I was checking out the comments on my dashboard a while ago when I stumbled upon an interesting one left by Keeping The Faith with God and DBSK. He/She provided a link to a blog where a MUST-READ article for all of us DBSK fans can be found. I encourage all DBSK fans reading/visiting this blog to take time in reading the contents of the post.


When I read the last part of the blog post where j.adore’s post at DBSK’s thread at Soompi was posted, I remembered reading it when I was backtracking the pages at Soompi. It actually caught my attention, too and I thought of posting it but due to all the articles that came out and my wanting to finish my backtracking, I seemed to have forgotten to go back to the page where it was posted. I was also hesitant to post it because I’m not sure if j.adore would want it taken out from Soompi. I haven’t asked her permission yet because although I’m a lurker at Soompi, I never posted on any thread (yes, even DBSK’s) because I’m quite hesitant in voicing out my opinions on forums. I’m aware that I often times have weird opinions and sometimes I can be pretty tactless and unmindful of my words (as evidenced by my blog entries here) so I refuse to post in public forums in order to avoid any conflict or misunderstanding with other people. But I figured that this is an important warning that DBSK fans should be aware of so I guess I’m gonna post it here (just in case people are too lazy to check out the link above). If ever j.adore (or any of her acquaintances) happen to stumble upon this post and wouldn’t want it to be posted anywhere else, kindly tell me and I’ll take it down immediately.

Just a note to everyone who are about to read the following statements. What you are bout to read is not an official news or press release. It’s just a simple comment that serves as a warning to all DBSK fans of what COULD happen in the coming days. She’s just sharing the many possiblities of how things will be in the future and is trying to help us prepare ourselves from all of this. So please avoid bashing. If you don’t have anything good to say after reading the this, keep it to yourself and LEAVE. I hope I made that clear.

I was reading earlier pages when there was first news about the concert being postponed… and it’s just SM’s very smart calculated move. Although the 3 members are in dispute with SM at the moment, this doesn’t mean that they can’t necessarily work in Korea right now. And also, when the lawyers stated that they would be participating in the concert, SM didn’t release any statements back then. The members said they would keep their promise but SM chose now, like a week before the concert to all suddenly cancel blaming it on the dispute. They cite reasons that because of the dispute, it’ll be hard to continue w/ the concert; or how because this concert was about SM family and because of this, they don’t feel comfortable letting the concert go on. This is all bull… if they were going to postpone b/c of the concert, they should have released it in the first place. If they were worried about SM family image, they shouldn’t even have begun this war in the first place. And by canceling the concert this late, they are losing money. If they are willing to give up the concert losing money in the process, they are obviously showing their intentions to be strong with this case.

Gmarket wasn’t even informed about the cancellation until AFTER the article got out. Shouldn’t the order be that their affiliation knows about the cancellation beforehand? SM was in a hurry to get to the press that they didn’t think to inform other parties involved with the concert.
We had a family dinner tonight so there was couple family members talking about this case b/c a lot of them are involved in the industry. They said that one of the things SM could/would do is to degrade the member’s public image. So there might be articles/videos/posts in the future of one of the members doing something they shouldn’t be doing. My aunt works at an entertainment company as big as SM, and she said SM executives must be pissed off b/c they are already losing this case just through the media. Their stocks have gone down and the public image of the company worsened. Not only that, if this goes to courts, he probably will have to change the contracts of all the artists as well. They say at the moment, the members to be in favor of the whole situation, but a lot of them agree that there probably will be a move by SM to overturn it before the court date if it leads to that. There has been so many posts by fans that have degraded SM’s image as well. There is that infamous video of Yunho, Junsu and their hair stylist, each member looking like they are going to faint at a concert proving how overworked they are…

SM isn’t going to just stand there and let the media control the situation.
This has happened before with Shinhwa and HOT as well.

