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Woah, I want to see those never before seen footage of the boys! They’re always in Zoom In Super so I bet there are a lot of scenes that were not part of the past broadcasts of the show. :D

First Appearance! Exclusive Broadcast On CS Nitteleplus In November

“Zoom pursues Tohoshinki to find out everything” – Zoom x Tohoshinki SP Part 2!

“Zoom In!!Super” has continuously followed Tohoshinki since their debut.
The first time they appeared on the show was when they recorded a comment for Zoom, and it’s a nostalgic memory indeed. They also appeared in 3 “Zoom Super Stage” Live events in the past, and all these precious footage have been kept carefully by the production team, and shall be released on Nitteleplus!
Only on Nitteleplus, will you be able to see their growth.

Also, scenes that have never been seen before, nor broadcasted, will be shown!
There’s also the unpublished talks from their solo interviews!
It’s a private talk that consists of things like how they spend their holidays in Korea and secrets about their songs.
Also, during the interview, there was also a surprising happening for the members…

This is their first meeting with announcers Hatori and Nishio, after their first Tokyo Dome concert!
The 5 people who danced on their dream stage; it will be an exciting interview with Hatori and Nishio.

Also, the secret story behind “Kiss The Baby Sky”, which was the morning weather forecast theme song in 2008.
The interview and behind the scenes recording with Yuchun, who was the composer and lyricist for the song, will be revealed.
In addition, the making video of the Promotion Video, which Hatori and Nishio participated in, will be revealed!
Total coverage of the members, that happened over a long period of time, will be covered!
The Promotion Video, a collaboration by the programme team and Tohoshinki, is a must-see!

Only on Zoom can you see this coverage of Tohoshinki, and only Zoom knows their full charisma!!
You’ll be shown the smiling faces of these 5 people, that have never been seen before~

※You can only view this on Nitteleplus Sky Perfect! e2/Sky Perfect!/CATV
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Good work, Chinese Cassies! Thank you for telling and showing DBSK that we still believe in them no matter what happens on behalf of all of us DBSK fans around the world who cannot make it to the concert to show them how much faith we have in them. Thank you for showing them that they are not alone in this fight, all of us are here to support and back them up.

TVXQ Towards Chinese “Believe” Events, Brings Out Tears

miroticinshanghai-red ocean (15)

TVXQ ended their concert in tears due to the awesome event from Chinese fans.

On October 2nd, TVXQ held their concert in Shanghai Hongkou Football Field. The Chinese fans attending held up placards written “Miduhyo (Belive)” in Korean to show their support to TVXQ. With the recent legal dispute some TVXQ members has been involved, the fans’ faith that all 5 TVXQ members will stay together until the end was shown. The members ended showing their tears.

TVXQ concert in Shanghai had so many fans crowded the concert hall, and high response towards the concert was obtained. TVXQ peformed “Wrong Number” “Hey!” and many hits on stage, also the brilliant individual performance of the members.

TVXQ fans cheered while were holding red penlights. At each individual stage of the members, colors of red penlights exchanged to green, gold, and many others which represents the color of each member who were performing. Hongkou Football Stadium was decorated with so many images.

Members of TVXQ greeted “Happy Chuseok!” to their fans in the middle of concert and the members saying lovely phrase in Chinese such as “Xiang wo le?? (Do you miss me?)” created exploding cheers from all fans.

On the way to home after the concert, fans were in high reaction and said excitingly, “The stage was beautiful” and “The impression of the concert is unforgettable.”

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DBSK and all of us, their fans, can overcome any challenge that comes our way because WE ARE ONE.


DBSK held the Mirotic concert in Shanghai yesterday and of course, pictures are all over the place again. I’ll post these pics first since I’m still in the process of gathering the concert pictures. As you all know, my internet connection is so slow especially this past week because of the continuous rains we’re experiencing here in the Philippines. I might have a hard time posting pictures so please be patient. =)

These pics are part of the Mirotic in Shanghai goodies. I think these are also the pictures used in promoting SM’s noraebang business, EverySing. The boys are so cute on these pictures! Chunnie looks like a DORKY GEEK and Jae’s “tied-up-pineapple-like-hair” on the first and last pic looks so funny! LOL.


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