Andy of Shinhwa: “With TVXQ, want to stand on one stage”

Posted: November 3, 2009 in DBSK in Korea, k-pop love
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I think if there are people who knows and understands DBSK’s situation and feelings right now, it’s the members of Shinhwa. It’s so sweet of Andy to encourage our boys to keep fighting and to stay together. They really needed that. And just like Andy, we wish to see DBSK on stage again and it would be even more great if they do a concert with Shinhwa.

Andy, “With TVXQ, want to stand on one stage”

Popular group Shinhwa member, Andy showed both his sympathy and affection towards his junior group TVXQ.

Andy who already released two independent solo albums recently has an interview with Asia Economic Daily. “I know what DBSK members have been experiencing these days must give them a little bit pain. As their friends only be able to see, it’s a shame. I wish the case will be ended through an amicable settlement which won’t hurt any parties.” he said.

About TVXQ members who have been involved in legal battle with SM Entertainment, “I’m not in the position who can say right or wrong or judge someone to be good or bad. It’s difficult to give opinion about what’s happening.” however, “What every singers need to do is to stand on the stage. I hope they won’t lose their will and determination. I hope they would think about their fans more than anything.” he revealed his own thought.

Then on, Andy recalled, “Back then, when we (Shinhwa) all gathered and saw TVXQ, ‘Those fellows are so cool. It’s frightening.’ We never have the same thought like this before. We all acknowledge TVXQ’s powerful song performance is really scary. That’s why, to see them coming in this kind of situation, I’m shocked and sad because I could not even imagine it,”

Each member of Shinhwa has their own solo activities, but so far there’s no conflict arises as Andy said, “We’re trying hard to stick to each other rather than being greed off! You must respect even small things, so that you won’t lose the big one.”

Andy closed the interview by saying, “When later on Shinhwa could regroup again, we want to stand together with TVXQ on one stage. We don’t mind if people compares us, because we’re now stronger than we were before and we’re ready to get our victory, it’s not an impossible job to do. It’s not a shame to think a possibility of performing in showing a beautiful stage. Therefore, I really want to see TVXQ coming back again.”

source: asiae + dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

  1. evesd says:

    thank u for sharing this..i also have the same opinion here with andy shinwa..i think dbsk should stand once again as one big group of great singers..i hope they can make a best decision after their next meeting on shenchen concert in this november…

    to dbsk:
    guys, please open up ur mind, ur heart, and please think more about all of the hard work, the sad things, the happiness and days u’ve been shared together in the last 6 years..don’t make it useless! please remember all the words u’ve said before, there’ll be no dbsk if one of u left dbsk…;-(

  2. minhngoc says:

    great! Shinwa was a legend before & now many fans still support to them .This event may mark their comming back so this’s also a big encouragement to DBSK. Through this event we know DBSK still has been concurred by many ways & sides not only by Cassies & fans Cheer up!. I don’t know what happens behind this but thank to Shinwa in general & Andy in particular :).

  3. Sue says:

    DBSK and Shinhwa doing a concert together, you say?
    OMG, it would be the greatest day ever in my life. I’d do everything just to go to Korea for that concert. I mean, the two BESTEST (is this even a word? LOL) groups singing together, imagine how awesome it would be?

    It’s been very tough for DBSK fans these past few days, and I think the same goes with the Dong Bang boys as well. The whole 3 vs 2 situation’s been going on and on since the day the lawsuit started. I for once thought it had already died out after their Shanghai concert, it did not. Boy, how wrong I was…But you know what’s worse? It’s the so called “fans”. They call themselves a fan, but what they do is take sides, call Homin traitors, blame JaeChunSu for what’s been happening, and so on. It’s really tiring and painful to watch.

    I have to say the Homin’s statements thing is such a letdown. I can’t for the life of me imagine Yunho and Changmin could’ve made those statements, but I also do not think SM could make such a move like making false documents. I really don’t know what to do, and that scares me. I’m praying this nightmare will end soon. And whatever the outcome might be, I hope their bond remains the same, that’s what that matters :D

    Oh and it’s been a while since my last comment, I don’t know if you can remember me, but yea, just wanted to say hi! Sorry for ranting too much every time I come here XD

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ Sue: Hello! Of course I remember you! :) I’m scared too but being scared won’t do us any good at this point. We just have to stay strong and wish for the best.

  4. i likey says:

    the last paragraph is so touching. <3 andy's such a sweetie

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