Junsu’s new hair color

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Xiah Junsu
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Our dolphin boy decided to dye his hair a different color than usual. He’s currently sporting a slightly-blonde-but-not-really hair color. I’m sorry I suck at describing hair dyes. LOL. DBSK’s innocent kamo butt doesn’t look too innocent with his new ‘do. He actually looks like a hot gangsta to me. Hahaha. I think this hair color isn’t his best but it’s definitely not his worst. I guess it looks ok on him? :D What do you think of his new hair? Like it or hate it?




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  1. hamm says:

    dont like.. or well.. it’ll take sometime getting used to..

  2. *whistles* he looks purrrdy lol

  3. minhngoc says:

    oh he changed, fine
    he looks new but in these pics he looks sad or serious huhu U-know, Jae, Min, Yu do too maybe because fans are looking at him hjhj

  4. minhngoc says:

    but omg I love all of you tryohh

  5. SilentPixie says:

    *stares at his lips* Oh what? He dyed his hair? -_-;; OH YEA! I noticed…. now. lol

    I think it looks ok on him. The shades compliment the hair so… He looks HAWT! ^_^V

  6. lovetohateme says:

    @ SilentPixie: Hahaha! You got distracted by his lips and you actually forgot the hair. LOL.

  7. indriyadragon says:

    well.. i prefer like the black one because it gives junsu Asian look so great
    but this blonde-hair isn’t bad. i still love him :*
    saranghae dolphino~

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