My uncle works at SBS and he’s said multiple times how well mannered DBSK members are and their work ethics haven’t changed since their debut. But as someone in the field, he knows SM won’t be just standing there. They will do whatever it takes b/c at the moment, they have nothing to lose. I’m already thinking that they are prepared for disbandment and want to ruin the 3 members first.

One of the things they can do first is to separate the fans. The fans have a trust toward the members right now and they might try to turn the fans back towards the members. This might be through the press or it might be through someone posing as a fan, releasing information. Most likely, it’ll probably have something to do with their private lives. Anywhere from exaggerating their latest visit to a bar, saying something offensive… etc. The rumors/articles about trouble between the members is not even a start for what SM might do. That’s nothing. They might start targeting one member out of the three in order to bring down the validity of the 3 members. They might actually bring the 2 remaining members into this more to show good vs. bad sort of thing.

When the dispute started, they first used the makeup company as an excuse. Then they refuted that they gave the members 11 billion wons and cars. Now, they’ll probably resort to more crude methods. The thing very different about all other cases before this is that there wasn’t a strong bound between the members. And between the fans as well. So whatever the media says, even if it seems totally unrelated to the dispute, DO NOT trust it. This is a scary industry. I mean, this is an industry where managers record sex tapes of their female celebrities to keep just in case anything happens. This is a dirty, dirty, scary, evil industry.

Even if there is videos of them doing something wrong, keep faith. The members are only human so even if their mistakes, flaws, wrong doings are reported, or their is a video circulating around, just keep your faith. I’ve been just hearing a lot of things that will be happening and it just worries me what is coming and what they will go through.

So just trust in them because they have stated their positions multiple times. That seems to be the only thing fans can do at the moment. Stick together as one, and just give the boys 100% trust.

Credit: j.adore@soompi

So to all of us DBSK fans, let’s keep our full trust to our boys. Let’s not be fooled by any attempt of ruining the members’ reputation. More than anything else, it’s our TRUST and FAITH on them that they really need the most. The members are only asking us to believe them that is exactly what we should do.

Cassiopeia, Bigeast and International Fans, never falter. No matter what happens, ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.

  1. Liz says:

    Always keep the faith!

  2. SilentPixie says:

    The part where the person states about the “female artists sex videos” is rather disturbing.

    I think SM will do everything in its power to make the boys lookd bad. They will probably come out with footage of them drinking or smoking or being on a date. We knew about the first two, smoking and drinking, but the last one seems like it’s our “weakness”. I know we all love the boys and wish with all of our mights that they were truly OURS but that’s not going to happen in the way we think.

    The boys have worked hard ever since debut and have given us their best.

    Even when they were sad, they performed for us,
    Even when they were tired, they performed for us,
    Even when they were angry, they performed for us,
    Even when they were injured, they performed for us.
    They especially performed for us when they were beyond happy.

    So in a way they do “belong” to us because of the dedication, perseverance, and passion that they have shown to us through their music. They have committed themselves to us. They are OUR DBSK and we are THEIR Cassiopeia.

    So no matter what crap/bs that people come up with we must ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! ^_^V

  3. Jeannie says:

    @Silentpixie: you said it well my friend ^^

    I kinda have to Keep the Faith because I have TVXQ with me for life now ^^ And I’m very proud and very happy about it. I will never lose Faith in these 5 EVER!


  4. i likey says:

    “articles/videos/posts in the future of one of the members doing something they shouldn’t be doing.”
    “I’m already thinking that they are prepared for disbandment and want to ruin the 3 members first.”
    this is soo true. SM will do soo much to get revenge. maybe this is one of the reasons why we’re all worrying.

    even though i dont know them personally, i believe they’re good people – people who have encountered them also think so too.. their hardwork and dedication even shows it. they dont deserve to be crushed by sm. so unfortunate how life is unfair sometimes..

    i hope this post gets spreaded around. this post really makes sense and its smart (sme cant fool us fans). ppl should understand and know about this.

    all dbsk fans unite and keep the faith! always by dbsk, fighting!

