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They performed Stand by U and Rainy Blue (the song JaeJoong and Yoochun performed at Boy Pop Factory back in August) and were interviewed together with SMAP.


Interview (w/ SMAP)


Lady: This is the first appearance for DBSK. How’s the stage atmosphere for you?
YH: I think it’s a really wonderful stage, and since it’s our first appearance on FNS, I’m quite nervous.
Lady 2: Jaejoong-san?
JJ: I’m really nervous.
Guy: We don’t really see it though!
Lady: I heard that you’re on good terms with Kusanagi-san~
Kusanagi: Yes, that’s right. They were on SmapxSmap..
Kimutaku: You just said ‘yes that’s right!’ (about his good relationship with THSK)
Kusanagi: We got along very well.
JJ: Recently he changed his number…
Kusanagi: Ah, we exchanged numbers but I changed the numbers, so I haven’t had the chance to tell him. So later…
Nakai: Why don’t you give it now?
Kusanagi: Not right now.. after this is over.
Lady: What is THSK’s charm, in Smap’s opinion?
Kimutaku: Charm? They’re really good in song and dance… everyone has really beautiful hearts, and even from a guy’s point of view, they’re really wonderful.
Lady: What about Smap in THSK’s opinion?
JJ: They’re really good in their song and dance performances… and they’re really active in a variety of activities, and I think that’s amazing.
YH: Jaejoong’s said it all… I think on the whole they’re really great, and I think they’re really cool.
— The rest is omitted because DBSK didn’t talk —

Translation: Hajargiler @ DBSKnights
Credit: DBSKnights

Rainy Blue  performance

Stand by U performance

[Credit: afinitimyob + Babochorom3]

[*EDIT on 091204: Changed the embedded video clips since the previous ones were deleted on YT. But I can’t find a new clip of the introduction/opening.]

Before getting down to my comments on their behavior during the interview and their performances, I’d like to say that the five of them look so AMAZING clad in all-black outfits. Dang, major nosebleed! Hahaha.

The atmosphere during their interview is a bit better now. I can still sense some awkwardness especially since (I think) Yunho and Changmin managed to avoid looking to their left side during the whole interview (I only caught Yunho look to his left when he said was asked what SMAP’s charm is) but compared to their appearance at Best Hits 2009 where they all looked gloomy, this one’s way better. Although I hope that in their upcoming Japanese activities and TV appearances, the awkwardness will totally be eliminated.

As for their performances, I can’t say anything else but BREATHTAKING. The harmonization for both songs is just LOVELY and their voices, when blended together, creates a very soothing and emotion-filled performance. The five of them, especially Yoochun and Junsu, seem to really miss singing. I can see through their performances their passion for music and their joy in performing on stage TOGETHER AS FIVE again. I guess if only the accompaniment of Stand by U isn’t faster than normal (or at least it sounded faster to me), the performances could have been perfect. But nevertheless, they’re still beautiful. :)