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These are performances that were not shown by TBSch when the 4th Live Tour – The Secret Code Final in Tokyo Dome had its broadcast. The only performance I can’t find right now is “Summer Dream”. T_T

Anyway, enjoy these clips! They’re a must-watch! ;)

COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~

I think by now all of you knows that I like this song so much so naturally, I loved this performance, too! It didn’t seem like it’s the first time for JaeJoong and Yoochun singing this song because they sang it fawlessly. Everything about this performance is beautiful – the song, the melody, the way JaeJoong and Yoochun looked at each other, the way they smiled at each other and towards the audience, the audience participating in singing the song, the atmosphere… it’s just a beautiful scene to watch. :)


One word: SEXY. I’m getting addicted to the beat of this song and the choreography (minus the seductive touching)  is really good. I really admire Junsu’s dancing. He’s one of the best dancers, if not the best, I’ve ever seen. And can you hear the screaming of the fans whenever Junsu touches the dancer? This is definitely not for the faint-hearted Junsu fangirls to watch. LOL.

Wild Soul

I love rocker Changmin! He fits the rocker image so much! And the voice, goodness! Hahaha. I tell you, this is one FIERCE performance by Changmin. Totally different from his lullaby performance during their Mirotic concerts. LOL.


This is also SEXY performance just like XIAHTIC. The choreography of this one also daring and I’m sure a lot of Yunho’s fangirls are dying of jealousy now. *peace*

Stand Up!

LOL @ their poses when Junsu sings “don’t stop”. I pity them because they might have gotten tired with the constant waving of the hands. Hahaha. and isn’t this a bit slower than the studio version? But this is a good performance because it’s very laid-back and enccourages audience participation.


I was kinda disappointed with the cameraman and whoever is in-charge of the lighting of the stage because I didn’t enjoy this performance that much. The stage lights are too vivid and the cameraman just keeps on focusing on the dome and the whole stage instead of the boys. Honestly speaking, I prefer the camera works of the T Concert DVD than this one.

O – Sei Han Go

Did I even get the title right? LOL. Sorry. I listen to the Korean version of this more often than the Japanese version that’s why I keep on forgetting the Japanese title. Anyway, I miss this song so much! Their dancing to the choreography to this song is still as amazing as ever and I still enjoy watching the short dance break (the one where they are like puppets). That’s the part that I always anticipate when I watch performances of this song and our boys never fails me because its always beautifully done. :D

Box in the Ship

LOL. The boys are hilarious saying random sings for the “box in the ship” part. Looks like Changmin was in-charge of yelling the places and FOOD (of course, what do you expect?) while JaeJoong is still into his “Shoyukoto” gag. Heck, Junsu’s yells are so hard! Tongue twisters! LOL.


This song is my most favorite composition by JaeJoong so far (as in the ones he composed/wrote alone) and this is the first time I saw a live performance of it. I must say that this performance is absolutely beautiful and is one of the best performances in the whole concert. I love the way they were seated on the extended stage at the start of the performance and then they gradually stood up and went to the main stage. Also, the instrumental part that was played by the band while they were on their way to the main stage is really pleasing to hear. I never expected this song to be this wonderful when performed live. This performance definitely made me love “Wasurenaide” even more than I already have.

Love in the Ice

Another spellbinding performance of Love in the Ice. I swear I’ll never get tired of this song no matter how many million times I see them perform it live. Each performance never fails to amaze me. The way the boys sing and the way their voices blend and harmonize is very captivating. Watching them perform this always renders me speechless. Love in the Ice is definitely DBSK’s song. I am utterly convinced that other artists should never make a cover of this song simply because only DBSK can do justice to it. I believe no can perform it better or even as good as our boys have performed it. Only the five of them are able to pull out the right emotions for this song and only they can create that magical atmosphere that Love in the Ice possesses. Also, this song made me realize why DBSK should never break-up. Only when the five of them are together can they make a performance as GREAT and UNFORGETTABLE as this. Only when their voices blend and harmonize as one can they create a melody as MAGNIFICENT and SPLENDID as this. If I would choose one song that best represents DBSK, Love in the Ice has got to be it.