  5. lovetohateme says:

    @ SilentPixie: Emerald, I sooo love what you wrote and I couldn’t agree more to what you said. Indeed they are OUR DBSK and we are THEIR Cassiopeia. :D

    @ Jeannie, i likey & Liz: Yeah, ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!

  6. Yasmine says:

    Always and always keep the faith.

    I’m already in love with the boys. Too much in love, that i will always keep my faith

  7. Zinc says:

    SilentPixie! I love your comment! ur comment is so touchin, reading it makes me cry…
    I miss TVXQ very very much… i wanna c them on stage agn… SM better come clear to his senses!

  8. sherry.ti says:

    @SilentPixie the part u wrote this :

    Even when they were sad, they performed for us,
    Even when they were tired, they performed for us,
    Even when they were angry, they performed for us,
    Even when they were injured, they performed for us.
    They especially performed for us when they were beyond happy.

    is something that touching & i love it very very much…^^
    i swear when read this my tears fall down suddenly….T^T
    i just cannot stop thinking what they hv done & sacrifice
    for me they will always be no.1 in my heart & i will never stop trust & support them….it’s INFINITY
    TVXQ already be part of my life & i’m happy + proud be 1 of their fan

    Always Keep the Faith!!!!

  9. ohhho says:

    “They will probably come out with footage of them drinking or smoking or being on a date.”

    Well, didn’t the last one just occur this morning? When Jaejae said that he don’t even know about it. I’m pretty sure that it was SM whom was behind all these plays.

    And everything that is happening right now with dbsk, is like a deja vu. So far, everything goes according to H.O.T’s incident. That’s what scares me the most, there are far too many common points in this. JTL and JCS. With the other two still remain in SM. I don’t wish that Homin would get such harsh treatments from SM after JCS left. But if everything goes according to what happened back then, then it is inevitable.

    But it’s alright, I have 100% faith in them. Not for the name tvxq, but their friendship. Just hope that things would get better after the worse, even if they have to breakup, it’s alright. I have faith that they five of them would stick together in the end. Poor boys, they have suffered alot since god knows when. Sigh.

  10. Berlin says:

    Oh thank you for sharing this.

    J.ADORE has forsaying almost everything that has happened to our DBSK since the lawsuit started.

    Hope her opinion/statement above can spread around because it really makes sense. SME is trying everything to make JaeChunSu looks bad in the public. And try to divided the members, the fans.

    Really EVERYONE, keep our faith, our believing in them.

    DBSK has give US so much!!

    That’s why TRUST and BELIEVING is at least something I want to give them back!

  11. lovetohateme says:

    @ ohho: “I have 100% faith in them. Not for the name tvxq, but their friendship.” – I couldn’t agree more to this. =)

  12. Keepfaith says:

    OMG all the comments above really strongly touched my heart,
    I sear I got a little teary reading them, well mayb more than a little.

    It’s just so heartbreaking hearing what’s going on with our very own idols and just hearing what they going through righ now with SM is just discussting, they really would do anything to ruin the reputation of these boys. It’s jut soo unfair for them they work their hearts out for us fans and this is what they get paid with.

    Iv only just heard about this and now I think it’s too late because iv heard they’re breaking up soon, but I’m no too sure bout this but hope it’s not true.

    I sear if I heard this when it started that I would have kept them in my prayers and kept the faith going. Right now I’m crying my heart out coz I’m gonna miss them when the ends comes.

    Dispute this I’m gonna keep the faith for the oters in this cruel industry that this will not happen to them, it’s happened to shinhwa and HOT so who knows what artists in this industry will be nxt, they have soo much power they can strike at anytime if any artist does something wrong.

    Soo keeping the faith for others.

  13. yasmien says:

    everything that j.adore has predicted in this post has come into reality. each and every single thing written here has turn into reality. such a cruel industry indeed.

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