I got a lot pictures of JaeJoong from the concert and my goodness, he looks so damn handsome and hot on these pictures! I know I’m biased towards Jae so I have this tendency to overwhelm him with so much praise but seriously, he looks so heavenly on most of his shots especially the ones tagged with “HealingVoice” and “BabyJaeJoong”. Gawd, his smile is just so irresistible and alluring that I can’t help but melt while STARING at his smiling pictures. Really, Jae’s smile never fails to brighten up my mood. I hope one day I could really see his smile personally and not just through pictures. I bet when that day comes, I’ll really be in cloud nine. <333


[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

  1. xiau ching says:

    jae oppa very cool….&cute……(^o^)

  2. F-Chan says:

    Kyahhhhhhh… he looks too good *dieing*

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