DBSK feast after TV Best Hits Music Festival 2009

Posted: November 29, 2009 in Tohoshinki in Japan
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I’m smiling ear-to-ear right now. :D

Tohoshinki feast after TV Best Hits Music Festival 2009

On the 27th, ぐ る な び shop owner, publishes the entry on his blog, saying that THSK came on the night of the 26th for a feast.

Fromぐ る な び the shop official net, November 27 post, contributor: Shopkeeper KATSUBE.

Eastern Gods (THSK), arrived.

In the evening we received a call to set up a reservation for a feast.
Because the reservation is at a later time, so guessing its for after concert celebration.

Just happens that today, they attended [BEST HIT Song Festival], possibly related to that. . .

When the reservation time arrived, they were still not here, staff called
[To avoid the Taxi following us, it may take some effort, we may be late!!]
Since it was said like that, so I thought, what kind of big celebrity is coming?
It turns out, they were very very big celebrities that arrived.

Although when they arrived, I did not know who they were
Asked the staff here [Who are they?]
They are going to be appearing on Kohaku Utagassen, so it seems that everyone knows them~~ (staff)

With such famous people, how wonderful would it be to take pictures with them together and post it on the blog~
I had thought about this idea, but, I was too scared to ask. (laughs)

Finally, when I was watching them leave
Jaejoong broke the container for the shop’s business cards. . .

So as an apology, he said next time when he comes back, he will wash the dishes for free.
Happily waiting ~

source: ぐ る な び BLOG
credit: 在啊花/sharingyoochun
trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Hahaha! Clumsy JaeJoong! Wash the dishes? I bet he’s never gonna go back to that restaurant again since he HATES washing the dishes. LOL.

  1. Anonymous says:

    BWAHAHAHA!!! that was perfect!
    jae WOULD do that. hehe, the shop owner didnt even know who they were.

    Always Keep the Faith!

  2. mandy says:

    lol xD the poor shop owner, didn’t know who they were. jaejoong is clumsy <33 he's the jaejoong i know and love <33 lol

  3. i likey says:

    lol, funny. silly jj

  4. DCLee says:

    I wish that the shop owner had known them. He would have been able to give us more details. Poor Jaejoong, LOL.

  5. rice.cracker says:

    as usual he is clumsy..
    and i don’t think he would go back to wash the dishes

  6. chocopiex says:

    haha gnaw that is so cute <3 typical jj (:

  7. lyrico jae says:

    haha…i also think that so cute..also smiling to my ear now..but, i still love them..yeah, it’s good if the owner give us more details but i think it’s a good start

  8. minhngoc says:

    keep your carefree in your mind,your entertainments. I imagine Jae’s face at that time haha so fun, ”he will wash the dishes for free” his action seem to be workaday but it’s not. I’m sure they sang, a merry night.

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