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Here are some scans from their 2010 Japanese calendar. I will just go back and upload a zip file later.

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Below is an excerpt of Super Junior’s interview after winning at the Golden Disk Awards 2009 where Leeteuk was asked some questions about his DBSK dongsaengs. I personally think the “tone” or the way the questions were constructed was a bit rude to Super Junior since someone who reads it (especially people who tends to over analyze sometimes) would think that the interviewer is implying something. I don’t know if you get what I mean but I won’t elaborate on this thing too much. All I can say is that I love both DBSK and Super Junior. I believe they both have their own strengths and they are both hardworking groups who deserve all the love and recognition they are getting from the fans.

ANYWAY, let’s look at the bright side of this interview. From what Teukie said, we can sense his care for his dongsaengs. I’m so glad that our boys have friends like the Super Junior members. DongBangJunior is the best! :D

Super Junior Interview After Golden Disc Awards: “I feel bad for TVXQ disbanding crisis”

– only translate the part that is related to TVXQ –

Lee-teuk “I feel bad for TVXQ disbanding crisis”

– To be able to finally escape from the shadow of TVXQ, is that maybe the reason of your tears?

“TVXQ might have debuted a little earlier than us, but when it comes to age, they’re my dongsaengs. In fact, TVXQ is a subject at which SuJu has been so envious. Watching the feature of them jumping as the best group in the world only from aside, there was a thought ‘when will our turn be?”

– In relation to that, do you really care about the disbanding crisis of TVXQ?

“Sure, it hurts me too. They’re all my good dongsaengs. Especially Junsu. I’ve been knowing him for 3-4 years since our high school trainee, he has been a friend and a hoobae who shared happiness and sorrow with me. He consulted to me when he faced a difficult problem. I feel that we’re the same and don’t have much difference. I really want them to compromise their hearts to each other.

credit: news nate

The 3mins and 10secs preview of DBSK’s 29th Japanese single entitled “Break Out!” is finally out. It’s a MUST to listen to it! It’s such an upbeat and lively song. SO COOL! I LOVE IT! :)

Yoochun’s intro:I keep praying. Don’t forget, BABY KEEP THE FAITH ETERNALLY!


And here’s the tracklist for the said single:

2010.1.27 On Sale


  1. BREAK OUT !
  2. XIAHTIC / JUNSU from 東方神起
  3. BREAK OUT ! (Less Vocal)
  4. XIAHTIC (Less Vocal)

Off Shot Movie


  1. BREAK OUT !
  2. XIAHTIC / JUNSU from 東方神起
  3. BREAK OUT ! -Remix (タイトル仮)-
  4. BREAK OUT ! (Less Vocal)
  5. XIAHTIC (Less Vocal)

Source: Tohoshinki Official Website

XIAHTIC! I love this song! :D