[Vide credits: yunlinjae + tvxqlove12000]

LOL! Soulmate=DORKS. :D The part where they talked about Hello Kitty is so funny! They referred to her as “Hello Kitty-chan” and Yoochun said that she is wealthy. Hahaha! JaeJoong was also sooo~ cute when he was trying to do the “Hello Kitty walk” and said that the “lalalala~” part of Colors ~Melody and Hamrmony~fits it. And I just have to mention this: Yoochun looks like he’s spacing out on this clip! LOL! :D

By the way, this clip is from the limited edition Hello Kitty version of Colors ~Melody and Harmony~.

[Credit: mickytohos]

I think this event is for Bigeast members only (please correct me if I got that wrong). They are really so lucky! Avex always organizes so many DBSK-related events for the fans. Apart from that, Avex is also willing to spend so much for a DBSK. this only goes to show that they  have become of the most important artists in Avex and that their popularity in Japan is steadily increasing. Congrats to our dear boys for all these achievements!

Tohoshinki Mobilises 50,000 People! Fans Eagerly Awaiting Film Screening

Date: 01 October 2009
Time: 7.51am
By: Sankei Sports

On 30th September, it was revealed that a film screening for Tohoshinki, a popular 5-member group from Korea, will take place and it consists of a special compilation of the best scenes at Tohoshinki’s first Tokyo Dome concert. From 31st October till 6th November, it will be released in all of Tokyo・TOHO Cinema Ropongi Hills nationwide, and is estimated to mobilize about 50,000 people. It is possible that more theatres might be added on later. As this is a valuable opportunity to watch a film on Asia’s Top Stars, there will be a lot of competition for the tickets.

With many premium Lives and footage, it will be shown on the big screens in the theaters.

They had 2 consecutive nights of performances at the Tokyo Dome on 4th and 5th July, and 100,000 tickets sold out almost immediately. As there were many fans who didn’t get the chance to see them perform, at 2 other events held during July, they were filled with requests by the fans, who said that they wished to “watch the footage and PV from the Lives in a theatre”. The members also wished to show the new footage sooner, to all the fans nationwide, and decided to screen it in the theatres so it would be more realistic and enjoyable.

From the 31st, all 19 theatres in the country will screen it, but there is also a possibility that there will be more theatres added.

The costs for planning such a large-scale project is also extraordinary. Firstly, the money invested for their overall productions is ¥700,000,000, which includes the publishing of a Tokyo Dome Concert Digest, to commemorate their great success at the Dome. In addition, during the Tokyo stop for the summer outdoor concert tour 「a-nation」, a Top 10 ranking for promotion videos voted by the fans was introduced. The precious videos were aired for approximately 100 minutes.

The official release date of the tickets will be announced by HP on a later date, and with an additional ¥3000, the goods will come in a package which also consists of unpublished photos from the 「a-nation」 DVD slide show.

Since 2008, Tohoshinki has achieved a record of 6 consecutive singles attaining the #1 rank on the Oricon charts. Their fanclub membership has also exceed the 100,000 mark, and shows their immense popularity amongst men and women of all ages.

On 30th September, their Tokyo Dome DVD (Avex,¥5,800) was released and managed to ship their highest record of over 180,000 copies in their first shipment, despite the slump in the industry. Also released on the same day is Jejung (23) and Yuchun (23)’s new single, 「COLORS~Melody and Harmony~」, that they released as a new unit under the name of 「JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from 東方神起)」. It also achieved a highest record of over 180,000 copies in their first shipment. The single achieved the #1 ranking on the Oricon Daily Charts, and it seems like the supportive fans will be enthusiastically running to get tickets to watch their amazing film in the theatres.

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LOL. Yoochun wants to find his love by the end of this year. Anyone wants to volunteer? :D And Yoochun needs to stop being stingy and split the bill with JaeJoong next time they eat or drink out or else we might see a bald Yoochun. Hahaha!






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Pictures from their special interview with Oricon. I love their look especially Jae’s purple polo shirt and Yoochun’s scarf. ;)

[Credit: Oricon + deNain@soompi]

Their interview from FM Yokohama Tre-sen. This looks a bit long but once you read it, it really is not since each template only contains a little part of the interview. But because there are a lot of templates, I’ll just post it as thumbnails and you can just click on each to enlarge and read the text. The arrangement is from left to right. :D

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