Some behind the scenes and NGs of DBSK, Super Junior, and SNSD during the filming of their Hi, Seoul CF. Our DBSK boys are just so random. I was LMAO of Yunho’s NG. Is he already sleepy or what?! Even Junsu can’t help but laugh at him. Hahaha! And OMG, I haven’t seen my Donghae in ages! My fishy is still so cute and adorable! I miss him so much! I really need to watch more recent SuJu videos because I don’t seem to know what’s happening to them lately. :D

[Credit: seouldreamseries]

  1. SilentPixie says:

    LMAO! AWWWW~ My kamo butt’s laughter is HEAVEN! Was that Jae making the weird voice?

    I love how they say “pride” as “pride-uh” lol

  2. lovetohateme says:

    @ SilentPixie: I’m not so sure if it’s Jae… but maybe? Hahaha. Didn’t pay attention to it that much. LOL.

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