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DBSK participated at yesterday’s Hope Concert at Gwangju, the hometown of Yunho. I don’t really know what took place in the concert or who were the other artists who performed since it was not that publicized as the other concerts and I can’t get news from Soompi since my internet connection is acting up on me again and I can’t access some sites including Soompi. =( So I can’t really say anything much the concert except that I think the boys performed Purple Line, Mirotic, Love in the Ice and Don’t Say Goodbye (please feel free to correct me if I missed out on something).

It’s a good thing though that despite my poor internet connection this weekend, I was able to access DNBN and so I managed to get A LOT of pictures of the boys from the said concert. And as usual, I’d post all of them up here for your to have a good look at them too but I would do one blog entry per member since 200 pictures are too much to post in just one entry.

I’ll start with the set of group pictures of the boys and I’ll post up the solo pictures of each member in my succeeding entries. Just please DO NOT HOTLINK. Enjoy!

[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

The boys look so gorgeous in those brown(?) suits. I know I’ve said this a million times already but I just really love seeing them wearing formal clothing in the same way that I love seeing them showing-off their well-toned bodies. Hahaha. But I can’t help but gigle every time I imagine them wearing  suits while performing Purple Line and Mirotic or any other dance song for that matter. I guess I was just used to them wearing revealing clothes when they do these dance songs. LOL.


The 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code” was already released yesterday and I just thought of giving a short comment/review on the new songs included in the album just like what I did before with the 4th Korean album “Mirotic”.

I won’t be giving comments for the songs that were already released as singles since I’ve already given my opinion on those for a hundred times already. Hahaha. I’ll just comment on the new songs to avoid to much redundancy.

* The Secret Game – I think this is just intended to be an intro song/prelude (is that what you call it?) to the album. The start is kinda messy, in my opinion. The instrumental sounded like a mix of a detective-themed movie background and a ballroom dancing song. But the middle and last part was ok. I don’t like it that much, to be honest. I guess I don’t like the arrangement that much.

* Force – At first, I didn’t like this song but after listening to it for about three times, I finally found it catchy. But still, it’s not one of my favorites among the new songs because I still think there’s something odd sounding about Changmin’s voice in the chorus. The “oh~” part is kinda distracting to me. Hahaha.

* Taxi – This is my most favorite among all the new songs (unreleased songs) from this album. I actually can’t express how beautiful this song is. It holds so much emotions to it and the boys’ voices just made it even more dramatic. I love it! <333

* Stand Up – This is another favorite of mine next to Taxi. When I first listened to the preview of this, I was actually laughing so hard because of tongue-twister of a lyrics they did in the chorus and of course the new word they made a.k.a. “FUNKINATION”. But when I listened to the whole song, I actually liked it. I love the beat and the arrangement, too. It’s so catchy too and the “tongue-twister chorus” keeps on repeating in my mind. LOL.

* We Are – Very anime-ish. Hahaha. But I’m actually enjoying this song. It gives me the same feel as their song “Box in the ship” only this is anime-ish while that one was Disney-ish. LOL.

* Nobody Knows – It’s actually a nice song. Although I still like the other songs better than this one, I’d say it’s still one catchy song and is worth listening to. It’s very relaxing to listen to it since it isn’t as slow as a ballad but it’s not as fast as a dance song either. It’s definitely perfect for someone who only wants to chill. =)

* 9095 – How should I put this? Hmmm… this song is… different. It’s not the usual song by DBSK. They certainly played and experimented on the arrangement of the song as well as on the effect on their voices (echo, etc.). I actually like how it turned out to be. So mysterious and yet so “interesting” at the same time. The piano playing in the background is just pure love. Jae is certainly a genius for composing this song. :D

* 9096 (hidden track) – It sounds so mysterious and scary at the same time. It’s like I’m watching a horror or suspense movie just by listening to it. This is one song that I would definitely not listen to when I’m alone at home or during the night. LOL.

As a whole, I would give this album a rating of 8.5/10 since I like most of the songs (some of the new ones as well as the songs that have already been released). Although some of the new songs aren’t really getting my attention YET, I think it’s an album that is worth listening to.  A different DBSK is presented in this album. A more courageous , bold, and experimental DBSK. I guess the reason why I don’t seem to appreciate some of the new songs  yet is because they’re made using a new style which happens to be not my type. But DBSK always makes me change my mind especially when I see them perform the song live. I’m betting I’ll start to like those songs in the future, too. :D

A good news taken from

The Secret Code on Oricon Charts

TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s 4th Japanese album, “The Secret Code” was released in Japan today. The album placed second on the Oricon Daily Album Chart despite the heavy competition. Mega popular J-POP artist Ayumi Hamasaki was first on the chart selling 99,200 units on her first day. TVXQ placed second by moving 82,291 units. Another popular J-POP artist, Koda Kumi also released 2 albums today (best of compilation and driving album), but unfortunately for her she achieved only 5th and 6th place.

