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We hope for this to end soon, too.

Three Members At Fan Meeting State, “We Hope This Storm Passes Quickly”

The three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun) locked in a legal dispute with SM Entertainment held a charitable fanmeet and met with their fans.

The three presented themselves at 5 pm on the 12th the Seoul Koreyo University Hwajung Gymnasium at the ‘Smile Again’ love sharing event.

According to a representative, the event that was held for an hour had a ‘Q&A Corner’ where the three answered fans’ questions, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ corner where the three granted fans’ wishes, and a corner where Micky Yoochun sang a song he composed.

Many say that the three were bright and cheerful regardless of the legal dispute.

YoungWoong Jaejoong said, “We’ve changed but our fans have stayed the same. I like that,” and showed how thankful they were to the fans and how bad he felt about the group’s current situation.

Xiah Junsu said, “This is more meaningful as it is the first time we’re doing this just the three of us.”

The two other members prepared a surprise birthday party for Xiah Junsu for his birthday, and showed their brotherly love and affection. As a toast for his birthday, Xiah Junsu said, “I hope that this storm will pass quickly,” and showed that he wanted this lawsuit to end quickly.

Micky Yoochun revealed that he was studying composing and sang one of his compositions and gained great reactions from his fans.

Regardless of the cold weather, thousands of Korean and Japanese fans stood in line to enter two hours before the event. Some fans were seen standing near the entrance without tickets and looked quite disheartening.

Some fans who were not able to enter sat outside and supported the three and showed their love for the three.

The event that was held for free was sold out 8 minutes after ticket reservations were open at 8 pm on the 8th. All the donations collected on this day will be given to a children’s organization.

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Always keep the faith! DBSK + Cassiopeia = FOREVER. <333

Their ending messages are so touching. Yoochun even mentioned the “Don’t Say Goodbye” video project that the international fans has done. This only means that they can see the little things (fan projects) we’re doing for them and they really appreciate it. It feels good to know that, right? ;)

YC: I had a lot of fun today.
YC: It was so nice to see you all.
YC: In the fourth album there was Don’t Say Goodbye, right?
YC: You know the video the fans all over the world made with that song? We saw it.
YC: -something here I can’t hear because of fans going ‘awwwww’-
YC: We’re taking some time off to sort through everything slowly,
YC: while listening to all the little things you all have to say,
YC: so we thank you so much for helping us this far
YC: and we will work hard to be better. Thank you.

JJ: Yes uh, we thank you all so much because a lot of people helped us out today.
JJ: And I also do feel sorry for having to end our time together today like this.
JJ: I think that today was a very meaningful day for all of you and for us as well.
JJ: And for a long time, I want to set up meetings with all of you
JJ: to talk about the things we haven’t been able to talk about yet.

JJ: -something here, it’s a little fuzzy-
JJ: So in the future I hope there are good times, bad times and great times ahead of us.
JJ: So let’s keep loving each other and go on like this. Thank you.

JS: First of all, I feel great knowing that we had a nice time here.
JS: I’m happy that we could even give a little help to _____ (can’t hear)
JS: And I want to have my birthday party with you all.
JS: I think today was very meaningful to us.

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This is seriously hilarious! I nearly got knocked off my bed when I read this. Dang Jae, your “underwear style” is surely amusing. LILAC and HEARTS? Seriously?! ROFL. :D :D :D I can’t stop laughing ’till now. They never fail to brighten up my day with their dorkiness! Hahaha!

Underwear Talk

Ask the Members
(Time to ask the members about anything fans are curious about. They were asked to write these on post-its when entering. They stuck all the post-its on a board and questions were chosen.)
Question: What color underwear are you wearing today?

MC: It’s is nice. What color underwear are you wearing today? Junsu.
YC: Isn’t Junsu not wearing any today?
JS: From what I remember, it’s gray and a little green, where the elastic band is.
MC: You must like modern things. Edgy and modern.
Fans: Show us x 10000000000000000
MC: You have your belt on and it’s an endorsement so you can’t take it of.
MC: Then, what is Jaejoong wearing?
JJ: Mine is a bit lilac? Around the elastic band..
MC: The elastic band is lilac? Or is it all lilac?
JJ: The band is black and everything else is lilac.

MC: The two of you like edgy clothes. And a bit modern.
MC: And last of all, Yoochun.
YC: Mine’s very simple. Tights and all black.
MC: Oh~ You like kinda sexy things?
YC: Jaejoong’s the one who likes sexy things.
JS: You know how like you take them off like this when you get home.
JS: There are times when I get so surprised.
JS: Where did he get such scandalous things?
YC: This was way back. These days, Jaejoong wears modern ones but before, Junsu had some pretty epic..
MC: We don’t know much about guy’s underwear so what kind of epic underwear did he wear?
YC: (Cunningly, overreacting as if he’s hiding something) No~ It’s nothing~
MC: You have to solve our query.
JJ: Once I went to this town and I forgot to pack some underwear for the trip.
JJ: I went to an underwear store there to buy some and (sighing as if it is hard for him to say) Und… ha… There was a red heart on it, and other than the heart, everything else was like fishnet. And it was panties (not boxers).
But you know how you wear underwear for like a year? One year, two years?
Fans: Psh~
JJ: I wear them that long.
MC: For one to two years?
JJ: Without fail.
YC: Oh, just one?
JJ: No. I have a lot.
JS: Changing them regularly. (omitted) Oh, we’ve just talked about underwear for 10 minutes.

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These are the first few fancams available on YT. Will post more once they’re uploaded on YT.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Talk 1

Talk 2

Talk 3

[Credit: phutran1981vnn2]

I’m so happy to hear their laughter again. I hope to see more smiles in their faces in the coming days. :D

Junsu’s vocals never fails to amaze me. This cover of “The Greatest Love of All” is just so beautiful. It sounds so soulful and inspirational. :)

[Credit: yuukak]

Today is the day for the “Smile Again” fanmeeting of JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu. I will post fancams and pictures once they’re available but for now, I will post this audio of Yoochun’s  newly composed song which he sang during the event. It’s short but it’s good and touching. I personally feel this is somehow written for Yunho and Changmin. Check out the song along with the lyrics below:

EDIT: I think this new song is entitled “Restless”.

너의 맘이 내 어깨를 두드리고
눈물 가득 나를 어뤄만져도
너에 기도가 나의 잠을 깨워도
혹시 네가 잠시 등을 돌려도
난 괜찮아

하지만 매일 나를 기억해줘요
그때도 그리워 해줄래
고마움을 너의 곁에 남겨둔 전할수있도록

내가 먼저 네 어깨를 두드릴게
눈물 가득 너를 어뤄만질게
나의 기도 너의 잠을 깨울게
혹시라도 너를 잊지 않을게

그게 너니까
그게 너니까
그게 너니까

나의 너니까


If your heart taps my shoulder
and comforts me filled with tears
If your prayer wakes me from sleep
Even if you turn your back on me for a slight moment
I’m okay

But remember me every day
Will you miss me then
So that I can express my gratitude to you

I will tap you on the shoulder first
I will comfort you filled with tears
I will wake you from sleep with my prayer
I will never forget you

Because it’s you
Because it’s you
Because it’s you

Because you are mine.

Because it’s you (plural).

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OMG, this is such a star-studded event!








[Credit: DBxTOHO4]

Goodness! The best and most popular male groups in Asia will be in one show. Can this get any better? I’m excited to see this show! This is definitely heaven for all fangirls! LOL.