JaeJoong replies to dating rumors with Abiru Yuu

Posted: November 29, 2009 in Kim Jaejoong
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This is a statement from JAEJOONG himself regarding the rumor of him dating Abiru Yuu. I guess we shouldn’t worry anymore about this matter, right?

Jejung Replies To Dating Rumors: “There’s No…

A Japanese womens magazine reported on the 26th that Tohoshinki’s member Jejung was dating with a certain Japanese actress, talking about their date during the late night. This magazine reported: “witnessing the two dating at 3am.”

Jejung’s reply to this: “This report has no evidence, and we’ve never met before, and i do not have the heart to date anyone at the moment.”

One of Jejung’s friend has stated: This report has no proof and Jejung has been in Korea after finishing the Shanghai concert in China on the 2nd of October, and has been there right up till arriving in Japan on the 24th. As well as that, Jejung has never gone out by himself at night, this is all a rumor.

Source: [artsnews + tvxq-yard]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
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  1. yotada says:

    Some people have too much time on their hands….Though I’m happy to see that Jaejoong is so well-known in Japan (to have tabloids write about him) the timing of this rumor isn’t really appropriate.

    Also, not only did they choose one of the worst women to pair him with, the part where they wrote about him “cheating on her” just made me roll my eyes.

    SYC’s comment to this rumor made me really LoL so I’d thought I’d repost it here as well,


    staff: “Jae, you’re in Woman Weekly’s gossip! with Abiru Yuu!!”

    Jae: “oh. who’s her? *seeing the pic* I’m prettier. *throw the paper away*


    By: sharingyoochun on November 26, 2009
    at 10:57 pm

  2. lovetohateme says:

    @ Yotada: “Cheating on her” … Yeah, right. WHATEVER. More like the other way around. LOL @ SYC’s comment. But it’s true. Jae indeed is prettier. Hahaha!

  3. ugh says:

    this is why I say this girl shud just disappear from this planet. HATE HURRRRR

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