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[Credit: ikemenjae]

“Share the World” is their 27th Japanese single. Man, they’re releasing so much in Japan right now it’s almost hard to keep up! Dang, the fans’ wallets are also having a hard time keeping up with all these singles and album. LOL. If I’m not mistaken, “Share the World” is also an OST of the anime One Piece just like “We Are”, right? The song is… well, anime-ish just like “We Are” and so it fits the purpose perfectly. But if I were to choose, I think I like “We Are” better than this one. Of course I’m not saying this isn’t a good song (heck, when did DBSK sing a bad song? NEVER, right? =D ) but what I’m saying is I like “We Are” better because of the beat and arrangement. I find the beat of this one a bit repetitive. Hahaha.