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Congrats to the boys!

51st Japan Record Awards announced

On Tuesday, most of the winners of the 51st Japan Record Awards were announced. On December 30, when the awards show is broadcast live, one of the 11 Best Song winners will be given the grand prize (the Japan Record Award) and one of the four New Artist Award winners will be named Best New Artist.

Best Song:
“Aki no Miyajima” – Kaori Mizumori
“Infinity” – GIRL NEXT DOOR
“YELL” – Ikimono Gakari
“Omae wo Tsurete” – Daisuke Kitagawa
“Someday” – EXILE
“Stand by U” – TVXQ
“Tegami ~Shinai Naru Kodomotachi e~” – Ryoichi Higuchi
“Tokimeki no Rumba” – Kiyoshi Hikawa
“Mata Kimi ni Koi mini coopereru” – Fuyumi Sakamoto
“Lick me” – Kumi Koda
“Rain Is Fallin'” – w-inds. x G-DRAGON (BIG BANG)

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I hope they win the Japan Record Award. :)

JaeJoong was offered a role for the drama IRIS season 2 but he turned down the said offer.

Hero Jaejoong turned down the offer of a part in Iris season 2.

KBS2TV drama Iris, the Iris production representative explains, “We are already planning Iris season two, filming will begin in May of next year at the earliest.”

According to the representative, they already have plans for Iris season two; they will be filming in China, Japan, Europe, and other locations.

Iris lead actor is predicted to not be able to take a part in Iris season two, due to his already scheduled Hollywood film. Aside from him, other actors have possibilities of reappearing in season two, but until now nothing have been confirmed.

Related person informed reporters: “There was a proposal of having DBSK’s Hero Jaejoong to appear in Iris season 1. Also have him appear in the first season grand finale episode 20, then in season 2 have him officially appear, but this could not happen because Jaejoong turned down the part. Now we are looking for an actor to play the part.”
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Too bad JaeJoong turned down the offer. It would have been great to see him in a drama like IRIS. Just imagine him playing a bad guy, holding a gun and fully dressed in black… OMG, THAT IS JUST PURE HOTNESS! I’m hyperventilating just imagining it! LOL.

But I guess it’s ok that he didn’t accept the offer because of fear that it might interfere with DBSK’s activities. See? JaeJoong is really dedicated and loyal to  DBSK. It’s better that he turned down the offer since I wouldn’t want him to experience the same tiredness he had experienced when filming Heaven’s Postman while doing Mirotic promotions. I guess the role isn’t meant for him. There could be better opportunities in the future, right? ;)

I have mixed emotions on this news.

Women weekly magazine

TOHOSHINKI’S JEJUNG, who is involved in a legal mess and forced to break away from the members promises worried mum, “Unity at NHK Kouhaku”.

“We’d like to sing here as soon as possible.”

The smiling faces of the 5 members of Tohoshinki could be seen during their appearance at the Best Hits Music Festival live performance stage on November 26.

“It’s been 3 months since the 5 members appeared on stage, and the fans responded with excitement. The moment they appeared on stage, the hall erupted with the sound of crying and cheering. This happened in spite of (?) the legal mess that the members are embroiled in.” – Music Staff

Jejung (23), Yuchon (23) and Junsu (22) had filed for a case at the end of July. Although their fans have been longing to listen to their voices once again, the members have kept their silence regarding the resumption of group activities.

“This time, the members have split into 2 groups. 3 of them appearing on the 24th and the other 2 appearing on the 25th. It seems that their agency have disallowed them to appear together except for work (?), Up till now, the members have been living together when they are in Japan, I heard they are living separately now.” – Former Music Staff

Before coming to Japan on the 21st, the 3 members had appeared on Korea’s ‘09 Mnet Asian Music Awards. “Although Tohoshinki had won the Asia Star award, they were not allowed to attend the ceremony. Yunho and Changmin did not turn up.” – Korea TV

“However, the other 3 members chose to turn up, angering the agency. However, the members are still very close to each other.” – Korea TV

At the ceremony, Jejung had said “Maybe the 2 of them are watching now, if they are, I just want them to know that I love them very much.” It was his message of unity towards Yunho (23) and Changmin (21).

“In fact on that day, Jejung’s mother was among the audience. It seemed like she had come alone. When the boys’ turn was over, she secretly left the hall.” – Former TV Station Staff

From now, Tohoshinki will appear at the New Year’s Eve Kouhaku Music Battle.

“After that, the 5 members’ last stages could be the exclusive fanclub events in January taking place in Japan. Fans are still pleading with the members’ agency to allow for the continuation of the group.” – Former Music Staff

“We want to see a 5-member Tohoshinki next year too.” Not only fans, but mothers too feel the same way.”

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I don’t want to comment anymore because I don’t even know what else I can say about SM’s cruelty. I’m furious right now but at the same time, I’m sad and I pity the boys for what SM had done to them. I just hope they stay strong and won’t let this ruin their beautiful and amazing friendship.

Here’s a video of the boys backstage during A-Nation 2009.

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The boys, especially JaeJoong, are so hyper! Did they eat too much sweet sugar? LOL. And I love how the end of the video showed the other artists of Avex enjoying the performance of DBSK. Ayumi Hamasaki looks so cute while fangirling over DBSK. :D