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This day is slowly coming to an end. But before we say goodbye to this day and say hello to a brand new one, I would like to send my warmest greeting to one of the most adorable persons I came to know on his very special day…


I’m not gonna make a birthday essay describing him again since I’ve already done that last year and I believe that no words can be enough to describe Junsu (and the other members). Instead, I’ll just give a  thank you message to our birthday boy, one that is sincerely from my heart. :)

I would just like to thank you, Junsu for everything you did – big or small – that has somehow affected me in some ways.

Thank you for the music. Not only do you have a great voice that is soothing to the ears but you have also taught me to appreciate the beauty and emotion hidden behind every song. Because of your wonderful and soulful voice, I learned to not only “listen” to a song but to actually “feel” it. Thank you, Junsu.

Thank you for the laughs. Your gags may be a bit “cold” at times but it never fails to brighten up my day. You are one of the few people who can make me laugh and cheer up in an instant. No matter how hard things have been for me, once I hear your endless oyaji gags and “English lessons”, it somehow lessens the tiredness and stress I’m feeling. Thank you, Junsu.

Thank you for your innocence. You are one pure soul that never fails to amaze me. I sometimes ask myself , ‘how can an “adult” like you be so innocent like a child’? But your innocence is one thing that draws a lot of people towards you. You are one living proof that innocence is not about age and that people like you can still exist in a corrupted world like ours. Thank you, Junsu.

Thank you for being a good and loving son. You showed me how important trusting, respecting and loving your parents is. Seeing how you care about your family so much made me realize that growing old and getting independence doesn’t mean breaking away from your parents and living life alone. You showed me that the most important thing in this world is still our family because when everyone turn their backs on us, it will always be our family who will stay by our side. Thank you, Junsu.

Thank you for showing me the true meaning of courage. I admire you for standing up for what you think is right no matter what the consequences are. You and the other members made me realize a different meaning to the word “courage”. It doesn’t only mean bravery but it also means the “willingness to sacrifice” what you have in order to make a change not only in your life but in the life of other people, too. Thank you, Junsu.

Thank you for providing strength to the members. I know things aren’t going smoothly these past few months and it’s been a torturous ride for all five members. It must have been harder for the three of you since you’re going up against a big and established company like SM. I would just like to express my utmost gratitude to you for helping JaeJoong and Yoochun get through this. Among the three of you, those two are probably taking this the hardest. They are very sensitive, emotional and fragile that it makes me worry that one of these days, they might just break down especially JaeJoong. But like they have said, you are their strength. Thank you for looking after them and providing them the push they need to continue on. Thank you for trying to stay strong when I know you’re also hurting from all of the things happening now. Thank you, Junsu.

Thank you for being a member of Dong Bang Shin Ki. You are one of the five important puzzle pieces that complete Dong Bang Shin Ki and without you, it wouldn’t be the group that we all love now. The harmony of the five of you is what makes up Dong Bang Shin Ki and it is what separates you from all other artists. Thank you for those wonderful and breathtaking performances for the past six years. Each and every one of them is memorable because we know it is the fruit of your hard work. Thank you, Junsu.

And lastly, thank you for the unconditional love you have given us, fans. There are no words appropriate enough to describe how grateful we are for your love and appreciation. Thank you for making us feel special and for treating us as a part of your life – as your family. Whatever kind of relationship we have is special and I hope this will last longer than a lifetime. Thank you, Junsu.

Again, happy birthday to you, Junsu! I hope you had a great day today. I wish you all the best this coming year as well as the years after this. Be healthy and take care of yourself. Always remember we are here for you. :)

And of course, I would like to greet his twin brother, KIM JUNHO a happy, happy birthday, too! I also wish him good health and ll the best in life. :)

Just a glimpse of the costumes that the actors of the musical “Mozart” will be wearing. We can spot Junsu on the beginning to the clip where he was fitting a red costume. Since Junsu will play the role of Mozart, that means he’ll wear a wig, too right? LOL. I’m excited to see him wearing an old-fashioned wig! Hahaha! :D

[Credit: dreammssxxJJ]