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Wow, congratulations to Junsu! Fans are surely excited for this musical. It never fails to amaze me how DBSK fans can go and make all websites crash. LOL. The power of DBSK, the power of Cassiopeia! :)

“Let’s See Junsu!”

The fans want to see Junsu, on-line ticket reservation got exploding hits on the 8th.

The second round of advance sales ticket of “Mozart” as the first musical appearance by TVXQ member Xiah Junsu just opened in about 2 hours at noon and all 15,000 tickets are sold out completely. The first round of ticket sales also received an explosive reaction as the 6000 tickets were sold out in only 1 hours.

This advance ticket sales is for the upcoming performance starts from January 20th to February 21st next year which will be opened at Seoul Sejong Cultural Center, the large amount of visits to the advance sale site caused the server to crash.

Ever since the news of Junsu will get on stage again arises, TVXQ fans have been close in war for getting the tickets. One of the official said, “It’s really a hot response. We’re now preparing for the 3rd round of ticket sales.”.

source: Korea times
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Looks like fans (especially Korean fans) really miss JaeChunSu already. I wish they could have chosen a larger venue since 5000 tickets seem to be not enough for everyone who wants to attend the event and spend a few hours with the three members. Anyway, I hope this even will be a success and everyone will have fun. If only I could attend it, I’ll surely enjoy it, too. *cries because I can’t attend the fanmeeting*

Too Many People On At Once Causes Three Members’ Charity Fanmeeting Ticket Reservation Site To Crash

The fanmeet of TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun is garnering explosive popularity.

The server of Yes24 crashed when the site opened ticket reservations for the charity fanmeet that is to be held on the 12th at 8 pm.

The three members will be greeting their fans at the Love Sharing Meeting ‘Smile Again’ at Koryeo University’s Hwajung Gymnasium. This event that will last around an hour will be a large fan meeting capable of holding more than 5000 people.

Yes24 officially stated the three members’ attendance and said, “‘Smile Again’, which works with a children’s organization, was created to gift the fans with happy times from creating memories with Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu through a charitable event.”

This event is free of charge and all the money that is collected from donations will be given to a children’s organization. ‘Smile Again’ will be an event held by only the three members, there will be no guest appearances. Donation boxes will be set up around the gymnasium and all the money will be donated.

As the three members submitted a provisional disposition against SM Entertainment, and the dispute is yet to be solved, it will be hard for all five members to attend the fan meeting.

Many are wondering when TVXQ will return to all stand on one stage together in Korea as U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin returned to Korea from Japan separately from the other three members after finishing their Japanese schedule.

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Here’s a glimpse of DBSK’s upcoming schedule and TV broadcasts.



No. 60 NHK Red and White Singing Contest (Live appearance)

12/30/Wednesday/18:30~ 22:30 [TBS]

No. 51 Shine! Japanese record grand prix
“Stand by U” is chosen as an Excellent Best Music Award. (TVXQ is nominated to win grand prix award.)

12/29/Tuesday/19:00~20:55[BS Fuji TV]

2008 Asia Song Festival(Rebroadcast)
The Asian song festival that was performed in Seoul in October, 2008. Rebroadcast.

12/23/Wednesday/16: 00~18: 00[Fuji TV NEXT]

Odaiba fork village deluxe 2009 #3 of Konosuke Sakazaki(Rebroadcast)
JeJoong & Yuchun from TVXQ.

12/20/Sunday/Time of the broadcast TBA [NHK]
MUSIC JAPAN Christmas Special
“Christmas message from the members and “Stand by U” full chorus!

[Broadcasting at CS/TBS channel]
Four programs in December.

12/24/ Thursday 23:00~25:00

TVXQ 4th LIVE TOUR The Secret Code – FINAL in TOKYO DOME.(First time showing)




TVXQ LIVE 2007 in SEOUL. TVXQ THE 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT “0″ (First time showing)


TVXQ LIVE 2006 in SEOUL “2006 TVXQ LIVE CONCERT RISING SUN”(First time showing)

[KNTV Yunho staring, drama “No Limit – heading to the ground.”]

A preview broadcast with a special program & episode 1 shown in December.

12/23/Wednesday/19:40 ~ 21:00

prebroadcast episode 1

Actual broadcast starts on 1/24/every Sunday /21:45~ 23:00/
no cut with Japanese subtitles, all 16 episodes.

[KNTV TVXQ Special!]

Selected carefully from the past appearance of TVXQ from MBC/SBS.

★ 【The December broadcast plan】

*12/06/ Every Sunday/13:00~ 16:40.

2004-2008 TVXQ songs and ballads in the big festivals.


“K-POP vintage TVXQ special feature 2″ “happy on Sunday”

★ 【The program of the January, 2010 broadcast plan】

*01/03/every Sunday/24:15~ 27:45

Intensive broadcast of “TVXQ special”,& “inversion drama/X man.”

* Every Thursday/17:55~19:00/ broadcast start day TBA

TVXQ in SBS popularity songs and ballads

*Every Sunday/13:00~16:40 /broadcast start day TBA

2004-2008 TVXQ in songs and ballads in the big festival celebrations

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The ones I highlighted in blue are the events they will be attending in Japan. I hope they win the Grand Prix Award at the Japan Record Awards. *keeps fingers crossed*

Ah, I have so many updates today. I wasn’t able to go online last night since I came home very late from work and from having my hair cut. I was too tired that I instantly fell asleep. And with just one day of not going online, I missed quite a couple of news, which I will be posting today. *sigh*

First up is the comment of the Korean singer Shin Seung Hyun about DBSK’s current situation. I love his statement on DBSK’s activities and status in Japan. It makes me proud of the boys even more. :D

Shin Seung Hyun: “TVXQ Can’t Disband”

“TVXQ can’t disband…”

Old-timer Shin Seung Hyun (singer) expressed his regrets towards the crisis of disbandment that his juniors TVXQ are currently facing.

At a recent press conference, after expressing his curiousity regarding “what will become of TVXQ”, Shin Seung Hyun sighed and said, “A group like this can’t disband…”.

Shin Seung Hyun, who also enjoys tremendous popularity in Japan, said this about TVXQ who have developed into top singers, “When they appeared on the billboards in Tokyo, I felt such pride. In Japan, TVXQ are not Hallyu stars. Instead, they are the top singers in Japan, and receive a lot of love from everyone.”

He also said, “It is very rare to have this kind of group, it would be such a waste if they disband.”

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