us are entitled to our own opinion and if these fans are “disappointed” of “Xiahtic” as the coupling song for the 29th single, I can’t do anything about that. But I just want to give a piece of my mind.

I must say that I was expecting a new song to go with “Break Out!” just like other fans considering how “limited” DBSK has been these days. But I didn’t make a big deal when it was announced that “Xiahtic” will be the song included in the single. In fact, I was ok with it and I’m even looking forward to it since I like that song very much. I was actually more disappointed when I read some fans’ reaction to it being the other song for the single.

Seriously, I could not understand what goes in the heads of some “fans”. When “Xiahtic” was performed at the Mirotic and The Secret Code concerts, these same fans kept on asking Avex and SM to officially release it as a single or as part of an album. And now, their wish was granted by Avex and yet they are complaining and stating their disappointment. What do they really want? Some people just can’t be satisfied. Add to that, I feel that these “fans” are being unfair to Junsu. I mean, we all know that out of the five of them, he’s the one that was left without a project when the dispute started. It was only now that he was able to participate in some activities like Mozart. Before, people kept on saying “I miss Junsu. I hope they will give him some project”, etc. Now that he’s given the limelight, people still has something negative to say. Why can’t we all just be happy for Junsu? We were happy and full of support when JaeJoong and Yoochun released their own single. We were happy when we found out that Yunho and Changmin are going to star in a drama. Then why can’t we be happy that Junsu’s own composition is included in their upcoming Japanese single?  Why are some “fans” complaining and saying that they are “disappointed”? Can’t he have his share on the spotlight just like the other four members? Seriously, isn’t that a bit unfair to Junsu?

I just hope fans could be fair to all members. Yes, we all have our favorite members but as DBSK fans, we should support ALL OF THEM – whether they are doing group or individual projects. We should show our love to ALL FIVE OF THEM and not just to our favorite members. We all keep on saying that we are loyal, loving and supportive fans and yet some of us don’t live up to this. I hope we can change this attitude to avoid hurting the members’ feelings through our words and actions.

Woah, Thai Cassies are so lucky that they got the chance to talk to JaeJoong on the phone! It’s so nice of Jae’s sister, to give such a surprise for the fans. I’m sure this event became more memorable because of Jae’s short phone conversation with them. :)

*The fancam/audio isn’t that clear but you could faintly hear his voice on the other line.

[Credit: ammysorry]

Jaejoong phoned in at Love Faith ,born to be TVXQ Event Fanaccount

During the phine-in to Sook Jin Unnie (Jaejoong’s 4th sister) I never thought I’d hear Jaejoong’s voice on the phone XDDDDDDD

Many Thai Cassie must have seen from the schedule that Sook Jin Unnie would record Jaejoong’s voice for us but it’s not! It’s real Jaejoongon the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was holding hand with my sister thinking “are we dreaming or what”

It’s not the record. It’s the real Jaejoong LIVE on the phone for Thai Cassies

I wanna die and reborn and die for many many times. I was out of my mind while he’s on the phone.

I can only remember a few conversation

The translator “Thai Cassie will take the whole plane and fly to Korea (to fight against SM? – – this part i am not sure) for Jaejoong”

and Jaejoong said “OK I got it”

At one part we all yelled out “Jaejoong Oppa Saranghaeyo” for at least 3 times.

The translator asked Jaejoong “Do you love us”
Jaejoong said “YES”

[T/N she gave more cute comments of Jaejoong’s voice on the phone like it’s different than how we hear him via the microphone cuz it’s a phone and the speaker that makes him sound a bit different]

After that many Cassie started to cry because of the happiness

They tried to call Yoochun’s mom but she’s not at the shop and also Junsu’s dad.

ps. i didn’t translate every word (more like summarization)

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P.S. Readers, please DO NOT ASK FOR JAEJOONG’S OR HIS SISTER’S PHONE NUMBER HERE. When I posted an entry about the fans calling the members at their hotel room, people kept on leaving comments asking for their contact details. I DO NOT HAVE THEIR PERSONAL CONTACT DETAILS AND EVEN IF EVER I HAVE IT, I WON’T GIVE IT OUT. Give them some PRIVACY, for goodness sake!

Wohoo! Congrats to our boys! I hope they can surpass this next year. :D

TVXQ Earns 90.3 billion Won In Album/DVD Sales In Japan This Year

Popular group TVXQ place third in highest earning Japanese artistes in album sales in 2009.

According to Oricon’s ‘2009 Oricon Yearly Ranking’ that was released on the 18th that accumulates all singles, albums and DVDs, TVXQ placed third after Arashi and EXILE. 4th and 5th place went to B’z and the Beatles respectively.

Arashi, who placed first, earned a total of 14.6 billion Yen in single, album and DVD sales, and EXILE and TVXQ earned 12.93 billion Yen and 6.89 billion Yen (around 90.3 billion Won or $76 million) respectively.

Oricon introduced TVXQ as “The group that made the biggest leap in 2009 and is continually growing at the fastest rate,” and said, “They were perfectly balanced in all areas and this was the year fans passionately supported them.”

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Let’s start the day off with some light news. Haha. Below is an article about the Smile Again fanmeeting that JaeChunSu held.

TVXQ Three Members’ Act Of Charity

Charitable Fanmeet set up with Children’s Organization… A Donation of Love worth 10 million Won is given

YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu, who are fighting a legal dispute with SM Entertainment, had smiles on their faces for once in a long time.

These three held a charitable event ‘Love Share-Smile Again’ with a children’s organization on the 12th at Koryeo University’s Hwajung Gymnasium and met with fans in a long time. This was the first time the three had met with their fans in an official venue since MAMA on Novmeber 21st.

The event that was held for about an hour was held as a fan meeting/charity event. The organizers stated, “This event will be a charity event where fans can meet Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu and we want to give the fans a memorable, happy time.”

The three members donated 10 million Won to UNICEF in order to help children living in unfortunate conditions during the event. Fans also donated money in donation boxes that were located around the venue.

The members had corners such as the ‘Q&A corner’ that answered fans’ questions and ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ which granted the audience’s wishes and the three members were seem with bright and peaceful expressions as they conversed with their fans.

They said, “We’ve been in Japan for a while so we didn’t get to see you all, and we really, really missed you,” and “I think this meeting was meaningful to us because we set this meeting up with a great purpose.”

To the question ‘How are you doing these days?’, they stated, “We’ve been playing baseball with our close friends, doing household chores and doing well,” and “We have a performance to do this Christmas in Japan so it’ll be hard for us to spend it with you,” and gave their Christmas greetings in advance.

To the question ‘What do you do when you miss Cassiopeia?’, Xiah Junsu smiled and said, “I watch past performance videos or read fan letters to sate my loneliness,” while YoungWoong Jaejoong showed his gratitude by saying, “I go on the internet to read what the fans are writing.”

When asked the question ‘What do you think when you see fans performing community service?’, the members said, “Words can’t describe how precious fans look when they do that,” and got positive feedback when they asked “What about performing some community service together?”
They also said, “We heard that the money we use to buy one meal in a restaurant could feed a person in some places in Africa for three or four meals,” and “We think this meeting will be more meaningful if fans participate by donation even small amounts of money,” and urged fans to donate money.

Micky Yoochun, who said that he was busy studying music composition, played the piano and enchanted fans with a ‘unofficial’ song that he himself composed. Micky Yoochun said, “All the members are studying composition very hard,” and “I wanted the music to feel like I was whispering the words into the fans’ ears so I didn’t give the melody much change in notes.”

Micky Yoochun and YoungWoong Jaejoong prepared a surprise party for Xiah Junsu who would soon celebrate his birthday. Xiah Junsu stated, “I’m so happy to be able to share this with you all,” and “I wished that this storm would pass quickly.”

Xiah Junsu also received great applause from the 6000 fans after singing his favorite song ‘Greatest Love of All’. The three also picked three fans who were celebrating their birthday that day and gave them prized possessions such as a wine glass, Moulin Rouge and TVXQ’s Tokyo Dome DVD and heating pack.

The fans who filled the gymnasium with a red hue said, “It was touching to see the members hugging each other,” and “There are many difficult things left ahead of them but I hope they are courageous and pull through,” and showed their support for the members.

Regardless of the below zero degrees temperature, thousands of fans flocked to the venue two hours before they were allowed to enter and those who were not able to enter sat outside chanting ‘TVXQ’ and showing their love for the group.

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