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This is still somewhat unofficial but still, this is another thing we could be proud of our boys. Congratulations to our dear DBSK. Keep up the good work! May these guys create more great music and influence the lives of many people through their music. :)

TVXQ total album sales break 6million copies!

The preliminary report was out, recorded that the male group TVXQ has been selling 6 million copies album throughout their career both in South Korea and Japan.

The report announced that after the accumulation of sales from TVXQ’s Japan and South Korea studio album, special album, singles, and DVD, it was figured that the total sales reached 6 million copies. The result also includes the aggregate information of sales record from the international fans.

Eventhough it’s only an informal record, however it still proves the special figure of TVXQ as Asia best group.

Taking a look to TVXQ history in Korea for the last 5 years, the sales record of TVXQ 4th album ‘MIROTIC’ which broke 500,000 copies definitely stands out. For exact, the 4th album recorded sales for 540,000 copies. Total singles and album sales, including the 4th album is 2.058.000 copies, special albums recorded 283.000 copies, and Japan licensed album which is sold in Korea results in 525.000 copies, sums total of record sales for 2.866.000 copies overall in Korea alone.

Japanese sales record history is even more interesting. From the very first single released in Japan in November 2004, ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ to the latest 29th single release in last September from Jejung & Yuchun, ‘COLORS ~ Melody & Harmony~’, the group has recorded total sales of 1.788.000. In addition, the 4 released Japan albums and other special albums add 572.000 copies sold.

In fact, on last December 10th Japan largest TV cable USEN announced its annual broadcast rank and according to ‘USEN J-POP Comprehensive Annual Ranking’ (aggregate period of January 2nd to December 3rd), TVXQ’s ‘Stand by U’ was ranked the 2nd after Japan rookie singer JASMINE’s ‘Sad to Say’.

It’s not only that. In total 16 DVDs that are released both in Japan and South Korea, it records total number 774.000 copies sales.

If the entire total number of sales are calculated together, it results in 6.000.000 copies sold. While the calculation system is not thoroughly comparing all the album sales charts in Japan as well as considering the South Korea problem occurring, it’s believed that the sales number is likely to exceed 6 million.

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Translated by: sharingyoochun@wordpress