DBSK on Tokyo Friend Park II [subbed]

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Tohoshinki in Japan
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Finally, the whole episode is already subbed. Thanks to dbsknightsblog3 for the upload and the subbing of the video. Now, we can enjoy the whole show better since we can already understand what they were saying. :D








I love the entrance of the boys. It looks so fun and JaeJoong’s reaction (he seemed a bit scared) was just too cute. :D All the games were fun but the ChuChu Busters was very tiring. Too bad they didn’t make the required hits. But I was laughing at Changmin’s punches. Man, now I know why the other members fear him and his “one touches” (especially Jae). LOL. All the positions of JaeChunMinHo during the Wall Crash game were pretty funny. Never have I imagined seeing the DBSK boys hanging like that in the air (well, they were stuck on the wall but still…). They look a bit weird but definitely funny. Hahaha. The Stopper Cubridge(?) was exciting. I was laughing at how the fast cubes always fall when it’s already Yoochun’s turn. Jae is one naughty kid because he kept on spanking the butts of the othe members. LOL. Plus, YunJae moment when Jae’s sneaky hands touched Yunho’s chest. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Trying to be discreet now, Jae? :p The arcade games… Min and his food. Hahaha. Anything connected with food is always assigned to Changmin. I wonder why? ROFL. And lastly, the  darts game. Yoochun’s reaction was super funny. It looked like he won the lottery with his reaction. :D While Changmin, who was the one who threw the darts, looked like he had the world falling on his shoulders with his disappointed expression. Hahaha. And JaeSu! Dang, this pair is slowly getting into me nowadays. I’m beginning to like their tandem more than Soulfighter. LOL. Poor Yuho, he didn’t get his video cam just because his most famous “partner” hit the center instead of the actual prizes. I knew Jae would miss that because… well, JaeJoong is JaeJoong and we all know that no matter what game that is, Jae is always bound to miss at one point. It’s just unfortunate for Yunho that Jae missed it during this round. LOL. But I bet knowing that he wants a video cam badly, the fans will surely send him one any time soon. :D

  1. i likey says:

    its soooo funny. every part is freaking hilarious <333, esp the ending. poor yunnie

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