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No subs. I only embedded the fourth part since I found that part to be the most interesting and hilarious.

Dang, JaeJoong has so many iPods and mobile phones! Why the heck does he need those for? I mean THAT MANY? Well, I can still understand him having multiple mobile phones but that many iPods/mp3s? Seriously, I don’t quite get that. But I wish I could also have the luxury to have that many gadgets with me. Hahaha. And LOL at his selca pictures. Just proves that Jae is not just a dorky guy but a vain one, too. But of course that doesn’t come as a surprise to us since we are well aware that the guys is a camwhore. Hahaha.

OMG, Yunho carries with him so much cash! What does he do with that much money? Is he always the one in-charge to pay the dinner of the members? Or does he always lose bets with the members just requiring him to treat them as his punishment? The members’ reactions when they saw his wallet were priceless. They were as surprised and amused as the hosts were. Looks like Yunho’s wallet is in serious danger from now on. Hahaha.

LOL at Chunnie and his girly and weird stuff. Why is he carrying a small hat in his bag? Where does he use that? Hahaha. And as opposed to Yunho, he only carries a single bill with him. Chunnie, stingy much? LOL.

Here are the pictures for the CD jacket of the 27th Japanese single “Share the World”. It’s the one with the songs for the anime One Piece.

Jacket A


Jacket B


[Credit: yesasia + onetvxq]

The pictures are so cute! It looks like a poster for a movie or tv show for kids. Hahaha. But really, the boys look so kawaii on these pictures. It’s refreshing to see them do these kinds of jackets for their Japanese singles once in a while instead of them doing the “serious & charismatic”  concept all the time. At least this time the color is not only in black or white but instead a very colorful and playful CD cover. And oh, I’m loving the random teddy bear beside JaeJoong. Looks like a new member of DBSK, eh? LOL.

Here’s a bonus picture of the boys from the same Japanese single.


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Hey! Just dropping by to post some things since I kinda miss posting even if I’m out for just a few days. Too much for a blog leave, eh? LOL. But I’m SURPRISINGLY sorta free this week because my superior actually enrolled me to a seminar WITHOUT my consent last week and so since the seminar is for three days (today up to Friday), I don’t need to do much office work for the next two days. That’s also why I have the luxury to sneak some posts today. Hahaha.

I won’t be posting all the stuff I missed for the past three days since I’m sure you’ve read them somewhere already. I’ll just post the ones which I want to comment on. Hahaha. But I’ll try to post the interview translations and some videos this weekend if ever some of you still haven’t read/seen them. For now, I’ll just settle with a few updates. :D

Remember my post where I uploaded a HOT picture of the boys from Tarzan magazine before? Well, apparently the rest of the pictures from that magazine are already out and OMG, they are SMOKIN’ HOT AND INSANELY SEXY. I swear they belong to the “hyperventilating-and-faint-causing-pictures” of the boys. Check them out!










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Hello?! Still there? *waves hand in front of you frantically*

I don’t know about you but I sure am in Dong Bang Shin Ki heaven right now. I’m once again under their spell… well, the spell of their gorgeous muscles to be exact. AMAZING MUSCLES OVERLOAD. My goodness, JaeJoong and Changmin’s muscles are FREAKIN’ GREAT. Such EYECANDIES. Call me a perv or whatever but I seriously want to poke on those hard muscles even just for once. Gawd, I can’t still get over the fact of how “enticing” Jae’s firm muscles are. Waaaaahhhhh, can’t stop staring at the pictures! <333 *forgive my spazzing*