The following article is UNCONFIRMED as of now since I don’t know where the fans got this info but personally, I think this might be TRUE. Based from what I saw from the boys’ appearance at Best Hits Song Festival 2009, I’m pretty sure this holds a lot or at least some truth to it. And I’m fuming in anger right now. For the first time in my life, I seriously wish for people to die and go to hell. Yes, SM people, DIE and GO TO HELL!!! You’re shameless and you don’t deserve to exist in this world anymore!

Three Conditions Of SME for The Return Of THSK

Avex needed Tohoshinki to return Japan for activities urgently, and SME agreed under 3 conditions.

Keeping a close watch through out the whole course.
There should not be any contact/conversation between HoMin and JaeSuChun.
Only HoMin are allow to respond during an interview.

On top of that, JaeSuChun were not told of these conditions before and were merely informed of the activities.

Source: DNBN + HeyJJ
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

This might be the explanation for the awkwardness between the boys and why Jae was so down. The possibility of SM doing this actually crossed my mind the moment I watched the latest interview and performance of DBSK but I gave SM the benefit of the doubt because I was somehow wishing they wouldn’t stoop that low just to ruin the relationship of the boys. But I guess for people like those from SM, doing unethical and ridiculous things is the only way they can survive.

I’m really furious right now and I kept on cursing SM but more than the anger I’m feeling, I feel sorry for the five members. They had to deal with the childish ways of SM just so they could perform again. But what good is seeing them perform together again when we know that they weren’t allowed to have contact with each other? How can we enjoy watching them sing together when we know that the moment they go backstage, they’ll have to go their separate ways even if they want to talk to each other? This really breaks my heart, I hate SM for doing such ridiculous things but I hate them more for emotionally hurting the boys and us.

How long will the boys be in this kind of situation?  How long will JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu have to be away from their two brothers? How long will Yunho and Changmin endure avoiding their brothers and hurting the five of them in the process? How long will we have to wait before we can see the happy and cheerful faces of our dear boys again? God, I just wish for all of this to end. My heart is getting weak every time I see their hurt and troubled faces.

Someone stop this, please. Bring back the five members together. I want my dear DBSK back… ='(

  1. pine says:

    yes, SM is really childish … my gosh … how can they do that?? aiyo .. so angry. don’t they want them to unite again?? yunho, changmin .. what kind of boundaries are you guys facing to be with the other three members?? or you yourself do not wish to be on the side with them?? i’m sorry to ask this kind of question .. just that i feel so helpless and sad to see them. their appearances made me hurt from my heart … yeah .. me too .. want back always cheerful, funny, energetic boys ..

    wish love, peace, joy and harmony among them during this upcoming festive season … love you tvxq! hwaiting!!!!

  2. SheenlovesTVXQ says:

    OH MY!!
    This is really crazy.. Are they (SM) really human?!
    NO. They’re not because they’re just heartless ani***
    SM, YOU REALLY ARE @#$^&%*!!

    My poor boys T_T
    no wonder they looked so awkward in their interview..
    Don’t know what to say and what to do..
    Sigh :<

  3. DbskAlwaysFIVE! says:

    I wanna bury SM alive now!

    Gah T^T my 2 fav members Jaejoong and Changmin.


  4. eower says:

    its just so sad..
    I was half wishing the best song festival issue about jaemin wasn’t real.
    Homin should rebel and quit SM or something..past a certain point, there’s no longer any use in staying under SM and being subjected to this.

  5. maya says:

    this is going to be real short from me since i’m running out of time.
    i’m having no connection for the next month and last month as well,*Am dead*
    but you see,i feel the same way as you right now.
    i wanna kill SM or whoever behind this.
    this is too much.
    to actually forbid the boys from talking to one another?
    okay.gotta leave now.
    already saved all your entries in my thumbdrive to catch up with all the things i’ve missed out for the last 2 weeks.hehe
    thanks sooooooooooo much to you!^^

    p/s:i thought i said this is gonna be real short?lol

  6. DCLee says:

    I am hoping that it is not true. But when it comes to SM, everything is possible. YooJaeSu have been doing the Bigestation radio these last two weeks without Homing, so I am worried.

  7. minhngoc says:

    SM’s doing for all their money, but it really doesn’t deign to their own conscience so SM has not anytime to do it for our boys. SM, you’re all foxy, double-tongued, merciless,…I’m really unexpected this world that has the people like u, u’re a obvious robber in broad daylight, SM.
    your greed is expressed in your face, the artificial smiles & the artificial hearts. If u want to keep money or earning as before-> follow JYP. my words for u are usefulless, right? so fool to talk to u SM because u seem to be not human, u’re a absorptive money machine, right right-> right. U will not spend all of your money in this life so you should not change yourself into robbers as now. till u’ll disappear anymore I know everybody will miss u not only by your popular but also by your poor more than our boys’re now. maybe u’ll not have these conditions above to do, nobody takes notice of u.

