Mnet invited TVXQ for their year-end awards

Posted: November 17, 2009 in DBSK in Korea
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Mnet has invited DBSK to attend the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on the 21st of November. MAMA used to be known as the Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) but the people at Mnet decided to form a new concept for the award show starting this year.

Mnet Invited TVXQ For Their Year-end Awards

On the 16th, it was revealed by Mnet’s office that they have invited TVXQ, whose members are in the midst of a legal dispute with their management company, to attend their year-end awards “Mnet Asian Music Award” (hereafter known as MAMA). This year’s MAMA will be held on the 21st November, Seoul, Jamsil Gymnasium.

Their office said, “MAMA’s aim is to show the rest of Asia Korea’s culture” and “the award ceremony will be aired across the 10 main countries in Asia, like Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, where TVXQ is the best artist. Thus, Korea’s top artist cannot be excluded from the invitation.”

On MAMA’s end, they have expressed interest in inviting TVXQ to attend their awards. On the 16th, they said that they would get in touch with TVXQ’s management to see whether it would be possible for them to attend or not. However, TVXQ’s company, SM Entertainment has declared that they would not be attending MAMA, so a lot of attention has been cast on TVXQ to see whether or not they will attend.

An official from the KPOP industry said, “Last month, the courts approved a partial injunction to the 3 members’ exclusive contract with the company, and the 3 members are allowed to participate in their own individual activities” and “while we hope that all 5 members can attend together, the possibility of only the 3 members attending is high”.

MAMA is holding their award ceremony on the 21st, which was originally the date of TVXQ’s concert in China. However, SM Entertainment claimed that, “The 3 members expressed that they did not wish to participate in the concert that was to be held on the 21st, and the remaining performances are uncertain.” In contrast, the 3 members’ side claimed that “From the beginning, the China concert (Shenzhen) was not in the contract.”

A representative from a company for idol groups said, “SM Entertainment and the 3 members have differing opinions, and the dispute is becoming more serious. Disbandment might be inevitable.”

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I don’t know what to think about this piece of news. I’m dying to see the boys perform again but there is a HIGH POSSIBILITY of that not happening since SM has already said that they’re boycotting MAMA this year (I don’t know what the reason behind it, though) and won’t allow its artists to attend the said event. Since Yunho and Changmin are still fully under SM’s control, they are part of the “SM artists who won’t participate in the event”, unless of course someone would knock some sense into SM’s head and allow the two boys to perform. As for JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu’s case, they CAN DECIDE to participate and attend this year’s MAMA. They have the freedom to attend it because according to the Court ruling, the members can pursue activities independent of SM. But, even though how much I miss seeing the boys perform, I don’t think I would want JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu to be attending this event unless ALL FIVE OF THEM ARE THERE. I think I wouldn’t be as happy to see their performance if two members are lacking. Also, I think if the three decide to attend it, the media might spread rumors that this is the mark of DBSK’s disbandment or worse, SM might use this against the three of them by saying that they want to break away from DBSK by pursuing individual activities. That’s one thing I don’t want to happen, people making up stories just by a simple attendance of an event.

Anyway, if JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu decide to attend the MAMA, I will still be awaiting their performance. Like I have said, I’ll support the boys whether they do activities together as a group or individually. But I really hope – even if the possibility is one in a million – that SM would allow the two members to attend MAMA so the five of them could perform in one stage again.

  1. DCLee says:

    If Jaejoong and yoochun perform Colors and Junsu perform a deut with a female singer, they can attend it with less impression of disbandment. Since they have done such activity as TVXQ members before. Unfortunately, both BoA and Zhang Zhili are at SM and I don’t know whether there is enough time for Junsu to find a good singing partner.

  2. i likey says:

    so none of the sm artists are attending?

    lthm: i agree with what you’re saying about jaechunsu’s attendance at the mama. i wish the whole group could attend it.

    i dont think sme will be oh-so-nice and let the group attend together. the only way to make him do so is to knock some brick on his head

  3. lovetohateme says:

    @ i likey: Yeah, none of the SM artists attended the event. SM boycotted the show.

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