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This is a sad news but I think the cancellation of the event is inevitable at the moment. I somehow expected this since everything is getting complicated by the day but still, I feel really down after knowing this news. :'( But I guess, considering the situation of the boys right now, this decision is the better choice. It’s better for the boys to cancel this for now and just push through with it when they feel they ok again. We don’t want to see them try to entertain us and give us forced and fake smiles, right? This may be disappointing for now but let’s trust  and UNDERSTAND the members’ decision and hope to see their genuine bright similes in the near future.

Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” Cancellation Noticement

For all your even warmer support for Tohoshinki, thank you very much.
Today we have to deliver everyone a very important notice. We finally decided to cancel the “Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” which is planned to be held for one month next year.

We know that all Bigeast has been waiting for the event with much anticipation, therefore for us to write this announcement, we feel really sorry.

We think some of you may have already known from media that currently Tohoshinki is having some domestic problems and after we did much consultation and discussion with the members themselves, in the end we come to decision that we need to cancel this fan club event.

For all Bigeast who has been watching over Tohoshinki in warm support, we again have to apologize that the result turns out like this.
We hope for your understanding that we just can announce this today.
About any refund for this event, we will contact you later.

Bigeast secretariat strongly hopes that you all continue supporting Tohoshinki activities as five members. Thank you for the future of Tohoshinki.

– Bigeast secretariat –

For everyone who are always supporting Tohoshinki, Thank you very much.
Encouragement from Bigeast gives us more power. Nevertheless, to always give you such worriness, we feel really sorry.

Now that we have to stop the fanclub event you all have been looking forward, we have to apologize even more.

We always have feeling to create a stage as professionals so that all of you can enjoy the circumtances, and in front of all Bigeast, we have will to be honest.

Afterall, when our true smiling face can not be shown yet we still stand on stage, it means that we lie to all fans there, thus we decided to cancel the event.

We need time to organize our mind, and finally we would like to meet everyone with a true smile.

Really sorry to cause you worriness.

– Tohoshinki –

source: bigeast mail
trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Here’s a message from Max Matsuura:

“Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT Cancellation Notice”

We have announced the notice from supporting fanclub Bigeast secretariat and comments from Tohoshinki members,

It’s regretful about the cancellation of the event,
for all fans who have been waiting for this, I truly apologize.

The five members feel reluctant, but they’re considering the present circumstances.

After repetitive discussions over discussions in which included the members, it’s still a tough decision.

Indeed, for today’s announcement, we ask for your understanding.

As quoted from the secretariat, we will continue to support the five members activities in much power.

Thank you.


My heart is also going on with you, Bigeast….

credit: max matsuura blog
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress