This is a translation of the phone interview that IS Plus 일간스포츠 had with JaeChunSu’s lawyer just a few hours ago. I hope this clears some of the fans’ questions. There has been a lot of articles floating in the internet today and I honestly don’t know how to react. Some fans believe the articles while some are still in denial and are saying this is all a rumor. I also hope it is but reality is, it is a fact and we’ll have to accept that. All we need now is a clarification on certain matters because even though the news spreading now is true, the specific details to it are still making fans panic. We don’t actually know which of these details are facts and which ones are just embellishments by the media.  Of course, there’s no better way to calm us down than ‘to hear the side of the members. But it looks like we won’t hear from them anytime soon because as their lawyer had mentioned, they wish to keep quiet regarding the issue for now.

090801 Phone Interview with TVXQ’s Legal Representative

The following is phone interview with legal representation of the three members of TVXQ, Im Sang-hyuk from SEJONG law firm:

– What is the core of conflict?

“The irrational exclusive contract. If we review the contract standard from Fair Trade Comission (FTC), the longest duration of a contract is not to exceed 7 years. Of course, if the singer themselves who choose to develop the contract, it might be an exception, but some of given terms in TVXQ’s FTC case, the proposed standards are so unfair in many ways. It is the best way to realize these points quickly than later”

– Also the cosmetics enterprise which three member and their parents running became known as one axis of the conflict.

“The cosmetics company could be one of the reasons for the discord but not what ultimately convinced the three members to go to court. We have examined the official statement from SM this morning and noticed that SM had painted the make up company as the cause in a negative light on the surface of their statement. If they think that the additional business of the members is the legal case, then it’s a mistake.”

– There’s a conclusion appearing about the crisis that the activities of 3 members who file the lawsuit will be stopped?

(I cant understand this one in details, but basically he said that the members would continue if their disposition is approved, and he hoped it would be soon. The court’s desicion is now in the middle of the most important and difficult variables and he had goal to finish the case within 6 months.”

– The possibility of winning?

“To see it on the bright side… SM Entertainment has in the past been ordered by the Korea FTC several times to reform contracts for violating the standard contract limits. TVXQ are now appealing for the parts that are different from the FTC terms.

– Before taking the legal action, it’s said that the members did not try to make consultation with the agency before.

“We have tried to solve the problem through dialogue. Members had even met directly with the agency. While I was also trying to resolve the problem through multiple channels. However, the agency ignored members opinions, therefore a legal appeal finally made. The members are very sorry to the fans as well.

– What is the conflict regarding to cosmetic issue?

“Should an agency has a fight with artists who are having family’s personal investment? Other celebrities are common to have additional business. Moreover, the three members had already made consultation process with agency representative, Kim Young-Min before they started the cosmetic business, but we feel betrayed then as the company told another story later on.

– TVXQ has already taken the step, but eventually dismantled

“We have already tried many ways, but all the efforts finally bring us here. We’re not too hasty to be in this position. We create legal procedure first before we present every single new plan. The 5 people based their activities together in SM Entertainment, therefore it will not be easy to be in our situation now. “

– Is there a plan for press conference?

It’s necessary but as for now, we don’t have any plan yet. The members are really sorry now to the fans. Actually we want to proceed this case undisturbed.

source: IS Plus 일간스포츠
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

I’m going to keep a close watch on this news and I’ll be posting any further news that I’ll be able to gather.

  1. Jeannie says:

    I’ll be the first to comment *as I am catching up*

    So Creabeau wasn’t the purpose that they went to court? Hmm I was told that it was… in that case *and dont take this the wrong way* why aren’t Yunho and Changmin involved? They’re a family and they’re one so why aren’t they all in this together? … I hope this can be answered as i read further… if not I hope I can find out.

  2. lovetohateme says:

    @ Jeannie: Nope. SM is just using Crebeau as an excuse. I believe your question about HoMin not participating has somewhat been answered by one of the recent articles I posted. :)

  3. Jeannie says:

    @lthm: yes it was… I do believe i commented on it

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