  8. minhngoc says:

    I want to ask how are you to day, guys? I know if I have a felicity right now, u will not talk that u’re tired, dull of me. So eat, & relax yourself, if there is not SM no longer, Cassies always remain n support to u even in your every dream. My heart oh no Cassies’ heart always beat for you, guys. u’re always sparkling in our eyes. try try try or hwatting x unlimited times. I’m sorry, guys for our swearing at SM, I know u don’t want we do that, so sorry, but we’re broken-hearted for all your hurts, how can we help you comback together as soon as possible now? no this story will go through, please be strong. love u more than can do.

  9. yotada says:

    My…god…if this is true….(goes off in a frenzy cursing SM to hell and back)

    Seriously though, I agree with you. I can totally see SM doing this. I mean the gap between Jaemin during their backstage interview was one thing, but to see it again during their actual performance just solidifies it for me.

    Like you, I’ll give SM the benefit of the doubt (though something is telling me that we’re being way~ too kind).

    Oh yeah, I just got some interesting news last night. You know how SM and JYP had their auditions in Canada a few days ago? Well…it seems that SM’s reputation is going down the drain. Some participants (who used to be die-hard fans of SM) actually turned their back and went to audition for JYP instead. It seems that the case with DBSK has made potential-trainees wary of applying for SM. Take THAT SM!

  10. mandy says:

    is that even possible for SM to do that to the boys? ughh i hate SM sooo much.. there is practically nothing I can do though. like you said, i really wish someone would just come out and help.. ughh.. if only i knew SM, trust me i’d march right up to the office and cuss them out -.- if SM keeps this up, everyone will turn their backs on SM.

  11. oogl says:

    it’s not true
    jaechunsu have freedom now, and they wouldn’t attend if they didn’t want to attend
    it’s true SM has control over HoMin, but they chose to stay with SM, knowing the consequences, so they must agree to a certain extent

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ oogl: Yes, JaeChunSu have “freedom” from SM right now but they can’t choose NOT to attend their Japanese activities because those are not directly under SM. Their activities in Japan are under Avex, thus they don’t have the right to refuse attending these events.

  12. i likey says:

    “There should not be any contact/conversation between HoMin and JaeSuChun. Only HoMin are allow to respond during an interview.” WTF IS THIS? GROW UP U MOTHERFROGGIN CORRUPTED COMPANY/PERSON.
    i think this is true too. otherwise, why would they look so upset
    i wonder what would happen if they didnt follow the rules.
    sme just wants it to look like theres a problem within the group and theyll disband. but this is all set up. i knew something was up.


  13. JAE_LUV says:

    no way!!!! why do they hv to keep them apart?
    This is not FAIR!!!!
    I am reallly sad and angry… at the same tym!!! :( I can’t believe SM is doing this to our dbsk!!!

    SME really SUCKS!!!!! It is one BLOODY HELL COMPANY!!

    I HATE SME!!!!!!!!

  14. lovetohateme says:

    @ DbskAlwaysFIVE!: I suggest don’t eat them. SM’s evilness might rub in to you. LOL.

    @ maya: Hahaha. Welcome! Hope you’ll be back soon. =)

    @ DCLee: Yeah, their Bigeastsation grouping is starting to bother me. For two consecutive weeks, it has been JaeChunSu and then the latest one (140) is hosted by HoMin. Gawd, can’t take this…

    @ Yotada: Woah, really?! IN YOUR FACE, SM! Wohooo! Hahaha. Good thing aspiring artists are staying away from SM now. =)

  15. ash says:


    no wonder in the interview, when jaejoong was asked a question, he just looked at yunho and then down. i was like “…”. not it all makes sense.

    i used to be all like, “yeah, so sm is being stubborn, but so is jaechunsu” to be fair with sment and give them benefit of doubt, but this is PURE OVERKILL. i OFFICIALLY HATE SMENT NOW. GO DIE. IM SO NOT AUDITIONING NOW, no matter what ppl say (cough…friends…mother…cough).

    truthfully, even though im a die hard fan of DBSK, if they had disbanded, i wouldnt have overly cared, because theyve already achieved enough for a lifetime. but if this is breaking their friendship….well, you know what im saying here.

  16. anonamouse says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised if SM did this purposely to create even bigger tension between the boys. it’s manipulation. i don’t see why they can’t have side businesses, unless the company wants the boys completely dependent on them for financial gains. if they were standing on their own two feet money-wise, it may make them bold enough to challenge even more of thier ridiculous policies. not only that, a victory on jaechunsu’s side would no doubt inspire other sm artists who think it’s unfair to challenge them as well.

  17. lovetohateme says:

    @ ash: Oh, you’re supposed to audition for SM? I guess if you really want to audition, I suggest just try it out in JYP Entertainment if ever they’re holding an audition there in your place. :)

    @ anonamouse: I agree with you. This is definitely manipulation and seriously, SM is unforgivable.

  18. Christal says:

    F**K SME!!!!!
    I am seriously pissed off with them!
    They are so FREAKING childish!!!
    Guess what now?
    SuJu also have problems with SME too!
    Screw SME !

  19. ~Yume~ah~ says:

    Not again!
    DBSK is a family! Stop hurting them!
    SME reminds me of a toddler who trys to breaks things during a tandrum.
    *Sigh* I really hope the tension between the five of them smoothes out.


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