SM blinded by money; What lie will they make up next?

Posted: November 27, 2009 in TVXQ random posts
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Love this editorial. :)

SM Blinded By Money, What Lie Will They Make Up Next?

Note to our readers: This is an editorial, not an article.
Please keep this in mind when searching for facts on this case

I dare to say that TVXQ is one of the best singers in all of Korea. Truth be told, there are few singers who can sing well while dancing rigorously like they do, and there are few singers who not only sing and dance well, but look good as TVXQ does.

However, what is unfortunate is their agency SM. When one looks through all the unbelievable actions SM has carried out, one begins to wonder how such an agency was able to bring to Kpop so many singers.

Lies only bring more lies.

To sum the case up, SM suddenly added an activity to TVXQ’s schedule. (The concert that came after the lawsuit was instigated) So the three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun) stated that they would not be attending a concert that had not been planned in advance, and SM retaliated strongly and viciously. They gave off a nuance that TVXQ was being very immature by not attending a pre-scheduled activity because of a confrontation with the agency. But the problem is that all of the procedures and results that SM has been stating are lies.

1. A Pre-scheduled Activity?
: What is currently causing controversy is the signature happening; in which it is stated that a concert can occur only if the singer signs the documents him or herself. Therefore, if the singer did not sign the documents him or herself, this is the same as the singer stating that he or she would not be attending the concert. The problem is, SM forged these signatures.

To restate that, to make the concert look as though it had been scheduled in advance, created this situation from lies. There was no “pre-scheduled activity” that they claimed there was.

2. The Concert Was Given Full Permission?
:This is sounding like a lie as well. People must receive permission to advertise or sell anything related to concerts in China. To calm down the controversy, SM stated that they began selling tickets on the 21st. However, evidence from Chinese fans in the form of e-mails confirming that money was transferred for tickets that were sent on the 16th are appearing here and there. SM’s statement has once again been proven as a lie. To restate this, SM is trying to cover the situation with lie after lie.

-TVXQ’s attitude is quite mature. They are too grown up to be called idols.

SM is busy trying to criticize and tarnish the names of the members of TVXQ with lies. The company even forged signatures for the Shenzhen concert and canceled the concert only to place the blame on the members. As stated above, they used lies.

TVXQ, on the other hand, are not using media play or taking direct action against SM. They did so for their worrying fans, and to reduce, at least by one, the number of times the name TVXQ appeared in the media.

What about SM? They, on the other hand, tried to make TVXQ look like schemers and kept them in the media spotlight to tarnish the image of the group. It’s as though the agency has the mindset of ‘Since you left our house, I’ll make sure the rest of your lives are miserable. Is this really how the nation’s top, leading agency should act to youths in their 20s? It makes one wonder who is the real adult and who is the child in this dispute.

-Those who criticize TVXQ, do not criticize them if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

1. Impatient TVXQ?
: Currently, there are netizens who are quietly observing this case, but then there are some who cannot control themselves and criticize TVXQ. I ask for them to think their position over one more time. It’s actually quite laughable.

SM began selling tickets illegally although the members of TVXQ continued to decline the notion, and they even forged the members’ signatures without authorization from the members, until when do you expect them to grin and bear it? Have you no clue about the legal system and laws of our country? Forgery is an extremely serious offense in Korea.

2. TVXQ is greedy for money?
: Let’s pretend that there is a businessman who worked his way up through this own had work and determination to a reasonably good status in a company. Truth be told, he’s receiving unfair treatment, but he is receiving a bigger salary than the average businessman. In any case, he continues to diligently do as the company says for the sake of the expectations put upon him and the development of the company. So the company grew and became developed, and that businessman continued to bring forth results that met or exceeded expectations. However, the treatment he received from the company changed only slightly. All he received was more work, and bigger expectations.

Is this situation very fair? Is this a situation to look over just because the salary is not on the bad side?
This is not being greedy for money. How is wanting as much as one worked being greedy for money? This is something we should be supporting. Because this is not something wrong to do. When taking the facts that the company would become better in quality and environment, the company should be thankful.

Whatever the reason, everything has been revealed. Due to these lies being revealed, it makes one feel as though everything SM has said in the past were lies as well. I don’t know about anything else, but I’m very curious to see what explanations, no, lies SM will come up with next.

SM’s abilities to raise and debut skilled singers is notable, however, they are advised to fix themselves and mature into an agency that can communicate and listen to its singers.

Source: [Daum View On+DNBN]
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  1. yotada says:

    Cassies should defiantly make another editorial in the Korean Newspaper highlighting all of SM’s lies and deceits.

    Like the author stated above, I also wonder who is the adult and who is the child in this case.

    On another note, I have successfully converted a friend of mine into a DBSK fan XD

    He’s now a proud fan of Jaejoong and Yunho! (Yunjae fanboy?! Just kidding)

    But yeah, the point is that he lives in South Africa, so now he’s spreading the news of this dispute to the people there. Though we international fans can’t do much, we CAN spread the news of this controversy and let others become aware of it. (call me paranoid, but I have a feeling that it won’t be long until international media joins the fray.)

    Currently I have friends in Australia, Taiwan and Canada who are doing their best to spread this news. Never underestimate the power of information and gossip. By informing others of the news first, we can prevent them from swallowing whatever the media presents them with later on.

    er….I seemed to have gone off on a tangent there…sorry about that…

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi. loved the editorial too. thanks.