This is good news for TVXQ, their previous Japanese album “T” which was fairly popular achieved 52,273 sales in it’s first week. Comparatively, “The Secret Code” surpassed that mark in a day. Also, BoA’s Album which was released last week sold 81,627 units for the week. Namie Auro also released a new single last week and sold 75,456 units for the week. TVXQ should be well on their way to over 100,000 sales for the week and hopefully be in the Top 3 for the Oricon Weekly Sales Chart. Congratulations and good luck the rest of the week!


Yay! A big congratulations to DBSK for placing 2nd on yesterday’s Oricon Daily Chart (Album). I’m really proud of them! It’s not easy to compete with some of the most famous stars in Japan and yet they still managed to grab the 2nd spot. And 82+ units on the FIRST DAY of release? How fantastic can that get? I guess this only proves that Japanese fans are finally embracing DBSK and that their hard work is finally paying off. I hope this good fortune will continue for our dear boys because they surely deserve it. Everything they’ve achieved so far is hard-earned so I hope they will continue to be blessed with more success. Congrats, DBSK! DBSK jjang! =)

An excerpt from an interview of Akinishi Jin of the Japanese group KAT-TUN.

Q: When you go karaoke-ing, what song do you usually sing?

Akanishi Jin: I can’t really decide. It really depends on the time, sometimes its Linkin Park or some others. Hey, have you heard of Tohoshinki? I only got to know them recently. But I heard they actually sing in Japanese ne. It’s really cool, right? Totally cool.

Source: mihsayam@LJ
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I just had to post that piece of info. It may be a big one but it’s fun to hear other famous Japanese artists voice out some pleasant compliments for the boys, right? It’s also interesting to know how other artists as big as Akinishi Jin of KAT-TUN think of our boys. Good comments like this are simple things that we, fans, should be happy about because at least DBSK is being recognized by other equally popular artists, too. :D

After being the artist to have the most number of members in a fanclub, DBSK once again set another Guinness World record. This time around, they were named as the artist to have taken the most number of pictures since their debut until present.

DBSK in Guinness World Record for the 2nd Time

Idol group DBSK put its name on the Guinness World Record Book for the second time. The super hot quintet was listed in the world record book as the most photographed celebrity in the world. From the day of their debut to March 19, 2009, the five members are estimated to have been photographed about 500 million times in magazines, albums jackets, and commercials, etc. The total figure includes individual photos as well as group pictures.

This is the second time that DBSK made it in the Guinness World Record Book, following the one in 2008 for having the largest official fan club. Cassiopeia, the male band’s official fan club claimed of having more than 800 thousand members.

Source: KBS World
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Congrats to the boys! It may not be as big as their other music related awards but this is something that they and we, their fans, can be proud of. Not a lot artists can make two Guinness World records in such a short interval. I’m also not surprised that they got this record since they’ve done lots of photobooks, album jackets, booklet pictures, calendar pictures, and magazine appearances throughout their career. Our boys are just well-loved by the camera that’s why this record of having the most photos should not come as a shock to us. I hope more photos of them will be taken in the following years and that they would be able to break this record that they themselves has set. :D


[Credit: yuulinajaejae]

No subs. I only embedded the fourth part since I found that part to be the most interesting and hilarious.

Dang, JaeJoong has so many iPods and mobile phones! Why the heck does he need those for? I mean THAT MANY? Well, I can still understand him having multiple mobile phones but that many iPods/mp3s? Seriously, I don’t quite get that. But I wish I could also have the luxury to have that many gadgets with me. Hahaha. And LOL at his selca pictures. Just proves that Jae is not just a dorky guy but a vain one, too. But of course that doesn’t come as a surprise to us since we are well aware that the guys is a camwhore. Hahaha.

OMG, Yunho carries with him so much cash! What does he do with that much money? Is he always the one in-charge to pay the dinner of the members? Or does he always lose bets with the members just requiring him to treat them as his punishment? The members’ reactions when they saw his wallet were priceless. They were as surprised and amused as the hosts were. Looks like Yunho’s wallet is in serious danger from now on. Hahaha.

LOL at Chunnie and his girly and weird stuff. Why is he carrying a small hat in his bag? Where does he use that? Hahaha. And as opposed to Yunho, he only carries a single bill with him. Chunnie, stingy much? LOL.

Here are the pictures for the CD jacket of the 27th Japanese single “Share the World”. It’s the one with the songs for the anime One Piece.

Jacket A


Jacket B


[Credit: yesasia + onetvxq]

The pictures are so cute! It looks like a poster for a movie or tv show for kids. Hahaha. But really, the boys look so kawaii on these pictures. It’s refreshing to see them do these kinds of jackets for their Japanese singles once in a while instead of them doing the “serious & charismatic”  concept all the time. At least this time the color is not only in black or white but instead a very colorful and playful CD cover. And oh, I’m loving the random teddy bear beside JaeJoong. Looks like a new member of DBSK, eh? LOL.

Here’s a bonus picture of the boys from the same Japanese single.


[Credit: dnbn + dbskthread4@soompi]