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Found another picture of the boys for their upcoming Japanese single “Break Out!” which will be released this January 2010. I love this picture since they look so gangster-ish. Cool! But I do have to say that Junsu’s hair looks a bit funny. LOL. :)

[Credit: dnbn]

I know some people might view the release of the Best Album as something negative that’s why I decided to post this blog update by Avex CEO Max Matsuura. Please read the statement in BLUE and keep that in mind. Having a “Best Album” doesn’t always mean goodbye. It may just be a showcase – a reminder – of how successful an artist is. Now, let’s view this in a positive way, shall we? ;D

Max Matsuura Blog Update

Today at 14:00, we have decided to release information about Best Album. This is something that is already planned since the beginning of the year.

So it’s not something which we just suddenly decided lately at all.

We are still struggling.
Please understand that we never give up, we’re still seeking the very best way to promote them, our policy has never been changed.


Writing something like this, maybe there’s a feel that it sounds a very businesslike.

But releasing a best album, it’s not a say “(They’re) going to break up!” to any artists.

This is something that has been decided long time ago.

Other “AVEX” artists indeed have always released their best album,
We know that releasing a best album may directs to many pros and cons, however

Up until now, we never give up anything, and we’re still doing the job we’re supposed to do.

Honestly, we don’t know the result yet, it’s impossible to promise anything, but the only thing we can promise is

The fact that we will always do our best just like we always tell.

credit: max matsuura blog

Wow, this album sure is great and it has so many versions! But why is “Love in the Ice”, “Forever Love” and “Proud” not part of the list? :( If I got the message right, there are 8 songs, which the members have chosen, that will be part of this album and are not mentioned on the list. I just hope “Love in the Ice”, “Forever Love” and “Proud” were chosen by the members.

Anyway, I can’t wait for this album! :)

TOHOSHINKI Best Album will be released!
Information from Bigeast Fan Mail and Bigeast Office

(Bigeast Fanmail)

We would like to inform you all that Tohoshinki’s first best album will be released on February 17.

Title: Not fixed yet
Date of release: February 17, 2010

Please refer to the News section in Bigeast HP for details.

(Bigeast HP)

◇Title:Not fixed yet
◇Date of release:February 17 (Wed), 2010

There will be 3 versions.

Price:¥5,040 (including tax)
[CD Set List]
●Share The World
●My Destiny
●Doshite kimi wo suki ninatte shimattandarou ?
●Purple Line
●Stand by U
●Stay With Me Tonight
●Asuwa kurukara
●Somebody To Love
●Lovin’ you
●Rising Sun
●Summer Dream
Total 16 songs

●甘く果てしなく (T/N Endlessly Sweet)
●時ヲ止メテ (T/N Tokiwo Tomete)
8 songs which were selected by the members will be included

◆1st~4th LIVE Digest Film
◆Off-shot movie ※Initial release includes a special movie
(Approximately 70 minutes)
★Initial limited special :Jacket size cards (6 versions planned. 1 card will be randomly inserted for each product)
★Initial release special:Off-shot movie
☆Special for all releases:24Page booklet

¥4,200 (including tax)
Same as RZCD-46503~4/B CD

◆Popular Karaoke songs’ PV for Tohoshinki including live images and lyrics (recording time: not fixed yet)
※There will be “Main vocal” ON/OFF switching for “PV live images”
★Initial limited special :Jacket size cards (6 versions planned. 1 card will be randomly inserted for each product)
☆Special for all releases:24Page booklet

¥2,800 (including tax)

Same as RZCD-46503~4/B CDs
★Initial limited special :Jacket size cards (6 versions planned. 1 card will be randomly inserted for each product)
☆Initial limited special :36P booklet ※After initial release is sold out, the booklet will be changed to 24 pages’ version

T/N: Wow~~~~another lovely news~♪

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