  3. oogl says:

    it seems both parties are at fault here…

    TVXQ is an exceptionally talented group. They are well known all over Asia. This result is produced by 3 major factors: their hard work, fans, and SM. These are all equally important, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. TVXQ would not be TVXQ without either one of the factors. The problem is formed when such balance is disrupted.

    SM is a very strong company, producing many great artists. They trained and spent lots of effort and money on them. Without these companies, these artists would remain as nobodies. They would never have the chance to make 6-digit earnings, perform in front of thousands of people, and have the support and love of so many devoted fans. Sure, SM’s main purpose is to make money, as all companies are, and it is perfectly normal, but their strict ways of managing their artists may be a bit overboard, bordering on unreasonableness.
    About their lies: accept it, everyone lies. The artists lie, the entertainment companies lie. It’s a bad thing, but it happens.Only because this issue was brought to court does it gain such a significance.
    JaeChunSu decided to bring it up, whatever their reasons are, no one knows for sure but themselves. There’s a reason why HoMin didn’t agree, and their parents would not have spoken out if they didn’t want to. JaeChunSu brought the case to court. By doing this it burdens HoMin alot. It is all 5 of them’s decisions to do this, but only three agreed. This is very irresponsible. Now, they face the very likely possibility of a break up of the group all 5 of them contributed to, with the disagreement of 2 of the members. This is solely the will of the 3 members, not SM’s. Remember, SM doesn’t want any harm done to TVXQ’s name. Their overall goals are inline with each other’s, and such an agreement is clearly stated in the contracts. Until this balance is broken, most conditions are met for the maximum progress for TVXQ to grow. But it was broken, and it led to this mess.

  4. lovetohateme says:

    @ oogl: “About their lies: accept it, everyone lies. The artists lie, the entertainment companies lie. It’s a bad thing, but it happens.Only because this issue was brought to court does it gain such a significance.”

    – Yes, everyone lies and it’s normal. But the kind of lies SM does are beyond “acceptable”. The amount of damage that their lies have caused to a lot of people and the future of these people is unforgivable.

    “JaeChunSu brought the case to court. By doing this it burdens HoMin alot. It is all 5 of them’s decisions to do this, but only three agreed. This is very irresponsible.”

    – I admit that this is a burden for HoMin since they’re “in the middle” of things but this is also a burden for JaeChunSu. Some people always see how “the innocent HoMin” (and I don’t mean that in a bad way) are getting greatly affected by this but they fail to see that this is also hard – if not doubly hard – on the part of the three members. Also, I wouldn’t call JaeChunSu irresponsible because:
    1) They’ve discussed this matter with HoMin even before they filed a lawsuit and the fact that HoMin let them do this means that, although they might not agree with filing a lawsuit, they respect the reasons of the three members for doing this. I wouldn’t call talking to your group members first before doing anything as “irresponsibility.”
    2) What is your definition of “irresponsibility”? Is it fighting for your right as a person despite the knowledge that some people might get affected? You see, the problem is that some people see the action of JaeChunSu as something “irresponsible” because they see that many people got affected by it. But seriously if they didn’t do this, doesn’t it mean they’re being irresponsible to THEMSELVES? Why would they sacrifice continually having a miserable life under SM just to avoid people from getting hurt? Sometimes, we have to think of ourselves first before others. Whether we like it or not, having a certain degree of selfishness is something that we – from time to time – need to do to survive. Before being responsible for other people’s well-being, we have to be responsible of ourselves first. I believe that is what JaeChunSu did. Being responsible for themselves, their well-being, and the future of their families. And, no matter how messed up and complicated this situation has become and even if this would probably lead to their disbandment as DBSK, I am proud that they stood-up for their rights.

    I would never put the blame on any DBSK member no matter what the result of this may be because I trust them and the decision that they make. No matter what our opinions or judgments are on this issue, it wouldn’t really matter much because only the boys know what really is the cause of all of this and what really is happening. We are mere bystanders who can only see the situation in an outsider’s point of view.

  5. zasica says:

    @lovetohateme: agree with u.
    Homin have their own reason to let ChunJaeSu goes with the lawsuit.
    they probably stuck with the movie contract?
    have any other people think if SM good enough for their artist, not even 10 years, 20 years also they will stay with SM and still continue the contract till they die.
    but SM didnt fair, thats why they have get back their right.
    hey, work under preasure and underpaid its done long time alrd when each country still have war and fight for their freedom, come on.
    even if you open the business which of course want to get higher profit, should u underpressure your staff?and let them realise then left your company behind?of course not. you will give them good job description and give them good work field ( of course there will be a bit pressure for due date or somthing, but not everytime right? ) let them stay cosy and they willingly work for you, if not you will work harder cos you need to trained new people.
    thats what SM done. they take other people right. its only 5 of them and they have to seperate the profit which is SM divide before. just imagine how SUJU works and get their paid ( im cassie anyway ). SM just lucky to get fact that SUJU and ELF havent cum up yet. it will even worst. maybe for some people SM doing the right thing cos they are run business. but remember, they run business cos OTHER PEOPLE WORK FOR THEM, AND WHAT THEY DO JUST SIT AND ARRANGE LIKE THEY WANT..i think SM have to start to see the needs and their artist complaints before they run the business. good business is about profit for all side right? ( even im not a business woman, but the fact is open infront of your eyes and public critics)

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