JaeChunSu @ JaeJoong’s sister’s wedding

Posted: October 25, 2009 in Kim Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, TVXQ random posts, Xiah Junsu
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JaeJoong’s 6th sister got married (I think the wedding was yesterday) and of course, JaeJoong was there together with his whole family. But Yoochun and Junsu also attended the wedding together with Yeong Pil (remember the friend Yoochun introduce in “Star’s Friend”?). JaeJoong and Junsu sang a duet for the couple entitled “To My Bride” and of course, there are fancams of it available on YT already. LOL. The duet was GREAT that I really hope JaeJoong and Junsu would sing a duet together and release it as a single just like what JaeChun did. :)

Anyway, here are some pics of the boys from the wedding. JaeJoong looks so cute when his sister was kissing his cheek! <333

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Fancams! =)

JaeSu singing “To My Bride”

The duet was lovely, right? :D

JaeJoong with his family

LOL. JaeJoong was surrounded by the “girls of his life”. They look really close! Now I can fully understand why JaeJoong has some “feminine” side. It’s pretty hard for a guy to not have a “feminine” side if you’re practically surrounded by a bunch of girls everyday. Hahaha. And the kiss from his sister was soo~ sweet! Awww! Also, we have some fanboy alert here. LOL. :D I wonder who that guy is? He really asked Jae to take a picture with him on his camera phone! Hahaha!

JaeSu calling Yeong Pil

LOL! They raised their hands at the same time!

Junsu taking pictures with the children

Awww… so cute!

Junsu trapped in a corner

He looks… sad? =(

  1. cassandra says:

    Awww. Jae is cute. I think Junsu was slightley perturbed by the fans/wedding guests at the wedding taking his picture and filming them. They weren’t discreet at all. It’s like he couldn’t enjoy his time there because others made it a photo-op. I don’t think jae cares much though, he just seems really happy for his sister and/or is ignoring said irritants. His family seems like a close bunch. I wanna go, too!

    I’m also wondering about how the fans got in; were they invited? or do we have a case of some wedding crashers? I’m hoping that the uploaders were at least resepctful enough to ask before they put up these vids because in all honesty the junsu vids and some of the pics make me uncomfortable. It doesn’t look as though he wanted his picture taken and I think that fans/party guests should be respectful of their wishes to be left alone during private moments. His body language is clearly reading “leave me alone” (and in a whiny voice at that). Anyway, I hope that he at least enjoyed himself when people put their cameras away.

    why are my comments always like a page long? Thanks for the pics.

  2. lovetohateme says:

    @ cassandra: I don’t think those who got these fancams and who were taking pictures of the boys are gate crashers. I’m pretty sure most, if not all, are really invited guests for the wedding. I guess they just couldn’t help their fangirling/fanboying over DBSK that’s why they got these pics and fancams. But I do agree that this is a private ceremony so maybe the fans should have been more discreet.

  3. hotjaejoongie says:

    lol waaaaaaaa jj was surrounded by girls!! and one of’em had their hand on his shoulder!!! i want my hand to be there!!! well at least it was his sista. not some person!! cuase if it was ima personally go to her house and slap her in the face!!! >:o lol they r sooooo lucky to have a sexayyy brother!!! cute pic.s btw lol luv’em :D pllz get more they r genius!!!

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