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The boys were part of the recording of the Music Japan Christmas Special last December 4, 2009. Below is a preview of the show next week:

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I think I’m liking the jacket pictures. They look so cool with their outfits, hairstyles and poses. For once, their Japanese single jacket photos are looking so rocker-ish and adventurous. Can’t wait to see the HQ pics!



Also, here are some solo pictures of the boys from Tohomobile. I’m loving Jae’s messy hair (much like the one he had during their “Survivor” single) and Changmin’s “mature” hair. Chunnie’s hair looks weird AGAIN. But it’s a bit similar to his hair during the “Five in the Black” days.

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Just another proof of how close these two are and how effective JaeJoong’s convincing power is. LOL.

Fanaccount: Keita’s Message to Taegoon

On December 11th at Nakano Zero hall in Tokyo, Japan “TAEGOON White Love 2009″ was held. There was shown a supporting video messages from many artists such as Wheesung, SS501 Hyun-joong, w-inds Tachibana Keita, and TVXQ Junsu and Jaejoong.

Here’s w-inds Tachibana Keita’s message says:

“Good evening to all of you who are in Nakano Zero hall. This is w-inds Tachibana Keita. Why I joined in this comment video (despite the fact that Taegoon and Keita don’t even know each other yet), it’s because last night suddenly I got a call from my friend Jaejoong. ‘My hoobae Taegoon will do a concert, please make a support message!”. When I already got such request, it’s hard for me to refuse.

Therefore now I can show my support to Taegoon’s debut concert as well. For Taegoon-san, you already made your debut, but we haven’t met each other yet. (everyone laughs)

I’m expecting a great performance. If only I get the chance, I really want to watch the performance myself, and through Jaejoong, I think we can meet someday. So good luck and I hope today you’ll make your own great performance.”

credit: junko
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Remember the picture of JaeJoong and Keita taken at Tokyo Tower last August 2009? Well, Keita let’s us in to some details of how that picture was taken.

Keita and Jaejoong “We Are Together”

The following is an excerpt from tokyo fm’s diamond bell radio program (on the 12th) with w-inds.

Keita Tachibana: Talking about Tokyo Tower’s presents, everyone should have some memories with Tokyo Tower right?

Ryohei Chiba: Memories about Tokyo Tower?

Keita Tachibana: Uh-huh

Ryuichi Ogata: Memory about Tokyo Tower…

Ryohei Chiba: Um…

Keita Tachibana: I have one. Once I went to Tokyo Tower with just us 2 guys.

Ryohei Chiba: With Jaejoong right?

Keita Tachibana: Yes, with Jaejoong…

Ryuichi Ogata: Heard you talk about it before.

Ryohei Chiba: With Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong.

Keita Tachibana: Together with Jaejoong, the two of us went to Tokyo Tower, we wanted to take a picture as a souvenir, so we asked people around us “Please help us take a picture.” The people around us asked us questions like “What are you two doing?” So we replied “We are together” (as in a relationship), then that person really came to take the picture. (laughs)

Ryuichi Ogata: You can’t talk like that.

Ryohei Chiba: Its really not funny.

Keita Tachibana: But after that, we honesty tried to explain: “We are just joking, only joking.” This is my memory.

credit: herobar

LOL. I just hope the person who took the picture actually believed them when they said it was just a joke or else, they’ll be in trouble. Haha! The two of them seem close and I’m glad that Jae has found another friend who he can lean during this trying times. At least I won’t be worried of him now whenever he’s left alone in Japan since I know that he has a close friend like Keita there who can accompany him when he’s alone.